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Random with Tony Scott and Mark McCray

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The Random podcast covers everything. Randomly. Life, pop culture, politics, race, etc.
78 Episodes
Random topics that range from politics to pop culture.
Simone Biles is a multi-level G.O.A.T. Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens gets COVID for the second time. It's easy to believe conspiracy theories about healthcare. People are wearing disguises to get their COVID vaccine. Who wants to get COVID from their chicken fried steak? Lizzo hasn't killed anyone. Kanye is brilliant in more than music. Amazon is giving your Alexa a new name if you want. How do you get $45,000 a month for child support when they don't live with you? You absolutely cannot buy a planet. Why do they give you 50 slices of bread when you buy a BBQ plate? Reason number 451 why a woman will catch you cheating. Woman arrested for playing the uncensored version of W.A.P. at a public pool.
A police chief didn't know when a joke is not a joke. Cosby is out. But is he innocent? She'Carri Richardson accepts it. Why don't we? Miss Jones is spilling all her tea. The one thing a smart car doesn't have. Cities that are ready to cheat include a few in Florida. The search for survivors is over in Surfside. That moment a snake bites your genitals. Do you talk to yourself?
Derek Chauvin got 22 and a half years for murdering George Floyd. Is 22 and a half years enough? Horrible tragedy in Surfside, Florida. Was it preventable. Rudy Giuliani gets his law license suspended. Is it a free speech issue. Rihanna was turned away from a bar. A new record has been set for stacking M&Ms. What's the ideal timeline for having sex when you start dating someone? IKEA failed Juneteenth. Is cultural appropriation a two-way street? Baby needs 13 stitches after being born. Students from a mostly White high school threw tortillas at players from a mostly Hispanic high school. Bartender low-key saves woman from a troll. Best food to have on a first date? Worst? Do we cancel Chris Brown for an accusation?
A florist is in trouble for wanting to see a woman naked one time. Ladies check those flowers! Dr. Dre is officially single but it ain't over. Wendy Williams took her shot with Gary Owen. Kim Kardashian is 0-2. Health care worker allegedly steals dead patients credit card to buy snacks. Ex model left her husband for her twin sisters husband. If you call in sick can you still hang at a bar? Man dumps 80,000 pennies on his exes lawn. Are you here for the COVID passport? R. Kelly fired half his lawyers. Or did they quit? Retired nun thought what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas. Twerking on a police SUV is not community relations. There are now 5 oceans in the world. Woman accused of setting her husband on fire.
Mustard on watermelon and other things. Like Trump's reinstatement. Chauvin wanting probation. A mom tries to shoot a puppy but shot her 5 year old. Would you listen to someone rant for 3 or 4 hours? An artist sold a sculpture of absolutely nothing for $18,000. A high school fires 7 coaches over punishment given to a player. A teacher gave a student his shies so he could graduate. What PDA annoys you? Don't eat cicadas if you're allergic to shell fish.
Texas is the latest state to pass laws that will change voting. Voting may be very different in 2022. 911 operator corrects Akon about being carjacked. The one potato chip to stay away from. Men get it all wrong when it comes to women. There's lots cars waiting to be put together. Man sets neighbor's house on fire because the neighbor wouldn't cut their grass. Did JLo have Ben Affleck warming up in the bullpen? Dylann Roof wants a do over. The rules kids want at dinner.
What trait did you get from your father? That's one question that was raised during this episode, episode 70 of "Random." Tony and Mark are also talking about the Chauvin trial. Gas hoarding is no way to go through life. Does Schwinn still make bicycles? Are you still wearing a mask? The difference between wealthy and rich is what? That time Tony ticked off a lady in a club.
Random with Tony Scott and Mark McCray covers A LOT of different topics.
A woman finds her tires slashed and a finger. If you're going to the ER, take your finger with you. Maxine Waters flexes on Jim Jordan. Police chief doesn't think mace Army lieutenant deserves an apology. Parenting tips from the 1800s explains a lot. A COVID shot every year may actually be a thing. A woman says Prince Harry wanted to marry her and she wants him to keep his word. Baylor turns down customized Jeep after racist comment. Mom tells woman to not distract her creepy sons. STDs hit an all-time high. Bobby Brown blames Nick Gordon for everything. There are things you should stop doing when you turn 40. An African American family done wrong in the 1920s finally gets their due. Skinny jeans are out.
If you haven't had or don't plan on a COVID vaccine, you have no vaccination card. Don't get caught with a fake one. The internet is killing the church. When a business fires an employee for being a racist, what can they do next? Check your hand sanitizer. If it has Benzine, that ain't good. Is the president's dog getting a pass? Have you seen the damage a plane gets after running into some birds? How would you like to be the person that ruined 15 million doses of the COVID vaccine? Men get it wrong when teaching their sons to be men. Gangster lets YouTube get him arrested.
