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“The Tuesday Tapes: un’ora settimanale di musica profondamente sbagliata” è un podcast condotto da Fabio De Luca che si occupa di new wave anni ’80, post-acid primi ’90, glitch-garage, northern soul, ghost-jazz, e molto altro ancora…
216 Episodes
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 10 AGOSTO 2021“2021 SUMMER MIXTAPE #02”1) CULTURE CLUB > Do You Really Want to Dub Me2) SANDII & THE SUNSETZ > Drip Dry Eyes3) LAFAYETTE AFRO ROCK BAND > Darkest Light4) STELVIO CIPRIANI > Relax (SSR69 edit)5) BECK > Pay No Mind6) DEBRA DeJEAN > Goosebumps (NY edit)7) BLACK IVORY > I Keep Asking You Questions8) OS ABELHUDOS > Contos de escola9) SANDY MARTON > Camel by Camel (SSR69 dub)10) ALFIO SCANDURRA Qu’est ce qui ne va pas11) SWEET LIFE > I Get Lifted (Medlar dub)12) IMAGINATION > State of Love13) HORSE MEAT DISCO > Burn14) WILFRED PERCUSSION > Papo Furado15) JAGO > I’m Going to Go16) FOX THE FOX > Precious Little Diamond17) PÁULA, POVOA & JERGE > Primavera18) PAUL JONES > Free Me
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 13 LUGLIO 2021“2021 SUMMER MIXTAPE #01”1) A.B.F.M. > Il vento caldo del monte Analogo (SSR69 edit)2) ALTıN GÜN > Maçka Yolları3) BRONX DOGS > Shock Rock4) ANNA KARINA & SERGE GAINSBOURG > Roller Girl5) DEL SHANNON > Gemini (Pilooski edit)6) MEN OF NORTHERN COUNTRY > Magic7) RUFUS THOMAS > Memphis Train8) MUSTARD > Good Time Coming9) PSYCHEMAGIC > Boogie Drome10) ROXY MUSIC > Let’s Stick Together11) SAM-JAM > Dance N Chant12) SPIREA X > Speed Reaction13) MFSB > Family Affair14) LCD SOUNDSYSTEM > Losing My Edge (acapella)15) TALKING HEADS > Making Flippy Floppy (Jellybean mix)16) MARTHE ZAMBO > Alu17) KIKI DEE > I’ve Got the Music in Me18) KOLIBRI > Progulka19) GINO SOCCIO > There’s a Woman20) ALTZ > Tune In21) MAGOU > Dejarte22) RAFFAELLA CARRÀ > Black Cat
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 29 GIUGNO 2021“LA PIZZA DI FINE ANNO DI THE TUESDAY TAPES”)1) NEW ORDER > Temptation2) SPARKS > Beat The Clock3) ELECTRA feat. TARA BUTLER > Feels Good4) ITALOCONNECTION > Get Together5) SPORTS TEAM > Happy (God’s Own Country)6) THE LAMBRETTAS > Face to Face7) JAMES RAY > I’ve Got My Mind Set On You8) THE POLECATS > John, I’m Only Dancing9) SL2 > On a Ragga Tip10) HEAVEN 17 > Penthouse & Pavement11) LIPPS INC. > How Long…12) YELLO > Lost Again13) CERRONE > Supernature (SSR69 dub)14) SLEATER-KINNEY > Bring Mercy
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 22 GIUGNO 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) GRUFF RHYS > Loan Your Loneliness2) SIMPLE MINDS > Waterfront3) CV VISION > Should I Tame My Endless Mind4) HOSHINA ANNIVERSARY > Shin Sekai5) JOSÉ MAURO > Morango encantado6) GUIDED BY VOICES > The Batman Sees the Ball7) WANG INC. > Approdo8) BOTTIN > 65E Motif fleuri9) TAPESTRY OF SOUND > Inhale, Exhale10) JIM BOB > The Summer of No Touching11) GINA X PERFORMANCE > Kaddish12) MATTATOIO5 > Rat Race (Luca Giovanardi mix)13) PENELOPE TRAPPES > Halfway Point
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 15 GIUGNO 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) SOULWAX > Wouldn’t It Be Good2) JAMES RIGHTON > Release Party3) PYE CORNER AUDIO > We Have Visitors4) DUDLEY MOORE TRIO > Bedazzled5) CURVED AIR > Back Street Luv6) AGO > Dragon Love7) THE TURTLES > She’d Rather Be With Me8) MARIANNE FAITHFULL > Sweetheart9) SHRIEKBACK > Hand On My Heart10) NADA > Febbre senza malattia11) CHRIS & COSEY > October (Love Song)12) NIGHTMARES IN WAX > Black Leather13) ROXY MUSIC > Editions Of You14) THE SUPREMES > Going to a Go Go15) STRATOS DIONISIOU > Allaxe Koritsi Mou Myalo16) PAUL McCARTNEY > Check My Machine17) SYRINX > Aurora Spinray18) FRANK ZAPPA > Willie the Pimp19) MOSES BOYD > Rye Lane Shuffle20) PIERO PICCIONI > Charms
