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Join us every Wednesday for The GFsix Show, it's sports talk from the fans perspective.
Then check out The GFsix NFL weekend preview show every Friday.
It's great sports talk with guys like you, TRUE FANS!
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Join your hosts "Wesdog" and "Double C" as they finally get the show back on track with season 2.Tonight we talk all about the NHL and the NBA, who gets in the playoffs, who gets over looked and who will shine. We hit up the big NFL news like will Rogers become the Jets starting QB, will Henrey really get traded, what happens to the Lamar Jackson deal in Baltimore.What team makes the NFL playoffs next year that were left out of them this year, you know who I took in that fan question. Will your NFL WR's be on our mount rushmore, see who we took on our mount rushmore WR edition. We got some START-CUT-BENCH game, you can play along with us as this weeks are crazy hard.We talk some who wins in games of 21 between Kobe vs Lebron, Kiwi vs Pippen and Luka vs Bird, then we cut start bench our winners. Will the Warriors make the NBA playoffs, what about the Lakers, help us figure it all out.We taste some new beer sent in from the crew over at Duclaw Brewing Company and tell you are ratings. We have a crazy stat test, 2 players with there stats go head to head, one is a hall of famer the other is not, WHY???It's good to be back in action, Join in the sports talk with us at
Join the host "Wesdog" And Co-Host "Double C" As They Get You All Fired Up For The NFL CHAMPION SHIP WEEKEND. We hit up everything that happened in the divisional rounds with the Cowboys falling to the 49ers, the Eagles crushing the Giants dreams, the Jags hanging in with the Chiefs and that Bills melt down against the red hot Bengals.We look ahead to Champion ship weekend and the tell you why the 49ers will beat the Eagles and then why we both like the Chiefs to take care of the Bengals, We check out the coaches, the QB'S, the better defense and what team has the best offense in both match ups. Can the 49ers QB win the biggest game of his life? Will Mahomes ankle kill the Chiefs and send the Bengals to the Super Bowl for a second straight year?We play some start-cut-bench game, check out our bold predictions, we hit up our 2017 Warriors vs the 1996 Bulls and tell you which team would win the title. We build our mount rush more with 4 of the scariest horror movie killers. We tell you what would happen if Jordan vs Kobe both in there prime played a game to 21. Who wins and why. We play some who would you rather have game, answer some great fan questions and pick our SUPER BOWL TEAMS.We taste some crazy beer sent over, we hit up the FANDUEL GURO skit and tell you who's left in the GFsix Show's NFL "PLAYOFF PAYOFF CONTEST"Become a member of the GFsix Nation at
Join your host "Wesdog" and "Double C" for some great sports talk.We look back at all the NFL action on wildcard weekend, that 27-0 come back from the Jags, the Cowboys beat down of the Buccaneers, The Bills have to hold on against the depleted Dolphins, The Giants QB destroys the Vikings and O MY that crazy Bengals huge defensive play to save them vs the Raven and KNOCK THE RAVENS OUT! We look at who's still in the GFsix Show's "Playoff Payoff Contest". We tell you what NFL player from the past could dominate in today's NFL with no problems. We tell you what NHL teams are contenders or pretenders and why.Tonight we get you all ready for this weekends NFL divisional playoffs, will the Giants get a win in Philly, can the Bengals stand up to the Bills, is Dallas in trouble with the 49ers and will K.C take care of the Jags.. We tell you our picks for each game.We find out who would be on our greatest athletes to be on our mount rush more, we look at what is the perfect NFL team right now, who's the best offense. the best defense, the best tradition, the best logo, the best coach, the best history... We hit up the GFsix Show's top 8 power rankings, we play some start-cut-bench game.We answer some of your betting questions, like what is a parlay, what is a spread, how to make bets why use the money line bets and more... We got a few bold predictions. play some who would you rather have and you know we are tasting some new beer sent over. The fanduel guro is back tonight with a few betting locks.
The boys are back in action, Join your host "Wesdog" & "Double C" for the kick off Of WILDCARD WEEKEND!Tonight we hit up everything i the NFL's Wildcard Weekend match ups, will the 49ers beat the Seahawks, are the Cowboys in trouble vs Tom Brady and the Buccs, can the Bengals end the Ravens season, are the Giants for real, who wins the Bills vs Dolphins game and more.We take a look back at that wild week #18 that kept MY red hot Steelers out of the playoffs, that Cowboys shocker, that Bills win to knock out the hated Patriots, that pathetic game between the Jets at Dolphins junk fest game and more.We ran every tea in he playoffs and give you are contenders or pretenders at the QB positions, what teams can pull off the up set and what team is gone by halftime. We hit up some great fan questions, play some start-cut-bench game and tell you who we love to hate.We got a few bold predictions talk about our NFL come back player of the year, our finale offensive M.V.P & our Defensive M.V.P players. We talk about that beat down for the college National Title Game between Georgia & T.C.U.We look at some betting lines and hit up the NBA's best starting 3
Join your host 'Wesdog" & "Double C" for a very special CHRISTMAS SHOW. Tonight we say a tearful good bye to a Steelers Legend #32 Mr. Franco Harris with a special GFsix Tribute to him and talk about what he meant to all of Steeler Nation as well as all of the NFL world.We hit up our top ten NFL power rankings, our top ten NHL power rankings, we take a long hard look at who will be our starter and back ups at the QB position on the GFsix ALL WORLD TEAM. We look back at the wild games in the NFL week #15 match ups, that Vikings comeback, the Steelers winning, the Browns winning, the Bills beating the Dolphins, that Chiefs scare vs the Texans and more...We play some GFsix Show's who would you rather have, then some start-cut-bench games, it gets harder and harder to play every week. We hit up some great fan questions, check out the Thursday match up along with a look at the week #16 key game match ups, the Steelers at home celebrating there50th anniversary of the great FRANCO HARRIS immaculate reception game, that Eagles @ Cowboys match up, the Bengals @ Patriots game and more...We taste some beer and and have a great Christmas Show!
