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Let's demystify when and why vaccine schedules may be adapted for certain child neurology conditions and treatments.   We break down immune system + vaccine basics then highlight four unique scenarios and things to consider regarding vaccines in child neurology that our community should know about.
Comorbidities are conditions that can occur during the course of disease.  This episode discusses the top 5 comorbidities (other conditions) for which children with epilepsy may be at increased risk.
Diversity in Epilepsy

Diversity in Epilepsy


Epilepsy can affect different populations in unique ways.   This episode highlights special considerations regarding how race and gender impacts epilepsy diagnosis, management, and outcomes.   
Headaches medicines not working?  Trying to avoid medications completely?  Feeling overwhelmed by chronic or daily headaches?  Check out our top tips for changes you can make to your every day routine to help reduce headaches with nurse Sarah from pediatric headache clinic. 
Dr. Meghan Candee helps us demystify headaches in children.  What's common?  When should we worry?  What actually helps?  As a UCNS certified headache specialist and co-founder/co-director of the University of Utah's Comprehensive Pediatric Headache Clinic her expertise helps us answer these tough questions and more.
Neonatal Neurology

Neonatal Neurology


Small brain, big problems.  Dr. Betsy Ostrander explains how neonatal neurologists help our tiniest patients during critical times of nervous system development. 
Medications not controlling seizures?  Dr. Matt Sweney introduces us to non-medication treatment options for kids with epilepsy when meds just aren't working.
Is your child's neurologic condition genetic?  Was it passed down from a parent or is it unique to their DNA?  When do we do genetic testing and what's the point? Join us to discuss these topics and more with special guest, Rachel Palmquist, licenced genetic counselor.
Let's demystify the medical approach to pediatric neuromuscular conditions with special guest, Dr. Russ Butterfield.
Epilepsy: Demystify

Epilepsy: Demystify


Diagnosis, prognosis, and management.  Let's answer some common questions after a new diagnosis of childhood epilepsy.  Then chat about basic testing and management options your doctor might discuss with you.
Start the seizure conversation.  Epilepsy facts can decrease the stigma, shame, and fears surrounding seizures. 
Learn how to better communicate with your Pediatric Neurologist, navigate their medical system, and get the most from your visits in Child Neuro Chat Episode 2.
What is Child Neurology?  What type of patients do they see? Who is on my child's neurology team?Chat with your hosts, Kim and Carey, about these questions and more in our first episode.
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