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2 hours of the best in heavy music today
5 Episodes
Apple Podcasts: spotify:show:1WvumbftiRYEw3YyDR8M9VCastbox: Podcasts:…Podcast Addict: and IHeartRadio7 Miles To PittsburghSoundRevolution On HoldMartin Helmantle Interview7 Miles To PittsburghI Feel Your PainRevolution On HoldJoseph ThollIt's Just Rock'n'RollDevil's DrumJoseph Tholl InterviewJoseph ThollThrough Endless SkiesDevil's DrumStrigoiPhantomsAbandon All FaithGreg Macintosh InterviewStrigoiNocturnal VerminAbandon All FaithWitchdenWitherDeus Nihil
Apple Podcasts: spotify:show:1WvumbftiRYEw3YyDR8M9VCastbox: Podcasts:…Podcast Addict: and IHeartRadioNorma JeanSafety LastAll Hail!CyhraBattle From WithinNo Halos In HellAnette Olzon InterviewThe Dark ElementThe Pallbearer Walks AloneSongs the Night SingsKicker InterviewLegendryVindicatorThe Wizard and the Tower KeepLanvall InterviewEdenbridgeLive And Let GoDynamindAlex Erian InterviewDespised IconSnake In The GrassPurgatory
Apple Podcasts: Podcasts: Addict: spotify:show:1WvumbftiRYEw3YyDR8M9V TuneIn:
iTunes: Music: Mason Metalfest: Kris Norris: DiamondHalloweenFatal PortraitWednesday 13Bring Your Own BloodNecrophazeCandlemassHouse Of DoomThe Door To DoomClemens WijersParasite TwinParasite TwinExhumedNaked, Screaming, and Covered in BloodHorrorAenimusCaretakerDreamcatcherThe 69 Eyes27 & DoneWest EndLiv SinChapter Of The WitchBurning SermonsDog Fashion DiscoPogo the ClownCommitted to a Bright Future 2019Fleshgod ApocalypseThe Day We'll Be GoneVelenoPensees NocturnesDeux bals dans la têteGrand Guignol OrchestraAngel WitchDon't Turn Your BackAngel of LightDiamond HeadThe Coffin TrainThe Coffin TrainKadavarEvil ForcesFor The Dead Travel FastCrypt SermonOur Reverend's GraveThe Ruins of Fading LightInsomniumHeart Like a GraveHeart Like a GraveChildren Of BodomHexedHexedBleak FleshVortex Rapture... And Save Us From SilenceZombie ApocalypseUndead BurnbrightLife Without Pain Is A Fucking FantasyNovembers DoomNephilim GroveNephilim GroveStrigoiPhantomsAbandon All FaithHowling SycamoreRaw BonesSeven Pathways to AnnihilationBloody HammersFrom Beyond the GraveThe SummoningRotting ChristThe Raven The Heretics
iTunes: Music: Mason Metalfest: Kris Norris: InterviewNileVile Nilotic RitesVile Nilotic RitesUne Misère InterviewUne MisèreDamagesSermonTurbokill InterviewTurbokillEnd Of DaysVice WorldSpirit Healer interviewSpirit HealerA Memory of the RitualHollowformOdd LogicAbsenceLast Watch of the NightingaleStrigoiNocturnal VerminAbandon All Faith
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