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Business RadioX ® is amplifying the voice of business by sharing unscripted conversations from local business leaders serving their market, their community, and their profession.
319 Episodes
The Future of Remote Work with Kaleem Clarkson, Blend Me, Inc. (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 331) In a fascinating and timely interview with host John Ray, Kaleem Clarkson of Blend Me, Inc. discusses the remote work experience, why issues of trust and responsibility weigh heavily on both employers and employers, the tension between companies [...]
Robert Steele, Steele Financial Group (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 330) Robert Steele, Steele Financial Group, joins host John Ray to discuss health insurance alternatives which significantly reduce costs for business owners. "North Fulton Business Radio is produced virtually from the North Fulton studio of Business RadioX® in Alpharetta. Robert Steele, CEO, Steele Financial Group [...]
Erica Ramsey-Bowen, Peach E PawTraits and Little Bayou Fairy Factory (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 329) Book illustrator and artist Erica Ramsey-Bowen joins host John Ray to discuss her journey from Corporate America to her own creative business, why she's passionate about work with children's books, how the pandemic has affected her work, and much [...]
Ron White, Express Employment Professionals of Atlanta Midtown (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 328) Ron White, Express Employment Professionals, joins host John Ray to discuss his recruiting and staffing business, how he helps both employers and job seekers, the added value he provides employers with a remote workforce, his outlook for 2021 and more. "North [...]
Tips for Senior Transitions, with Pam Santoro and Sarah Watchko, Senior Resource Alliance of North Atlanta (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 327) Pam Santoro and Sarah Watchko bring real estate and legal expertise, respectively, to their work with transitioning seniors. They joined host John Ray to discuss implications of seniors remaining in their home as [...]
Sean C. Taylor, Smith & Howard (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 326) Sean Taylor, Managing Partner with Smith & Howard, joined host John Ray to discuss how his firm has navigated the pandemic, managing remote employees while maintaining firm culture, opportunities and challenges in 2021, and much more. "North Fulton Business Radio is produced virtually [...]
Barry H. Spencer, Wealth With No Regrets (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 325) Wealth With No Regrets President Barry Spencer joined host John Ray to discuss why the financial industry is "broken," the "double trouble" years of retirement, a new book, Build Wealth Like a Shark, and more. "North Fulton Business Radio is produced virtually [...]
Sophia Johnston, Xero Accounting Software (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 324) Sophia Johnston of Xero Accounting Software joined host John Ray to discuss Xero's growth and development, how they help bookkeepers and accountants transition to advisory relationships with their clients, and much more. "North Fulton Business Radio is produced virtually from the North Fulton studio [...]
How Doxing Can Have a Ripple Effect on Organizations, with Hart Brown, R3 Continuum (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 323) Doxing is the malicious activity of researching and releasing personal information in an attempt to harass or intimidate individuals and organizations with whom a hacker disagrees with or dislikes. Hart Brown of R3 Continuum joins [...]
Paul Sansone, TechCXO

Paul Sansone, TechCXO


Paul Sansone, TechCXO (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 322) Paul Sansone of TechCXO joins host John Ray to discuss his work with medium-sized businesses and non-profits as a fractional CFO, the wider suite of fractional services provided by TechCXO, and much more. "North Fulton Business Radio is produced virtually from the North Fulton studio of [...]
Meg Levene and Scott Siegel, MomentumCPG (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 321) Sometimes emerging and even high-growth consumer packaged goods companies have product lines with lackluster sales. That's where MomentumCPG comes in. MomentumCPG Founding Partners Meg Levene and Scott Siegel join host John Ray to discuss reasons why this occurs for even the best companies, [...]
Frank Perissi and Rich Barrett, Noctis Technologies, LLC (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 320) Noctis Technologies is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art night vision devices and systems headquartered in Alpharetta, GA. Rich Barrett and Frank X. Perissi join host John Ray to discuss their product line, what attracts major clients like the U.S. Army, and [...]
Mike Kipniss, MassMutual/The Piedmont Group (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 319) Mike Kipniss joins host John Ray to discuss key factors in selecting a financial advisor and why planning for long-term care protection should be done early and with careful homework. Mike also explains why having no financial plan can be such a problem and [...]
Stacy Reece, Down South House & Home (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 318) Down South House & Home Founder Stacy Reece joins host John Ray to discuss her company's line of home and garden goods with Southern designs, how she comes up with design ideas, and even–for those that don't know–what being an "idjit" means. [...]
Matthew Wagner, Schooley Mitchell (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 317) Matthew Wagner, Schooley Mitchell, joins host John Ray to discuss why business owners need to conduct regular expense audits, why hiring an independent cost reduction consultant should be part of any business owner's profitability planning, and much more. "North Fulton Business Radio is produced virtually [...]
Why Should I Care About Company Culture?, with Christian Höferle, The Culture Mastery Mike Brady: [00:00:00] Why should we care about company culture? Why are people talking about this and what happened to just keep your head down, work hard and let the chips fall where they may? What is company culture and why has [...]
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