Look who's back "Wesdog" with his week #13 NFL weekend preview show. Tonight we talk all about the up coming NFL games, focus in on some key game match ups, will the Steelers get another win at the Falcons, what will the Browns new QB look like vs his old team the Texans, will the Chiefs get revenge vs the Bengals, can the Jets beat the Vikings.Who wins the Dolphins vs the 49ers game, will the 49ers defense get tested by the fish, can the Eagles keep flying high vs the Titans will the Cowboys continue to look like a super bowl team.
Join "Wesdog" & "Double C" for a sports blitz, we take a look back at the Steelers big win, the Browns win and the rest of the big NFL winners from week #12. We continue building our best NFL team with the secondary picks this week. We preview the week #13 NFL key games like that Chiefs @ Bengals game, that Jets @ Vikings match up, Dolphins @ 49ers game. the Browns @ Texans game and the return of Watson and of course we look at that Steelers @ Falcons game. We look at that Michigan @ Ohio State blow out game, where does this leave the Buckeys in the rankings. We hit up some START-CUT-BENCH game, check out this weeks power rankings, answer some great fan questions and like always taste some beer.Give you are worst NFL flags, hit up bold predictions, pretenders or contenders then tell you who is the NFL's M.V.P leaders so far. Fandoo guro is here and much more.
Join "Wesdog" & "Double C" for some great sports talk, tonight we are talking all about what happened in NFL in week #11, The Cowboys big blow out over the Vikings, The Eagles escape with a win, the Browns fall to the Bills and the Steelers fall to the Bengals. We do our top ten Thanksgiving side dishes, we take a sneak peek at the Turkey Day games as well as hit up some great fan questions.We continue building our GFSIX ALL WORLD NFL team, tonight we pick our LINE BACKERS and back ups, we hit up the question is Patrick Mahomes the NFL'S greatest QB of all time? We do our top ten NFL Power Rankings, will the Eagles and Vikings fall this week or do the Bills move up?We got Contenders or Pretenders for you, we play some Start-Cut-Bench game, we play some Who Would You Rather Have game. We tell you who takes the last shot in the NBA game 7 to win the title.Of course we talk all about the BIG GAME Michigan @ Ohio State, who we think will win it and what happens to the team that loses it. We got sports, we taste some beer and talk some Turkey and way more.
It's another "FOOTBALL FRIDAY" Join your host "Wesdog" as he takes you around the full slate of NFL games this weekend, we take a closer look at that Bengals @ Steelers game, the Browns @ Bills snow game that was moved to Detroit's dome and more. We got every NFL games winners and losers for you.
Join "Wesdog" & "Double C" as they start building their perfect NFL team, starting with the defensive line starters, then we take a look at all the MLB award winners, we check out some key NFL match ups Browns @ Bills, Bengals @ Steelers. We talk some Top 10 NBA and the season that Luka is having, where will KD want to go if he gets traded.We hit up some fan questions and talk all about what happened in week #10 in the NFL, the Vikings @ Bills insane game, the Steelers winning, the Eagles falling to the Commanders, the Packers beating the Cowboys, the Browns getting blown out in Miami and more. We talk about what is the most boring sport to watch on T.V along with who is the best division in football right now.
Join red-hot"Wesdog" with his weekend NFL preview picks, we take look at all of week #10 NFL games, will the Cowboys beat up the sad Packers, will the Steelers with T.J. Watt back get the win over the Saints at home. Can the Dolphins take care of business and get that win over the Browns.Get some key game match ups and some injury news on the Bills QB Josh Allen, do they get the win if he is out for Sunday's game.
On the show tonight, we got "Wesdog","Double C" & "BK" in the studio, we look back at all of the wild games in the NFL week #9, we create the perfect NFL QB, we rank the top ten QB'S of all time then we rank the NFL coaches.We pick our best all time MLB outfield, we hit up some great fan questions, we look at the NFL's M.V.P ladder, give you some bold predictions, answer the question of what team is a pretender or contender with the added panic button.We play some GFsix Show's Start-Cut-Bench game, we preview the up coming week #10 key game match ups, give you our fantasy players of the week, we got our top ten power rankings then hit up the fan doo goo roo skit and way more...
