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2 hours of the best in heavy music today
29 Episodes
Apple Podcasts: spotify:show:1WvumbftiRYEw3YyDR8M9VCastbox: Podcasts:…Podcast Addict: and IHeartRadio7 Miles To PittsburghSoundRevolution On HoldMartin Helmantle Interview7 Miles To PittsburghI Feel Your PainRevolution On HoldJoseph ThollIt's Just Rock'n'RollDevil's DrumJoseph Tholl InterviewJoseph ThollThrough Endless SkiesDevil's DrumStrigoiPhantomsAbandon All FaithGreg Macintosh InterviewStrigoiNocturnal VerminAbandon All FaithWitchdenWitherDeus Nihil
Apple Podcasts: spotify:show:1WvumbftiRYEw3YyDR8M9VCastbox: Podcasts:…Podcast Addict: and IHeartRadioNorma JeanSafety LastAll Hail!CyhraBattle From WithinNo Halos In HellAnette Olzon InterviewThe Dark ElementThe Pallbearer Walks AloneSongs the Night SingsKicker InterviewLegendryVindicatorThe Wizard and the Tower KeepLanvall InterviewEdenbridgeLive And Let GoDynamindAlex Erian InterviewDespised IconSnake In The GrassPurgatory
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iTunes: Music: Mason Metalfest: Kris Norris: DiamondHalloweenFatal PortraitWednesday 13Bring Your Own BloodNecrophazeCandlemassHouse Of DoomThe Door To DoomClemens WijersParasite TwinParasite TwinExhumedNaked, Screaming, and Covered in BloodHorrorAenimusCaretakerDreamcatcherThe 69 Eyes27 & DoneWest EndLiv SinChapter Of The WitchBurning SermonsDog Fashion DiscoPogo the ClownCommitted to a Bright Future 2019Fleshgod ApocalypseThe Day We'll Be GoneVelenoPensees NocturnesDeux bals dans la têteGrand Guignol OrchestraAngel WitchDon't Turn Your BackAngel of LightDiamond HeadThe Coffin TrainThe Coffin TrainKadavarEvil ForcesFor The Dead Travel FastCrypt SermonOur Reverend's GraveThe Ruins of Fading LightInsomniumHeart Like a GraveHeart Like a GraveChildren Of BodomHexedHexedBleak FleshVortex Rapture... And Save Us From SilenceZombie ApocalypseUndead BurnbrightLife Without Pain Is A Fucking FantasyNovembers DoomNephilim GroveNephilim GroveStrigoiPhantomsAbandon All FaithHowling SycamoreRaw BonesSeven Pathways to AnnihilationBloody HammersFrom Beyond the GraveThe SummoningRotting ChristThe Raven The Heretics
iTunes: Music: Mason Metalfest: Kris Norris: InterviewNileVile Nilotic RitesVile Nilotic RitesUne Misère InterviewUne MisèreDamagesSermonTurbokill InterviewTurbokillEnd Of DaysVice WorldSpirit Healer interviewSpirit HealerA Memory of the RitualHollowformOdd LogicAbsenceLast Watch of the NightingaleStrigoiNocturnal VerminAbandon All Faith
iTunes: Music: Mason Metalfest: Kris Norris: DefiantsHollywood In HeadlightZokushoBruno Ravel InterviewThe DefiantsFallin' For YouZokushoHowling GiantComet Riderhe Space Between WorldsTom Polzine & Zach Wheeler InterviewHowling GiantCybermancer and the Doomsday ExpressThe Space Between WorldsLiv SinBlood Moon FeverBurning SermonsLiv Jagrell InterviewLiv SinHope Begins To FadeBurning SermonsKadavarChildren Of The NightFor The Dead Travel FastTiger Bartelt InterviewKadavarThe Devil's MasterFor The Dead Travel FastIn MourningMagenta RitualGarden of StormsExhumedUtter Mutilation of Your CorpseHorror
iTunes: Music: Mason Metalfest: Kris Norris: Your SoulLegions of the UndeadAlcestProtectionSpiritual InstinctExhumedRavenous CadaversHorrorMatt Harvey InterviewExhumedNaked, Screaming, and Covered in BloodHorrorNovembers DoomNephilim GroveNephilim GroveCar BombAntipatternsMordialBleak FleshFrom Colonies to Elysium... And Save Us From SilenceMatias Quiroz InterviewBleak Flesh ...And Save Us From Silence... And Save Us From SilenceCoffin MothNIght Of The WitchNight of the Witch (Single)Odd LogicGarden of ThornLast Watch of the NightingaleGatecreeperDesertedDesertedChase Mason InterviewGatecreeperFrom The AshesDesertedSeeYouSpaceCowboyAn Introduction For People Who Hate IntroductionsSongs For The Firing Squad
