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Join us as we dive into the book of Daniel chapter 8. We will be discussing the prophecy that Dainel was given by God. Ever wondered what the Ram, Goat and little horn in Daniel vision means? The revelation of this vision will surprise and amaze you.
Welcome to another Into the Scriptures! Join us as we dive into the word of God. Todays topic is about how we follow God and covering the question that so many have "How to have balance between the world and God?". As we go through the word of God we see the clear answer to this question. God is not looking for a balance nor is he looking for 99.9999%, He is looking for 100%, He is looking for ALL of you.
Join us as we dive into Daniel chapter 7 and unvieling the prophecy given to Daniel that proves the bible is real as it matches with history. The Little horn is also revealed in Daniel 7 so you dont want to miss this study. -Is Daniel 7 happening now?-What are the 4 beasts in Daniel 7?-Could the Bear be russia? -Could the Little horn be the papacy? Join us to find out.
Join us in this discussion/bible study on what rebuking actually is, how the Father (Yah) rebukes, how we rebuke, and how we should act when recieving rebuking.
Join us as we discuss Idol worship, christmas, easter, new years, and more. Now we dont go to deep in the historical aspects of these holydays but we touch base on a few. The primary purpose of this discussion and study is for us to understand what the word of God says about idol worship and how we should not copy.
Join us for another bible study discussion on the story of Balak and Balaam. The bible shows us so many examples and teaches us to learn from these stories so that we may remember and benifit from them in our walk.
Join us as we dive into the topic of the Old and New covenant. Covering the different misunderstandings and seeing what does the scripture say.
Many people use Colossians 2 to prove that the Law of God was nailed to the cross, some say it wasnt refering to the law of God rather the Law of Sin which is Death. Join us as we dive deep into the book of Colossians and examine line upon line and allowing scripture to reveal to us truth. You will find it shocking that the actual truth is far different than you might of thought.
What is God strange work mentioned in Isa 28? Is it somthing he has been doing or is it somthing he is going to do? Join us as we dive into this topic in scripture revealing the truth.
Welcome to another bible study with Into The Screiptures. Today we are diving into the Word of God showing how we should study and view his word. Many false doctrines are popping up everywhere and one of the main thing they all have in common, they do not stand the test of scripture and use human feelings and earthly understandings to establish something outside of the scriptures.
Join us for another bible study on the topic of the everlasting covenant. We will go over what is it? Is it different from all the other covenants, and how many are there.
Join us as we dive deep into the book of Genesis 13 and break down the difference between the actions of Abram and Lot and apply them in our own lives.
Hello and welcome to another ep. of Into The Scriptures. Today we will be talking about Out Reach and some of the fears and worries that bar and/or hinder us doing the work God gave us to do. join us as we go through scripture revealing those worries and showing us we HAVE A MIGHTY GOD.
Join us as we dive into the scriptures about discipleship and the many misconceptions of how to be a disciple.
Join Us as we dive into the topic of FAITH. We go through scripture and allow the word to describe in detail everything we need to know.
Join us as we dive into the word of God covering the topic of Consecration and answering the questions of what is it? must I consecrate myself to God? and what must I do to be consecrated?
Join us this time on Into The Scriptures as we dive into the Word and discuss all the aspects and question of How do we confess,? What are we confessing? How do we know we should confess? Do I need to confess to be forgiven?
Join us as we dive into the topic of Repentance. In This study session we will be going over What does it mean to repent? What is repentance? How do we repent? Can we repent of our own? How do I know I am repentent? Let us dive into sciptrue and allow the Word of God reveal this to us.
Join us as we go through scripture showing our condition, and why we need the Messiah. We are in a horrible condition, we are born in this condition and we can not do anything to get out of it. WE ARE SLAVES TO IT! BUT there is a way out! ONLY ONE WAY, the Messiah is that way whom the Father has sent to save us from this condition.
Explainging The Feast Day Atonement. Going through the symbolisms, application, and meaning. Lev 23:26-28
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