"Wesdog" Is back and is looking to rebound from last weeks picks. Tonight I take a look at all the NFL week #9 action, with key game match ups & give you my predictions for each game on the docket.We also take a look at some upsets picks, like the Raiders going down to the Jags, see what other upsets I might have in store for you.
Join "Wesdog" & "Double C" for a great night of sports talk. We hit up the great world series between the Phillies and Astro's, we talk all about week #8 in the NFL with close looks at the Steelers vs Eagles, The Browns vs Bengals and all the weeks NFL match ups.We talk some greatest NFL Tight Ends of all time and rank them for you, we got a bunch of FANS QUESTIONS, the GFsix Show's top ten POWER RANKINGS, Bold Predictions, we tell you who our top 10 scariest NFL defensive players are all time.We taste some beer that was sent in to the show, we look at the MLB's GOLD GLOVE AWARDS, we tell you our top ten NBA players of all time with our very own NBA MOUNT RUSHMORE and check out the Fan Doo Guro... All Here Tonight!
Join red hot "Wesdog" with a look at this week's NFL match ups.I give you the winners and losers for each NFL game. We take a close look at that Steelers @ Dolphins game, will this be the start of a Steelers winning stack or was last week a fluke win.  I hit up that Chiefs @ 49ers big match up along with that big AFC north division game between the Browns @ The Ravens, which defense will show up in this game.I look at some other key games, will Russel Wilson finally get cooking or will the Jets keep flying high, ill those Giants move to 6-1 or do they come back down to earth, will Dak get the Cowboys back on track or will the Lions offense roll.
Join us for some great sports topics and a look back at all them NFL & MLB upsets.We check out the huge Steelers win over the Buccs, that crazy Browns loss to the Patriots, The Giants huge win vs the Ravens, The Jets win again over the Packers, we hit up that great Bills at Chiefs great game.We look at all the October Playoff Baseball scores and the shocking Braves and Dodgers losses. the Astro's move on, the Yankees win it over the young Guardians, we look at the match ups between the Padres and Phillies, the Yankees vs Astro's and more.We got our NFL top ten power rankings, Bold Predictions, the crazy Start-Cut-Bench game and tell you how to send us your takes or questions on our website.We talk some NBA and do our top 10 NBA power rankings, take some calls and hit up the Fan Due Guru..
Join "Wesdog" with his weekly look at this weeks NFL match Ups, It's another Football Friday,I also had the playoff baseball game on and peeked in on that too with some live updates.We take a close look at some key games like that game of the year Bills @ Chiefs game, that killer Cowboys @ Eagles game, can the Eagles go 6-0 or will the Cowboys shoot them down?  Of course we talk all about my Pittsburgh Steelers at home VS the Buccaneers match up, no way we can let Tom Brady walk out with yet another win against us, can we?I hit up the Patriots @ Browns match up. will the Browns defense ever stop the run, will Stefanski ever call a run to Chubb in the 4th QT? I got all my weekly winners and losers for every NFL game.
Join "Wesdog" & "Double C"as they look at all the NFL week #6 action, we look back on that Steelers @ Bills blow out, that Chargers @ browns game and that killer Raiders @ Chiefs game.We talk all about the wildcard Baseball Playoffs and look at the Guardians @ Yankees series, the Phillies huge win over the Braves and the 3 run walk off home run that lifted the Astros over the Mariners.We talk all about the up coming NHL hockey league, who we like to win each division and tell you what teams will surprise you this year. We got the GFsix NFL top ten power rankings, make some bold predictions, hit up our M.V.P players and way more.the Guru is here along with with his fanduel picks, we play the GFsix START-CUT-BENCH Game. Then we ask is the NFL over protecting its QB's now?
Join your host "Wesdog" as he takes you around week #5 in the NFL. Checking out some key game match ups and looking at who wins in each NFL game.We look at the Steelers @ Bills game and tell you what needs to happen for the Steelers to pull a huge up set. Look at that Chargers @ Browns game, the hot Monday night match up between the Raiders and Chiefs, the Bengals @ Ravens game and much more.
Join "Wesdog" & "Double C" as they hit up all the MLB playoff baseball games & get BK's takes on the Guardians, Astros and Yankees along with all that happened in the NFL week #4, then look ahead to week #5. We talk all about that ugly Steelers loss to the Jets and that ugly Browns loss to the Falcons, that Ravens shocker, the Chiefs dominating performance over the Buccaneers, the Raiders big win and more...We hit up our NFL top ten POWER RANKINGS, make some Bold NFL Predictions and play our START-CUT-BENCH game. We tell you who we think should be in the Hall Of Fame along with tell you how to get signed up in our MLB PLAYOFF PAYOFF CONTEST to win some cold hard CASH!We catch up on some of the NFL's best rivalry's and pick out the leagues best QB/WR Duo's. We got the Fan Duel Guru here and way more.
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