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In this follow-up interview hear how Eric Stevens continues to grow his business in the 403(b) market post Covid with virtual meetings, an integrated benefit analysis, and a passion for relating to teachers where they are at. 
Listen in as Sharon Pivirotto shares with us strategies and insights for getting started and succeeding in the 401k market. Also learn about Sharon's website and the excellent resources it has to offer.  Sharon is a veteran with 25+ years experience in the finance business. She has a passion for research and helping advisors in the 401k marketplace.  
Listen in as Richard Nevins shares the value of listening, keeping it simple and personable to grow your business in the 403(b) marketplace. Richard Nevins is a successful advisor with 14+ years of experience out of DeSoto Texas.  
Listen in as we are excited to welcome back Jonathon Schultheiss, Managing Director with Strategic Retirement Partners out of Greensboro, NC. In this podcast hear Jonathon's passion as he shares how to  bring value to employee education and some key insights to being successful in the 401k marketplace. 
Hear how Galen Mizuguchi shifts his focus amidst the pandemic to reach teachers in Hawaii and grows his business  by sharing his appreciation and building trust. 
In this podcast Ed Dressel interviews Cassie Knight, founder of Fed Options out of Nashville, Tennessee. Cassie shares some of her insights on the complexities and misunderstandings of the federal plans along with an opportunity her company can provide to advisors working in the federal marketplace. 
In this podcast we interview Tom Walker, founder of Walker Capital Preservation Group, Inc. out of North Carolina where they strive to educate and empower today's federal employee to maximize their retirement through proper positioning and seamless coordination of their federal benefits and personal assets.  We are excited to have him share some of his insights on growing a thriving retirement counseling business in the federal market place. 
In this podcast we are excited to interview Don St Clair with St Clair Financial as he shares his insights on the power of the paycheck illustration in financial planning.  Don St Clair is a successful financial planner out of Norther California. He has been in the business since 1991. He started off in the 403(b) marketplace and later found his niche with small business owners. 
Alberto Gaglianese is a financial planner for Lincoln Investment, based out of Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. He has had a successful practice in the 403(b) and the 457 marketplace since 1986.  Listen in as Alberto shares his experience on helping clients reach their retirement goals and growing a thriving practice. 
Deann Cross is Chief Operating Officer at Integrity Financial Corporation. She has over 20 years of experience in the financial service industry and helping others reach their wealth management goals. Listen in as she shares some of her experience of how not to overwhelm and add stress to a client but encourage them as they pursue retirement readiness. 
Terry is an Associate Director RICP - Retirement Income Certified Professional at Transamerica out of Columbus Ohio. He has 12 plus years in finance and leads a team of 15 other advisors.  Listen in on some of his pro-tips for web calls, building trust, and helping clients reach retirement readiness. Also, check out his non profit Educational Retirement Advisors, whos goal is to get every teacher in front of a fiduciary advisor, and have a documented retirement plan completed. 
Jim Westrum is the executive director of finance and business with the Wayzata Public Schools located in Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota. His primary role is to act as the district's CFO and assist in making sure that they are aligned with their mission and vision when looking at employee compensation strategies. Jim has had success with TRAK while working with collective bargaining to educate, bring clarity and ultimately buy-in from employees.  With his position, and not being an agent himself, he brings a different perspective to 403(b) advisors.  
Charlie is the principal of Epstein Financial Services, an independent RIA providing corporate retirement plan consulting, as well as wealth management services in East Lyme Meadow, Massachusetts. He has more than 40 years of experience in the financial services industry and is the founder of the 401(k) Coach Program. He is the Author of  “Paychecks for Life: How to Turn Your 401(k) into a Paycheck Manufacturing Company” and “Save America, Save! The Secrets of a Successful 401(k) Plan”. He is highly influential in the 401(k) industry.In this Podcast you will hear powerful insight for engaging the 401(k) market as Charlie shares myths people have about retirement and their money, opportunities advisors have amidst the COVID-19 crises, and what can set you apart as we come though this crises. 
Jane Hagen is the Senior Vice President, Director of Retirement Plans & Senior Relationship Manager at Tri-Star Trust Bank out of Michigan. With over 25 years experience in banking and trusts/investments directly related to employee benefit plans and personal trust accounts she is a veteran in the 401(k) market. In this podcast she shares some of her creative and profession tips on engaging plan sponsors, running successful annual participant meetings and growing assets under management. 
Adam San Juan is the Regional Sales Director at Ameritas for the greater Detroit area. With over 20 years of experience helping financial advisors and TPA’s to establish 401(k) retirement plans for their small business clients and prospects. Kristen Abell is a Regional Client/Relationship Manager at Ameritas with over fifteen years of professional experience in the Financial Services industry, focusing on retirement planning and client relationship management.In this podcast hear pro-tips on navigating obstacles for success, getting hired, and differentiating yourself in the 401(k) market. Simple reports that make a differenceExperience TRAK for yourself with a free trial!
Eric Stevens is the National Educators Association (NEA) retirement, specialist at Clarity Financial Advisors in Mill Creek, Washington. In this podcast, he shares his passion for working with teachers and how he has found success amidst social distancing in the 403(b) market.  Experience TRAK for yourself with a free trial!
Ann is an experienced advisor, sought after trainer, and SEO of Retirement Planning Strategies based in Denver, Colorado. With over 18 years working with federal employees and their complex retirement plans, she shares some of the obstacles, key insight, and strategies of her success working within this niche market. Like, the crucial shift in how she uses TRAK that not only has her business growing but her client's engagement in reaching their retirement goals. Simplify Complex Federal Retirement PlansExperience TRAK for yourself with this Free Trial
Shawn McCoy is the owner of Federal Employee Benefits Advocates, an educational company for both financial advisors and federal employees based out of Louisiana. With over 20 years as an advisor and being successful in the federal market place for about a decade now, he has a wealth of knowledge on navigating the obstacles and seizing the opportunities that come with this market. In this podcast get a glimpse of what he offers as a trainer and how he brings clarity to a complicated retirement system. Simplify Complex Federal Retirement PlansExperience TRAK for yourself with this Free Trial
Steve Wylam, CFP®, AIF®, is one of the founding partners of Shepherd Financial. He has worked exclusively in the financial services profession throughout his career, serving both wealth management clients and corporate retirement plan trustees and participants. A majority of Shepherd Financials $2 billion in assets is from corporate retirement plans, serving around 32,000 participants.With ten years of using TRAK to produce reports and engage participants, it has become a cornerstone of the services they provide. He shares some of their processes of working with participants, plan sponsors, and how it makes a difference in how they are received by potential prospects. Simple reports that make a differenceExperience TRAK for yourself with a free trial!
Kevin Hocker exclusively works within the federal market. With over 8,000 one on one meetings with federal employees, he brings a wealth of knowledge to our podcast. He stresses the importance of education when it comes to helping people understand their benefits and their overall retirement outlook. Hocker shares how he interacts with clients, some of the challenges he faces, and what he sees as difference makers in people's lives.Simple reports that make a differenceExperience TRAK for yourself with a free trial!
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