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Steve Markfeld, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 455) Calling himself "The House Therapist," Steve Markfeld made a move years ago from psychotherapist to a licensed Realtor, and he's merged the skill set from his previous career to his current work. He and host John Ray talked about how he got [...]
Richard Taylor, Avid Wealth Management Group, LLC (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 455) Richard Taylor is passionate about wealth management. After thirty years in an organization owned by a regional CPA firm, he bought that firm, Avid Wealth Management Group, so he could better serve his clients. In this conversation with host John Ray, Richard [...]
Stephanie Donaldson, Johns Creek Arts Center (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 454) Three weeks into Stephanie Donaldson's tenure as the new Executive Director of the Johns Creek Arts Center, COVID lockdowns hit. Her experience in the organization, starting years before as a volunteer, coupled with her dedicated team of employees and volunteers, proved to be [...]
Anna Brumby, Walden Businesses (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 453) Anna Brumby, a principal at Walden Businesses, joined host John Ray to cover various aspects of her work as a business broker and intermediary. She had advice on what to look for in a business broker, how to prepare your business for sale, stepping back [...]
Manuela Davis, Century 21 Connect Realty (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 452) Manuela Davis, a realtor with Century 21 Connect Realty, was the guest on this edition of North Fulton Business Radio. She and host John Ray talked about her love of meeting people, her ability to navigate and understand neighborhoods for her clients, her [...]
Lamar Tyler, Tyler New Media (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 451) Lamar Tyler, CEO of Tyler New Media, joined the show to share the work he and his wife Ronnie do at Tyler New Media. Lamar talked about how they got started through the Black and Married with Children blog (BMWK), how Traffic Sales and [...]
Kim Eickhoff, Kim Eickhoff Coaching (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 450) Kim Eickhoff joined North Fulton Business Radio host John Ray to discuss her coaching work with small and medium sized businesses. Kim shared her focus on company culture, the need to set the values and direction upfront, how the strongest personalities will determine it [...]
Cary Matthews, Opal Partners Group (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 449) Cary Matthews, Managing Partner of Opal Partners Group, joined host John Ray to discuss his work as a fractional Chief Operating Officer. Cary shared details on the role of a fractional COO, how he amplifies and improves the operations of his clients, leadership in [...]
Ehab Jaleel, Amana Academy Charter Schools (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 448) With a diverse population of over eight hundred students, Amana Academy Charter School is a unique K-8 school using the Expeditionary Learning (EL) model for its curriculum. Ehab Jaleel, Executive Director, and host John Ray talked about the EL learning model, what the [...]
Rory Robichaux, Sciera (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 447) Rory Robichaux, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Sciera, joined host John Ray in the studio on this edition of North Fulton Business Radio. Rory explained what Sciera does as a data analytics company and its expansion into digital marketing. He explained the products Sciera offers, [...]
Iris Grimm, Dog-Gone Leadership (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 446) Iris Grimm, an executive and leadership coach for over two decades, developed a leadership program based on our relationships with dogs called Dog-Gone Leadership. She joined John Ray in the studio to share how this idea came to be, how she uses the metaphor of [...]
Elizabeth Warren, Tower Roofing (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 445) Elizabeth Warren, Director of Business Development at Tower Roofing, talked with host John Ray about the services Tower Roofing offers. She explained when you might need to contact them, their methods of replacing and cleaning roofs, why you should never pressure wash your roof, and [...]
Jay R. Weiser, Jay Weiser Consulting (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 444) Jay R. Weiser, Principal and Founder at Jay Weiser Consulting, helps his clients thrive in the face of disruption and uncertainty. He and John Ray discussed the need to be prepared and responsive, how his experience informs his approach, his Five Leadership Superpowers [...]
Donald Simon, Simon Financial Company (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 443) Donald Simon, the owner of Simon Financial Company, presented many of the issues which arise in buy-sell agreements and how he serves clients by providing financial planning and insurance to protect business owners. He joined host John Ray to discuss why many buy-sell agreements [...]
Greg Sloan, Go Beyond

Greg Sloan, Go Beyond


Greg Sloan, Go Beyond (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 442) Greg Sloan, cofounder of Go Beyond, points to research that shows that the shift from a paycheck to purpose has been going on for years, not just since the pandemic. He joined host John Ray to discuss these trends, as well as how his firm [...]
Andy Williams, Visit Roswell (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 441) Andy Williams, Executive Director of Visit Roswell, joined host John Ray to share the exciting news of a brand-new Mobile Visitors Center. This customized Freightliner Sprinter 3500 is equipped to deliver information about Roswell and its various tourism and hospitality options directly to people visiting [...]
Billy Potter, CEO, Snellings Walters Insurance Agency (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 440) Billy Potter is the newly named CEO of Snellings Walters Insurance Agency. He joined host John Ray to chart his ten-year history with Snellings Walters and celebrate the firm's culture and evolution. Billy also discussed the firm's embrace of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) [...]
Bruce La Fetra, Eastwood Strategy Advisors (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 438) Bruce La Fetra, Owner of Eastwood Strategy Advisors, was dubbed The Client Whisperer by one of his clients when he was able to glean vital feedback for their business. Bruce joined host John Ray to explain how his method, Think Like Your Best [...]
Kaye Ginsberg, Peace of Mind Transitions (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 438) Moving is one of the top stressors of life, particularly for older adults. and those stresses can be exacerbated by health issues and family dynamics. Kaye Ginsberg, founder of Peace of Mind Transitions, joined this edition of North Fulton Business Radio to discuss [...]
Kyle Schmidt and Jacob May, BIP Wealth (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 437) As former major league baseball players, Kyle Schmidt and Jacob May have a firsthand understanding of the unique challenges professional baseball players have in managing their financial situation. Kyle and Jacob joined host John Ray to discuss their work in the Baseball [...]
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