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 8 GIUGNO 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) DINOSAUR JR. > I Met the Stones2) JACKIE McLEAN & MICHAEL CARVIN > De I Comahlee Ah3) DEEP TAN > Hollow Scene4) DJ BLASY > Radici aeree5) NOT WAVING > Self Portrait6) NOT WAVING feat. JIM O’ROURKE > My Best Is Good Enough7) THOMAS DOLBY > She Blinded Me With Science8) THOMAS DOLBY > Airwaves (demo)9) THOMAS DOLBY > Europa and The Pirate Twins10) THOMAS DOLBY > Radio Silence11) THE CHILLS > Worlds Within Worlds12) A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS > End of the Night13) MINDY MENG WANG & TIM SHIEL > Sleeping Tiger On the Bund14) JONATHAN FITOUSSI > Rayons solaires
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 1 GIUGNO 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) JONI MITCHELL > Free Man in Paris2) 10CC > I’m Mandy Fly Me3) ALICE IN CHAINS > Got Me Wrong4) DJ RASHAD > I’m Gone5) ORGANIC AUDIO > This Could Really Happen6) PAUL YOUNG > Sex (demo)7) KEITH MANSFIELD > Morning Broadway8) HYPNOTONE > Dream Beam9) GABE GURNSEY > You Can10) JUNGLE > Keep Moving (Young Lies edit)11) PLUSTWO > Melody12) KYLIE MINOGUE > Nothing Can Stop Us13) MAGIC CITY BAND > Hot Flashes (Passenger edit)14) KAJAGOOGOO > Ooh to Be Ah (dub)15) EARTHBOOGIE > Creepy Steve16) DOCTOR’S CAT > Feel the Drive (dub)17) HYPNOLOVE > Lembrança18) THE VENDETTA SUITE > Neon Secrets19) LORD SUTCH & HEAVY FRIENDS > Flashing Lights20) TAKESHI INOMATA > Hey Jude
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 25 MAGGIO 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) MAXWELL FARRINGTON & LE SUPERHOMARD > Good Start2) FOLLY GROUP > Sand Fight3) ROCKERS HI-FI > Seven Shades of Dub4) RÓISÍN MURPHY > Hardcore Jealousy5) SWEET EXORCIST > Test Four6) THE JUAN MACLEAN > I Can’t Explain (Alinka mix)►► 6 TRACKS FROM “SHAKE THE FOUNDATIONS” BOX7) A CERTAIN RATIO > Guess Who8) SHOCK > Dream Games9) MATAYA CLIFFORD > Living Wild10) THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS > So Many Ways11) MAXIMUM JOY > Stretch12) THE PASSIONS > Skin Deep13) ANDY BELL & PYE CORNER AUDIO > Cherry Cola
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 18 MAGGIO 2021“OMAGGIO A FRANCO BATTIATO”01) Il silenzio del rumore (1972)02) Areknames (1972)03) Caffé de la Paix (1993)04) No Time, No Space (1985)05) È l’amore (1968)06) Stranizza d’amuri (1979)07) Il re del mondo (1979)08) Quand’ero giovane (2012)09) Fumo di una sigaretta (1968)10) Bandiera bianca (1981)11) Una cellula (1972)12) Il mondo va così (1967)13) La stagione dell’amore (1983)14) No U Turn (1974)15) Le reazioni (1967)16) Il vento caldo dell’estate (Alice) (1980)17) Up Patriots to Arms (1980)18) Le aquile (1980)19) Il sentimiento nuevo (1981)20) Gli uccelli (1981)21) Voglio vederti danzare (1982)22) Aria di rivoluzione (1973)23) L’esodo (1982)24) L’era del cinghiale bianco (live, 2016)25) L’era del cinghiale bianco (1979)26) Centro de gravedad/Centro di gravità permanente (1981)27) Chan-son Egocentrique (Alice & Battiato) (1983)28) Running Against the Grain (2001)29) Meccanica (1972)30) Strade dell’Est (1979)31) La convenzione (1972)32) La torre (1982)33) Proprietà proibita (Joe Patti's Experimental Group) (1974/2014)34) Summer On a Solitary Beach (1981)35) Frammenti (1980)36) E ti vengo a cercare (1988)37) Beta (excerpt) (1972)