VP Kamala Harris WRONGLY criticized for not saluting. The massacre in Boulder, CO., spawned a copycat in Atlanta. Chicago Cubs' minor leaguer busted with 21 pounds of meth. No fans outside of Japan can go to the Summer Olympics. Cop files for divorce after wife goes to insurrection with another man. Man gets stupid at the zoo. And then he got ridiculous. New popcorn rules at the movies. Is Derrick Jaxn's career over? Black cop fired for using the n-word. Are the reparations in Evanston, IND., really reparations. A mask that just cover your nose? That's like putting a condom on your testicles.
Who made Tony Scott cuss? The Royal Family, a.k.a, "The Firm," may have been exposed in the Oprah interview. COVID causes a man to get a 3-hour erection. A woman set her bible on fire and burned down her duplex. If you get your COVID vaccine and then get a lump in your armpit, don't worry. Jay-Z had a very good two weeks. The push to slow down Black voters in on in Georgia. Kanye West allegedly broke some rules while running for president. Insurrectionist flees to Kenya. Check your bowls in the cupboard. One may be worth $500,000. A woman took catfighting to a whole other level. Amazon driver allegedly pees on groceries. A woman dyed her neighbors goat blue.
A man loses to a rooster and it was gruesome. It supposed to go down at the capitol March 4th. The governors of Texas and Mississippi get dragged by the president. The Catholic church says stay away from the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine. A woman won $300,000 waiting on her plane. A mask will get you killed in Louisiana. Frontier airlines cancels a flight because of a mask revolt. Jay-Z has levels of securing bags. Ranch dressing on spaghetti. Good or nah? Rapper cuts off the penis of his roommate. Pregnant American women are more likely to not get the COVID vaccine than other women around the world. Did Tiger Woods fall asleep? Aretha's IRS case is settled. Six Dr. Seuss books won't be published anymore for racist imagery.
Some conspiracy theorists are asking was the winter storm real last week in Texas? Some say the snow was fake. Tiger Woods was hurt really bad. Can we call them what they were? Insurrectionist. Halle Berry's first kiss wasn't what you think. Former President Barack Obama once broke a classmate's nose. A couple's three kids were kicked out of catholic school for nothing they did. A woman says gin-soaked raisins has kept her going for 105 years. Can we stop with gender reveal parties? Vice President Kamala Harris get more online hate than anyone. What Kanye says is the reason his marriage is ending. A wanted man gave himself up because it was too noisy. A candidate for Michigan governor promises to cancel Black History Month. SCOTUS says Trump has to turn over his tax records. A man blew a .77 BAC. That's a record. Lionel Richie trends for having a girlfriend that is 41 years younger than him. Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana.
Impeachment, COVID and the mess that is America.
Gayle King's daughter got married at Oprah's house. Gayle had to stay outside. Racism and stupidity a lot of times go hand in hand. Does Mariah Carey's sister have a point? Man fined $9.9 million for racist robocalls. A man wins lottery for the 6th time. Does Denzel back the blue? Police Chief in Georgia tries to explain slavery. He failed. Big time. Man arrested for selling bogus COVID vaccine. Beijing is using anal swabs to detect COVID. Pastor John Gray has congregation take money from collection baskets. A wife in Mexico stabbed her husband after she saw pictures of him and another woman on his phone. Turns out the woman in the picture was her.
So, it turns out the insurrectionists are not smart on many levels. Posting and streaming video is doing them in. One insurrectionists threatened to shoot his kids if they told. Another got turned in by her daughter. Twelve National Guardsman were removed from inauguration duty. Misinformation on the election dropped 73% after Trump was suspended from Twitter. Ciara had to wear a mask when she was giving birth. Al Reynolds says he wasn't the first bisexual man Star Jones dated. Could you see Chris Rock playing George Costanza on "Seinfeld," or "Cockroach," on "Cosby?" New COVID treatment reportedly eases symptoms.
The fallout from what happened at the Capitol was real. Real real. Was the insurrection an inside job? Some the domestic terrorists got a huge surprise at the airport. Bill Belichick turns down the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Social media shut Trump the hell down. Missouri wants some of their unemployment money back. Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men explains what him and Brandy were back in the day. College football coach fired for his Stacey Abram tweet. Dr. Dre's home burglarized while he was in the hospital. Diddy's home also was burglarized. A woman gets 15 years for altering drug tests that caused people to lose their children.
Is dating your best friend's ex still a no-no? That time Malia Obama's boyfriend had to quarantine with the Obamas. You're getting divorced and your soon-to-be ex wants to have a baby with you but still wants a divorce? How do you like your python? Fried or sautéed? A man died of COVID on a plane. He knew he had it but got on anyway. Guess where Uncle Luke got COVID? Kobe's mother-in-law - WHOA! Who knew Tyrese, after all the money that has been spent, had the cure for COVID-19? Chicago police make a woman stand nude in her living room.
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