iTunes: Music: Mason Metalfest: Kris Norris: The Skies EndDivisionsSpirit HealerA Memory of the RitualHollowformParliament OwlsDropbearA Span is All That We Can BoastDragonForceHighway to OblivionExtreme Power MetalMunicipal WasteWave of DeathThe Last RagerWednesday 13Bring Your Own BloodNecrophazeOpethDignityIn Cauda Venenum (ENGLISH VERSION)Sleeping AncientA Path EmergesThere Is No Truth But DeathEntrailsCrawl in Your GutsRise of the ReaperRamBlades of BetrayalThe Throne WithinCoffinsTerminate by own ProphecyBeyond the Circular DemiseExhorderHallowed SoundMourn The Southern SkiesExhumedRavenous CadaversHorrorVarahaPassage for Lost YearsA Passage For Lost YearsSights & SoundsResurfaceNo VirtueLeprousBelowPitfallsCult of LunaThe Silent ManA Dawn to FearVinterseaIlluminatedIlluminatedKayo DotBlasphemy: A ProphecyBlasphemyDrifting SunEverlasting CreedPlanet JunkieBorisLOVELφVE & EVφL
iTunes: Music: Mason Metalfest: Kris Norris: Rasmussen InterviewVitriolI Drown NightlyTo Bathe From The Throat Of CowardiceJyrki69 InterviewThe 69 Eyes27 & DoneWest EndSondre Skollevoll InterviewMoron PoliceThe Phantom BelowA Boat on the Sea
iTunes: Music: Mason Metalfest: Kris Norris:Sonata ArcticaColdTalviyöHenrik Klingenburg InterviewSonata ArcticaA Little Less UnderstandingTalviyöRise Twain EverspringRise Twain Rise Twain InterviewRise TwainOh This LifeRise Twain EvergreyEnd Of SilenceThe AtlanticJonas Ekdahl InterviewEvergreyWeightlessThe AtlanticHope DroneThis Body Will Be AshVoid Lustre
iTunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Spreaker: TuneIn: For Mason Metalfest: For Kris Norris: Moron Police The Phantom Below A Boat on the Sea Killswitch Engage I Am Broken Too Atonement NorthTale Shape Your Reality Welcome To Paradise Howling Giant Comet Rider The Space Between Worlds Entombed A.D. Elimination Bowels Of Earth Nico Elgstrand Interview Entombed A.D. Torment Remains Bowels Of Earth Equilibrium Renegades - A Lost Generation Renegades Insomnium Valediction Heart Like a Grave Infinity Shred Long May You Run Forever, A Fast Life Falaise Once, My Home A Place I Don't Belong To the Offering Lovesick Home Nishad George Interview the Offering Home Home Torche What Was Admission
iTunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Spreaker: TuneIn: For Mason Metalfest: For Kris Norris: Freedom Call M.E.T.A.L. M.E.T.A.L. Chris Bay Interview Freedom Call 111 M.E.T.A.L. This WIll Not End Well Neocon Pep Rally Gofuckyourself Steve Shagwell Interview Coffinrot Beneath The Killing Floor Retribution Divine HammerFall (We Make) Sweden Rock Dominion Joacim Cans Interview HammerFall Scars of a Generation Dominion
iTunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Spreaker: TuneIn: For Mason Metalfest: For Kris Norris: Lord United (Welcome Back) Fallen Idols Borknagar The Fire That Burns True North Destruction Betrayal Born To Perish Schmier Interview Destruction Inspired By Death Born To Perish Equilibrium Path Of Destiny (feat. The Butcher Sisters) Renegades Hyvmine Liberation Retaliation Outsider Life Runs Out When Love Dies Hive Most Vicious Animal Most Vicious An... Most Vicious Animal Oliver Berlin Interview Finsterforst Ecce Homo Zerfall Podcast powered by Spreaker. Go to
iTunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Spreaker: TuneIn: For Mason Metalfest: For Kris Norris: Carnifex No Light Shall Save Us featuring Alissa White Gluz World War X Scott Ian Lewis Interview Carnifex World War X World War X With The Dead Isolation Love From With The Dead Candlemass Witches Candlemass Witherscape The Examiner The Northern Sanctuary Long Distance Calling The Nearing Grave Avoid The Light Intronaut The Unlikely Event Of A Water Landing The Direction Of Last Things Candiria Mereya While They Were Sleeping Mastodon Steambreather Emperor Of Sand Dredg Bug Eyes Catch Without Arms Being Story For A Muse Anthropocene Evergrey The Great Deceiver Recreation Day In Flames Clayman Clayman Witherfall Vintage A Prelude to Sorrow Bend Sinister Best Of You Animals Dave Brockie Experience Beat Stall Diarrhea Of A Madman Podcast powered by Spreaker. Go to
iTunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Spreaker: TuneIn: For Mason Metalfest: For Kris Norris: Thy Art Is Murder Make America Hate Again Human Target Clemens Wijers Interview Clemens Wijers Parasite Twin Parasite Twin Melissa Ferlaak Interview Plague Of Stars Baby in a Lightbulb Bath Daedalus
iTunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Spreaker: TuneIn: For Mason Metalfest: For Kris Norris: Blood Stain Child Sumeragi Amateras Teramaze Fight Or Fligh Are We Soldiers Destruction Born To Perish Born To Perish Warthrone Crown of the Apocalypse Crown of the Apocalypse Sabaton The Red Baron The Great War Joakim Broden Interview Sabaton Great War The Great War Grand Demise of Civilization Curator of the Wicked Below the Feet of Kings Zombie Apocalypse Bullshit Destroyer Life Without Pain Is A Fucking Fantasy Torche Admission Admission Rick Smith Interview Torche Times Missing Admission Immortal Bird Vestigial Warnings Thrive On Neglect Leopardeath Maikaze Setsugetsufuuka Abbath The Artifex Outstrander Dekadent Shepherd of Stars The Nemean Ordeal Dog Fashion Disco Rapist Eyes Committed to a Bright Future 2019 SeeYouSpaceCowboy Jimmy Buffett Doesn't Even Surf Songs For The Firing Squad
iTunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Spreaker: TuneIn: Baroness Seasons Gold & Grey Sebastian Thomson Interview Baroness Throw Me An Anchor Gold & Grey Corroded Cross Bitter Jens Westin Interview Corroded Breathing Bitter John Macaluso Interview Stone Leaders Box Of Time Stone Leaders
iTunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Spreaker: TuneIn: Pounder Fuck off and Die Uncivilized Enforcer Searching For You Zenith Avantasia Book Of Shallows Moonglow Soilwork Arrival Verkligheten Rage Of Light Nothingness Imploder Astronoid I Dream in Lines Astronoid Arch / Matheos Wanderlust Winter Ethereal Dream Theater Paralyzed Distance Over Time Evergrey Weightless The Atlantic Within Temptation The Reckoning Resist Gloryhammer The Land of Unicorns Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex Fleshgod Apocalypse Sugar Veleno Nailed To Obscurity Black Frost Black Frost A Pale Horse Named Death When The World Becomes Undone When The World Becomes Undone Numenorean Adore Adore Chrome Waves Open Casket A Grief Observed Periphery Reptile Periphery IV: HAIL STAN Possessed No More Room In Hell Revelations of Oblivion Downfall of Gaia As Our Bones Break to the Dance Ethic Of Radical Finitude Twin Temple I Know How To Hex You Bring You Their Signature Sound...Satanic Doo-Wop
Episode 327: Ghostbound

Episode 327: Ghostbound


Starkill Detonate Gravity Cave In All Illusion Final Transmission Diamond Head Death by Design The Coffin Train Vulture B.T.B. (Beyond the Blade) Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves Martyrdöd Pharmacepticon Hexhammaren Gaahls WYRD Ghosts Invited GastiR- Ghosts Revisited Memoriam Shell Shock Requiem For Mankind Irata Tower Tower Abrahma Lost.Forever. In Time For The Last Rays Of Light Monkey3 Prism Sphere Ghostbound The Gallivanter All Is Phantom Alec A. Head Interview Ghostbound It Goes Away All Is Phantom Vader Grand Deceiver Thy Messenger iTunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Spreaker: TuneIn:
Majestica Night Call Girl Above the Sky Rendezvous Point Universal Chaos Universal Chaos Trauma From Here To Hell As The World Dies Arch/Matheos Tethered Winter Ethereal Crazy Lixx Wicked Forever Wild Danny Rexon Interview Crazy Lixx Break Out FOrever WIld Death Angel Humanicide Humanicide Borders Damage Everything Purify Bloodred Hourglass Waves of Black Godsend October Tide Ögonblick Av Nåd In Splendor Below Fleshgod Apocalypse Carnivorous Lamb Veleno Francesco Paoli interview Fleshgod Apocalypse Sugar Veleno Pensees Nocturnes Deux bals dans la tête Grand Guignol Orchestra Tanzwut Galgenvoegel Seemannsgarn Vaura The Lightless Ones Sables Ringworm I want to Tear The World Apart Death Becomes My Voice iTunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Spreaker: TuneIn:
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