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 11 MAGGIO 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) THE DANSE SOCIETY > 2000 Light Years from Home2) BENNY SINGS feat. TOM MISCH > Nobody’s Fault3) DJ PASTA fest. SEBASTIAN ADÉ > Waxing Moon4) THE BUG CLUB > Launching Moondream One5) MATT BERRY > Summer Sun6) SCRIBBLE > B4 (Hysteric edit)7) COMMON SAINTS > Idol Eyes8) KITCHEN CYNICS > The Entrepreneurs9) SATOMIMAGAE > Kaze10) TOMAGA > Mompfie Has to Pay11) VALENTINA MAGALETTI & MARLENE RIBEIRO > Brasilians On the Internet12) ALFA MIST > Run Outs13) JAMES K > Everyrose
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 4 MAGGIO 2021“A DARK BALEARIC MIXTAPE”1) SEBESTYÉN MÁRTA & SZÖRÉNYI LEVENTE > Hegyen-Völgyön2) PAOLO FERRARA > Resound3) U-SHE > Blue Sky (Mudd mix)4) AL PAGODA > Black5) METAL > Dislocation Climb6) FONDATION > Résonance7) HERMAN KOPP > Fleisch8) JAURES > Tri9) HARUOMI HOSONO > Growth10) THE LIMIÑANAS > Pink Flamingos11) E RUSCHA V > The Hostess12) DJ GUIZZO > Bling Ding13) CHRIS CARTER > Inkstain14) FRA LIPPO LIPPI > Barrier15) WARNING > In Crowd16) MERZBOW > Envoise I-8317) ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER > 5 5-Zebra218) DAVID VAN TIEGHEM > Night of the Cold Noses19) MICHEL GENEST > The Mystic Wanderer20) BACKWORDS feat. SANDRA CECCARELLI > Allontanando
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 27 APRILE 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) JANE INC. > Steel2) ANDY ASH > Let Love Shine3) WHITEMARY > Credo che tra un po’4) THE ORIELLES > Thrift Shop Cowboys5) ROLAND P. YOUNG > Go Away6) ROBERT COTTER > Disco Blues7) ROBERT COTTER > Love Rite8) NICK NICELY > 49 Cigars9) PSYCHOTROPIC > Only for the Headstrong10) THE STRANGLERS > Something Better Change (SSR69 edit)11) MORGAN FISHER’S HYBRID KIDS > Something Better Change12) SPREAD JOY > Kanst Du13) THROTTLE ELEVATOR MUSIC > Fast Remorse14) JOHN GRANT > Boy from Michigan
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 20 APRILE 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) FREE > Oh I Wept2) SUPERMAX > Ain’t Gonna Feel3) BEASTIE BOYS > Beastie Revolution4) BIM SHERMAN > Life5) BLAINE L. REININGER & ALAIN GOUTIER > Singular World6) THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE > Feel So Good7) SPARKS > When I’m With You (dub)8) ROTER MUND > Mit Dir Allein (Kapote edit)09) TONY COOK > On the Floor (Hot Peas edit)10) D.A.F. > Brothers (Gabi’s mix)11) CABARET NOCTURNE > Hellish Imp12) BATANG FRISCO > Sewing Machine13) CAROL WILLIAMS > Take Your Time14) LUCA SARDELLA > Fammi un po’ morire15) VALVERDE BROTHERS > After Midnight16) DAVID BYRNE > I Wanna Dance With Somebody
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 13 APRILE 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) REAL ESTATE > Ribbon2) NICO MECCA > Floppy Computer3) B12 > Obsessed4) DO NOTHING > Uber Alles5) CORY HANSON > Paper Fog6) BAND AID > A Tour in Italy7) DNGDNGDNG > Lemuria8) BEP KOROROTI & AKIN > Epomuyeñ9) CHAZ JANKEL > Without You10) IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS > Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’Roll11) CHAZ JANKEL > Ai No Corrida12) CHAZ JANKEL > Questionnaire13) KITTY GRANT > Glad to Know You14) ALAN VEGA > Fist
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 6 APRILE 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) LONELADY > (There Is) No Logic2) THE PYRAMIDS > Memory Ritual3) 23 SKIDOO feat. PHAROAH SANDERS > Dawning4) JOHN HOLT > My Heart Is Gone5) FARMER DAVE & THE WIZARDS OF THE WEST > Right Vibration6) REYMOUR > Je te tiens, tu me tiens7) GABRIELLE ROTH & THE MIRRORS > Silver Desert Cafe8) RHEINZAND > Blind (Gerd Janson mix)9) JOAN OF ARC > The Dawn of Something10) THE SEEDS > Love in a Summer Basket11) CABARET VOLTAIRE > No Escape12) PAUL PARKER > Pushin’ Too Hard13) MASTER PLAN > Pushin’ Too Hard14) A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN > So That the City Can Begin to Exist
