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The Scrubs Magazine podcast covers the newest and most interesting stories from the largest online news and lifestyle magazine for the patient care community. Read by nurses and other medical professionals who wear and love scrubs, it’s designed to keep you entertained and informed on the topics that impact your world.
6 Episodes
Let's talk Turkey! Nurse Kelley Johnson drops in to talk about travel nursing, and Certainty SmartBoost issues you the "smell challenge!" That's all right here in this week's Scrubs Magazine.
This week on Scrubs Magazine, Celebrity Nurse Kelley Johnson retells Dr. Lacy Windham’s stories from the field and Sean Crayton’s what they don’t teach you in nursing school. You will also learn a bit about taking the burden off finances.
This week, nurse Kelley Johnson tells us about the heartbreakingly uplifting YouTube documentary Clare, we talk about precision medicine and using DNA to treat a patient, we look into romancing the workplace, as well as a revolutionary fabric treatment known as Certainty SmartBoost.Claire on YouTube: about Certainty SmartBoost:
This week on Scrubs Magazine: Nurse Martha Salmon talks about Elijah’s Law, and how one child’s tragic story led to a change on how allergies are handled in schools and daycares. Miss California 2016, nurse Kelley Johnson, gives us tips on extreme travel nursing. We also discuss natural disasters and how your workplace can prepare. If you have a comment or story idea for Scrubs Magazine, leave a message or text at (747) 224-7447
Nurse Martha Salmon gives patients 10 tips for hospital patients, nurse Roosevelt Davis reads the heartwarming story of a child fighting for his life, and celebrity nurse Kelley Johnson talks suicide, all in this week's episode of the Scrubs Magazine podcast.HEALING 4 BABY LIAM: Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255
Celebrity Nurse Katie Duke kicks off the inaugural episode of Scrubs Mag Weekly, where we talk about Nurse Bullying, the effects of alcohol, and a list of nursing rules from 1887.
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