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Exploring personal journeys with remarkable people. All episodes recorded live out-and-about in the real and actual world, not in a studio environment.
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#74 Matty and Sarah

#74 Matty and Sarah


Following on from Matty Evans part 1 - Chatting in the garden with Matty and Sarah. It was a bit blowy around the mic sorry!
#73 Matty Evans pt1

#73 Matty Evans pt1


A sunny and breezy walking podcast with Matty Evans.
Come along on a walk with BAFTA winner Geoff Thompson - accompanied by me and Mr Warner Stephens.
STEVE HODGKINSON, about me: The Past: Paperboy. Debt Collector. Crap Footballer. Decent Musician. Martial Artist. Salesman. Electrician. Became a Dad. Project Procurement Engineer. Became a Dad again. Married my soulmate. Placed in Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Project Manager. Wrote a monthly column for a best selling magazine. Consultant. Gym Owner. Life Coach. Escape Game Owner. Company Director. Awarded national acclaim by 'Dragons Den' star Theo Paphitis. ​The Now: Business Coach passing on fast track secrets to start-ups and solopreneurs. Generating a passive income from my award winning business.
#70 Ricky Manetta - Synergy

#70 Ricky Manetta - Synergy


...doing the work...
Gary Anderson. Nothing I can say here will do him justice, come and have a listen...
Producer Gabriela and Director Paul Shammasian talk all things Resight Films, the final pre-digital-release screening at BAFTA of The Pyramid Texts, The Forgiveness Project, methods, and working together. Great people xNo explicit content, though it'll be flagged on iTunes due to earlier episodes.
Mr Diego Masciaga (General Manager & Director of the world famous Waterside Inn at Bray - three Michelin Stars for over thirty years and Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana) accompanied by Mr Chris Parker (novelist, poet, management trainer and consultant specialising in communication and influence) explore the service ethic, what it takes to get to the top, and what it takes to stay there. Amazing.No explicit content but it'll get flagged up anyway due to earlier episodes having strong subject matter.
It'll be flagged up due to previous episodes, but there is no explicit content in this one... Publisher Michelle Charman of Forelock Books talks about making beautiful books and keeping going. Terrific.
A walk along Cambois beach in Northumberland with Nutrition Writer, Performance Coach and Martial Artist the amazing Dean Coulson. It gets a little breezy at times but stick with it, he's a good 'un, with a ton of great ideas and there's a short film too here:
Nutrition Writer, Performance Coach and Martial Artist Dean Coulson - talking about his passion for life-changing coaching and mentoring. A good man.Short film featuring him here:
Recorded at The South Bank Centre in London.Described by Elaine Paige as a new Tim Rice, Marcus talks music, theatre, performance and Quicksilver. He's not an assassin...
Chatting with Sergeant Chris Webb as we walked for three hours or so along the ridgeway. We visited Wayland's Smithy, The White Horse, Dragon Hill and Uffington Hill Fort. Army, karate, army, karate. Army. Karate. Brilliant.The film I shot of Wayland's can be found on YouTube or Vimeo: link to the Just Giving site on the stone we found is:
Penny will compete in this year's Race Across America (RAAM). That's going to be exactly as easy as it sounds, isn't it..? Here she talks preparation, training, experience, nutrition and support. She's amazing.
Author and communications & influence specialist Chris Parker co-wrote the book The Brain Always Wins with clinical psychologist Dr John Sullivan, who has worked extensively with LA SWAT, the NFL, the Premier League and the Navy Seals. This is a fascinating book, full of tools for just about anything anyone might want to work on in their life. Do check out the Brain Always Wins podcast as well as the book - also on Spreaker and iTunes, and hosted by Julian Saad.Thanks to Mandarin Restaurant in Nottingham once again, for the venue and great food. An Easter Egg sits on the end of this episode for you, as a thank you for coming along on these little journeys with me. Thank you. Stu =
#59 Chris Parker - Debris

#59 Chris Parker - Debris


Author Chris Parker talks about his second poetry collection. Published by Urbane Publications December 15th 2016 and available from all good
Life before and after walking Lands End To John O'Groats without a map. Pink Bus for The Olympics | Legacy Projects for London 2012 and Neil Adams MBE | Australia | Lord Coe's Desk | LE to JOG Maplessly | Writing Two Books At Once (but what IS the second one?) | Home Again, and On Again Twitter
Frequent flyer on the podcast, World Judo Champ Neil Adams MBE, chatting about working on voice art for audio books, going to the bathroom while mic'd up, and life on the commentary circuit. Listen carefully for Gypsy the kitten getting involved.
The wholly remarkable author, communicator, influencer and consultant Chris Parker talking about his poetry collection The City Fox, and writing and living. Thanks to previous guest Matthew Smith, of Urbane, for the introduction - I'm beyond grateful.Chris' bio on the Urbane Publications website reads: 'Chris Parker is a specialist in Communication and Influence. His fascination with the power of words and how they can be used to create intrapersonal and interpersonal change began in 1976. It became a lifelong study that has underpinned almost four decades of work in a variety of professional roles and contexts. A Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Chris is a highly experienced management trainer, business consultant, lecturer and writer. He has more lines on his face than most and is afraid to read them.' @Chjparker @StuDotWilliams
UK based actress, the brilliant Kate Davies... @RealKateDavies
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