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 23 MARZO 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) GABE KNOX > User Port Workout2) STEREOLAB > Fried Monkey Eggs (vocal)3) MOUSE ON MARS > The Latent Space4) SOLA > En ellos creo5) BRIJEAN > Day Dreaming6) TRUE IMAGE > Keep Me Dancing7) THE PERSON > Elastic Shoes8) BENJAMIN FRÖHLICH > How Much Are They? (Chicken Lips mix)9) DENNIS BOVELL > Heaven10) RICHARD SEN > The Devil's Caress11) DMX KREW > Unconnected12) TINDERSTICKS > Man Alone (Can’t Stop the Fadin’)
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 16 MARZO 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) GEORGE MARTIN & HIS ORCHESTRA > Theme One2) EUGENE TAMBOURINE > Good Life3) SOCIAL LOVERS > Love Come Down4) HERMAN KELLY & LIFE > A Refreshing Love5) LEROI CONROY > Tiger Trot6) J DILLA > Workinonit7) VORGRUPPE > Mensh im Eis8) RYUICHI SAKAMOTO & KAZUMI WATANABE > I’ll Be There9) LUCA CARBONI > Mare mare (Black Box mix)10) ZINC > Amazon11) SUSAN FASSBENDER > Twilight Café12) EKAMBI BRILLIANT > Ekila (Nick Xoa edit)13) DEEP PURPLE > Space Truckin14) THE SUPREMES > Love Is an Itching in My Heart15) MARY LOVE > Lay This Burden Down16) CLASSIX NOUVEAUX > It’s a Dream17) FRED VENTURA > Imagine (You’ll Never Change Your Mind)18) PET SHOP BOYS > Heart (acapella)19) BAKER-GURVITZ ARMY > People20) THE ALUMINUM GROUP > Worrying Kind
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 9 MARZO 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) CHOSEN FEW > People Make the World Go Round2) PAUL LEWIS > Girl You Need a Change of Mind (Idjut Boys re-work)3) PALBERTA > Never to Go4) CARTER USM > Bloodsports for All5) SLEAFORD MODS > Fishcakes6) ORANGE JUICE > Satellite City7) PAUL HAIGH > Blue for You8) EXTRA CREDIT > It’s Over9) GRAMME > Discolovers10) ZONGAMIN > DNA Mutation (version)11) VIRGINIA WING > Soft Fruit12) DAVID CHESWORTH > Once Upon a Time13) CULT48 > Spider’s Web in the Rain
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 23 FEBBRAIO 20211) AZITA > Online Life2) ALOA INPUT > Desert Something3) TIZIANO POPOLI > Iunu-Wenimo4) PROTOPAPA > Nina (Populous mix)5) IÑIGO VONTIER > Weird Mantras6) MARINE BOY > La monde marine pt.17) (Ravers Dateline advertisment)8) FRIENDS OF MATTHEW > Out There9) AMOR/LEMUR > Unravel10) THE BLUE NILE > Tinseltown in the Rain11) RAMZI > Coeur Dodu12) NERMIN NIAZI & FEISAL MOSLEH > Sari Sari Raat (reprise)13) DRAB CITY > Working for the Man14) JUANTRIP > Switch Out the Sun
“THE TUESDAY TAPES”MARTEDÌ 16 FEBBRAIO 2021https://thetuesdaytapes.tumblr.com1) THE RESIDENTS > Would We Be Alive2) VIVENZA > Matérialité des eléments magnétiques3) SPIROCHETA PERGOLI > Reagan Pow Pow4) RAMLEH > Suction5) NAGAMATZU > Bird, Spider, Fly6) THE HATERS > A Song for Nihilism7) PASCAL COMELADE > Ball del pataco monoton8) LEGEDARY PINK DOTS > Surprise, Surprise9) TUXEDOMOON > Une nuit au fond de la Frayère10) M.B. (intervista a Radio Popolare Milano, 1983)11) MERZBOW > Envoise 1-8312) VAGINA DENTATA ORGAN > Kill Baby, Kill13) DDAA > Jets Over Kashima Airport14) NURSE WITH WOUND > The Strange Play of the Mouth15) NØN > Romance fatal dentro de un auto16) SMEGMA > Can't Look Straight17) NUN > Riv Skf18) PTÔSE > T.V.19) THROBBING GRISTLE > Unite
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