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Is there life after death? Is there life before birth? Listen as Rev. Larry shares his understanding of the Reality of Life.Support the show
"We need a little Christmas...right this very minute" - from the musical "Mame."Listen as Mary Ellen shares some thoughts about Christmas being more than a date on a calendar and more than a celebration of the birth of's a story of awakening to the Divine within us.Support the show
Unity defines the antichrist as that which denies or opposes the ideas that the Christ dwells in and is the true self of each individual.Listen as Larry explains some origins of the belief in a physical antichrist in the world,  but perhaps more important,  shares some symbolic meanings and understanding for ones individual's life.Support the show
Freedom - The Quality or state of being without thought or restraint, bondage, limitation, or repression; having a sense of complete well-being. It is a result of regulating one's life according to Principle, not according to what anyone else may think or say. - The Revealing Word.Listen as Larry explains how to consciously lay hold of the Divine Idea of Freedom and manifest it in one's life.Support the show
Listen as Mary Ellen shares some practical thoughts regarding staying informed about happenings in the world around us, as well as some ways to not let the news drain and exhaust us. With awareness, it is possible to stay informed but not addicted to the news. Support the show
In the book "Your Word is Your Wand" by Florence Scovel Shinn, we are reminded that our word is filled with magic and power!Death and life are in the power of the tongue,  meaning our words have more power than we have realized. Listen as Mary Ellen uses the allegory of Ezekiel to emphasize the power of our word which is always available to use in even the most impossible looking situation.  Support the show
Is there a literal place called hell? Is there a literal place called heaven? Is there  some final judgment that will determine where one ends up after leaving the physical body? Listen as Larry shares a message that reaffirms the nature of God as Unconditional Love and that you are always held safe within that Love. Support the show
If you are receptive to another view of sin and salvation, listen as Larry shares his personal experience and growth that led to the message you will hear concerning the subject.P.S. The God of Larry's understanding does not punish.Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
Almost everyone says they want peace on Earth but many say it has to begin with someone else. John Randolph Price, the originator of the World Healing Meditation, said when we take the offensive against anything in the outer world we get emotionally involved and give our power away. When we live from knowing our Oneness with God,  we realize the power within us is greater than any facts in the outer world. Take 5 minutes and listen as Rev. Mary Ellen shares the World Healing Meditation. Let yourself remember that you are a co-creator with God and  Peace on Earth comes from within you first.Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
Is it possible that love is the answer to the question you have been asking?Jesus taught that Love is the great foundation of Life (our life...all life.) This foundation is based upon Oneness... Divine Love...which incorporates us and everyone else.Listen as Mary Ellen shares some powerful reminders about how love can be the answer to the questions concerning healing, prosperity, forgiveness and peace. P.S. Making the choice to move our thoughts and feelings to love and forgiveness, as quickly as possible in any situation...including world vital for well being in our lives.Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
Mary Ellen knows a thing or two about life's endings and beginnings...and so do you! Listen as she reminds you that endings and beginnings are intermixed and connected. Each ending is  a beginning and each beginning is an ending,  overlapping and converging .  Your life has never been nor will it ever be stagnant. This is the best time of your life if you will allow it to be.Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
This lesson was originally given before an audience but because the message within it is timeless we are sharing it via this podcast. Listen as Larry Swartz shares the Truth about our forever connection with God.Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
The word advent means "the coming." In many traditions Advent is associated with a time of awaiting or expectation of the Second Coming.Listen as Mary Ellen shares some deeper thoughts about Advent and suggests that the Second Coming is not limited to a time/space collective experience but rather is an individual experience that is the result of one's full realization of the Christ within.Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
Do you realize you have a choice?  A thermometer measures existing conditions and reacts to the choices others have made or are making; a thermostat creates.  This audio message was given before a live audience.Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
Dr. Sue Sikking taught and wrote, "There is a great affirmative power in the midst of every human form. There is an All-Knowing Presence within us that always says, 'Yes!' It is that something that has kept every man on the path toward some goal since the beginning of time. It is the power that fulfills our destiny, the spur to all progress."Rightly understood, the Energy that we call God is the same Energy at the core of who and what we are...God in, through and as!  This Energy, based on the Energy focus of our words, thoughts and choices, is always using this as a template for replication through person, place or thing in our world.  Knowing this, any changes you might make?Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
Emmet Fox,  author and wisdom teacher of the 20th century,  introduced thousands of people then and now a technique that is life changing. The Golden Key, as he explained is "Simplicity itself.  All that you have to do is this: Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and think about God instead."Mary Ellen expands on the basic technique and shares thoughts about how to pray using The Golden Key. Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
"Do you not say, 'There are still four months and then comes the harvest'? I say to you, lift up your eyes and behold the fields are white and ready to harvest even now." John 4:35We have heard many times how important it is to stay in the now and not be focused on the past or the future. Why? Now is our point of power.Listen as Mary Ellen shares the spiritual principle behind living in the now and some practical tools that will help.Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
A reminder of our Power to make our world.Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
How to Face F.E.A.R

How to Face F.E.A.R


Mary Ellen shares an acronym for Fear = False Evidence Appearing RealThe challenges we have in life are the result of feeling separated from God and not remembering our oneness with God.When we know the Truth that Truth makes us of fear.We set ourselves free from fear when we make the practice of the Presence  a way of life.Practicing the Presence results in our knowing that the power of God in us is always greater than the power in anything outside of us.Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
Everyone has to deal with changes. Some have been initiated by us and some seem to have been thrust upon us.  Because almost all change can be stressful to some extent,  Mary Ellen shares some helpful ways to meet it...even if you aren't a fan of it. Support the show (¤cy_code=USD&source=url)
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