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Living With Scanxiety: Cancer Podcast

Author: Rosaria Kozar

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Join Rosaria Kozar, the mother of a warrior, as she interviews oncologists, pediatricians, survivors, parents, and other applicable organizations in the pediatric cancer world. If you need support as a caregiver or are just curious about childhood cancer, this is the show for you. Living With Scanxiety: Cancer Podcast discusses more than scans; it covers life during treatment and post-treatment. Subscribe, and I hope you will get some much-needed support from the show. Rosaria's mission is to inform, support, and promote hope.
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Season 3 Episode 11 Join me for a therapeutic look at what trauma can do to a relationship and how to hold it together with Valerie Hamaker; LPC, NCC, CPT, SATP. She is also the host of Voices About Living, which she will summarize during this show. So tune in and hear about siblings, marriage, and more during the face of childhood cancer. For Show Notes
Season 3 Episode 10: Join me with Joel, angel Mia Ojeda’s father. He was born in El Paso, Texas, and raised in Sunland Park, New Mexico. Joel discusses a father's role and expectations from his experience in the childhood cancer world. Pediatric oncology was new to him while medicine was not; he works in ophthalmology surgery. His vulnerability and his suggestions for the community are the first of their kind on Living With Scanxiety. Tune in because this episode will not disappoint!Show
Season 3 Episode 9: Join me as I interview Josh Aryeh, the CEO and founder of Smiles Through Cars. Learn about his mission, legacy, and devotion to making children smile. Whether it's dressing up, coordinating events, or more, he’s there for kids with cancer to smile. Childhood cancer has made a huge impact on his calling in life, and tune in to see how. For more information, 
Living With Scanxiety

Living With Scanxiety


Season 3 and Episode 8 Sit down with your host Rosaria Kozar, the mother of a warrior that battled Rhabdomyosarcoma. She answers numerous questions about her podcast, Living With Scanxiety, the Cancer Podcast that focuses on giving support, providing information, and promoting hope. The aim is at caregivers of a child who has cancer. But this episode focuses on the 'why' of the podcast. 
Season 3 Episode 7 Join me with CEO Ali Hornung of Glimmer of Hope Foundation. We discuss the inspiration, the value of children having a connection to normalcy during childhood cancer, and more.  It is an amazing organization with a bright future as it helps more and more children every day!For Show Notes
Season 3  Episode 6 This is part II with Juanita Prada about late-term effects after surviving Leukemia twice as a young child and later as a teen. She gets personal with her own struggles and how they made her who she is today, an advocate, and more. Join me, tune in to find out how and why.For Show Notes and More the show (
Season 3 Episode 5 This is part one of a two-part series with Juanita Prada. She is a two-time survivor of ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), a childhood cancer. Join me as we cover her story, her struggles, her triumphs, and her passion for advocating for late-term effects.  She overcame a stroke, language barriers, and more! Tune in to find out more about how this young child from Colombia dealt with culture shock, cancer, and now is in the process of dealing with side effects known as late effects.   For Living With Scanxiety Show Notes the show (
Season 3 Episode 4: Join Tyler Stover, the CEO of Hope vs. Cancer. His love for Crackerjack temporary tattoos as a child led him to love tattoos as an adult. This love led to a unique idea, giving a tattoo to a child with cancer to wear. Seeing the child's response to the Disney tattoo took his selfless heart and pointed it to the pediatric cancer world.  Find out how this small idea branched out to Tyler's larger mission through Hope vs. Cancer and the ripple effect of improving children's mental health. Living with Scanxiety Show Notes for more
Season 3 Episode 3.  Join me for this one! Cerys Davies is a warrior and survivor of Osteosarcoma. She gives an intimate look into transforming her life as an amputee and what it means to have cancer in high school. She talks about bullying and more. For Show Notes and More the show (
Season 3 Episode 2 Join me as I interview American Childhood Cancer Organization's Public Relations Coordinator,  Blair Scroggs. We don't keep it simple in this interview. We look at the organization's inner dynamics, the progress since it started, and where they see themselves in years to come. There is so much more than meets the eye, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer you and your family. For Show Notes the show (
Season 3 Episode 1: We start this season off with a BANG! Grace Eline is 12 years old. Her ability to tell her own story as a pediatric warrior is done with such vulnerability and poise. Join me as this young lady tells her story of beating cancer and becoming an advocate through her own non-profit, With Grace Initiative. She also represented the Childhood Cancer initiatives at a White House State of the Union Address. New to season 3, the ending has something special in store for you.  Support the show (
Season 2  Episode 28: Maintaining side effects through nutrition is key. We all know food choice, appeal, or lack thereof is limited during treatment. Nichole Giller joins me for an episode from the LWS vault on how to manage symptoms due to childhood cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation.  These symptoms include but are not limited to diarrhea, vomiting, and mouth sores. 
Season 2 Episode 27Join me with advocate Brandi Benson. She not only shares her story of AYA cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma but also of the acceptance of the 'new Brandi.' She went from a very active and positive individual to a depressed one. But listen and find out how she overcame her trauma and became the amazing and inspirational person she is today.Show Notes Please
Season 2 Episode 26 Part II With Efren Gonzalez, MD, the director, Ocular Oncology Service, and Director, Pediatric Retina Program at Boston Children's Hospital. Do you wonder what happens when your child is taken into surgery? Join me as Dr. Gonzalez discusses the specifics of eye removal surgery. For Show Notes Support the show (
Season 2 Episode 25 Part I With Efren Gonzalez, MD, the Director, Ocular Oncology Service and Director, Pediatric Retina Program at Boston Children's Hospital. Join me as we discuss the ins and outs of eye cancers. We focus on Retinoblastoma. For Show Notes Support the show (
Season 2 Episode 24. Join me as I discuss mental health with seasoned Doctoral Fellow  Alexandra Neenan. We discuss singular and co-existing, comorbid diagnoses. We cover a lot of ground on mental health concerning childhood cancer including therapy. You are sure to learn a lot, much of which applies to your own struggles.For Show Notes and Links
Season 2 Episode 23 Join me as I interview author Rosaria Calafati. It is her goal to better the lives of children that are struggling with anything, including cancer. Her books' heroes are bald and highly identifiable with children struggling with cancer. So tune in to hear more. For more information, the show (
Season 2 Episode 22: Ashlie Gauthier, a warrior, speaks on AYA cancer in the childhood cancer community. Also, we focus on friendships of varying degrees. How different friendships are affected by cancer and how new ones are made. Please join me for an intimate portrait of a warrior that is wise beyond her years. For Show Notes
Season 2 Episode 21 Join me as I sit with Catie, the Family Service Manager from Christopher's Haven. She opens up about her experience as a mother with a child, Kenny, that needed treatment. She discusses the ups and downs and the strain it can put on a family. The most important part of his treatment was radiation. She chose to stay at Christopher's Haven, a short walk from the clinic. Catie was taken back by all they have to offer in contrast to standard communal living with their styled and fully furnished apartments and loft area. She took to it so much she decided to stay but now works directly with the kids as a manager.For Links
Season 2 Episode 20  At 18 years young, Matthew, a writer, and runner, shares his story of a reoccurrence of brain cancer. While they are separate forms of cancer, both are located in the same region, except this time, it is terminal. Join me as I interview Matthew and hear his story and positive outlook on life, dreams, and hopes. For Show
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This is a great podcast. She takes care in her interviews and truly is dedicated. I enjoy listening for the support since I can’t leave the hospital.

May 2nd
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