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Author: Joy Balma

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Good Girl To Goddess is hosted by Joy Balma - women’s empowerment coach and author of the book “Crack Your Good Girl Code.” Each episode is a wake-up call to own your power and claim your full potential in life, love and biz. It's time to get over your good girl and get on with your life.
31 Episodes
Jacqueline Morasco is a yoga teacher and author of the book "Wake Up." She shares about her journey of personal growth through breast cancer.  Find Jacqueline here:
Joy talks to Life Coach Elena Zanfei about living from your infinite self-- beyond your ego's limited story of who you are. Elena suffered years of severe abuse growing up. Instead of giving up on herself, she found the motivation to heal herself and connect to her higher self. She helps people on this journey to heal, find self-love, create healthy relationships and live from their soul self.  You can learn about Elena's AWESOME YOU program at:
Do you always seem to be settling  for crumbs in love OR money? The truth is, our patterns repeat. The first step is to identify your unconscious Good Girl programming because we can't change what we don't see.  Learn how to claim your wild, worthy and WEALTHY woman so you can get on with your badass life.  Are you ready to reclaim your power in love, money and business?Find out more about UNLEASHED - The Breakthrough Experience for Women:
Life Coach Biz Success

Life Coach Biz Success


Joy talks to Kadidja Yansane about finding success as a life coach. She shares 3 secrets to marketing  your services to attract your right clients. Kadidja is the founder of BLOOM INTO YOU Coaching and the Business Queen
Joy talks to Elysia Hartzell about the journey to discover the things we really want: authenticity, freedom & love. Elysia is the founder of the Sacred Soul Alignment certification training where she teaches energy codes and soul alignment.For more about Elysia's work: https://www.sacredsoulalignment.comDiscover THE UNLEASHED Experience-Embody Your Power in Money, Love & Biz -
The first good girl lie is that if we are selfless, we are "good." When we fall into this trap,  we put the needs of other's ahead of our own . We often don't see how this creates toxic patterns of self-abandonment and self-betrayal. It's a vicious cycle. The more we betray ourselves, the more we disappear and shrink.  The truth is, we need a healthy self-centeredness to do what is right, best and true for ourselves.
After working in the Hollywood entertainment business for 15+ years, Joie Gharrity discovered the magic of the "It" factor. She says everyone has the "It" factor when we tap into LOVE. She teaches people to expand their ability to hold massive amounts of love with her love bucket daily habits.  Joie G- 113 Branding www,
Did you know there are principles to manifesting mastery?  Joy talks with Christy Whitman, author of "The Desire Factor."  She is a law of attraction coach and New York Times best selling
Shawnrey Notto describes embodiment in luminous detail. She is the author of "Sensual Intelligence; The Lost IQ."  Don't miss this enlightening conversation about embodiment, power and pleasure!
From money to relationships to self-love, they all rely on our relationship to our worth and power. Joy and Tara talk about the journey to reclaim our power from servant girl patterns so we can embody our sovereign queen in all areas of our life. Joy's Book: CRACK YOUR GOOD GIRL CODE
Do you sweep the truth under the rug and ignore red flags to maintain the peace with your partner? Do you shut down your intuition to keep the relationship going? Do you imagine if you work harder, they will be a better partner? Red flags are previews of coming attractions in your relationship. Keep your eyes wide-open to save yourself from wasting time with the wrong person.
The Perfectionist Good Girl is the can-do woman. She's competent and capable. You may not think she has a  Good Girl problem because she is accomplished and driven. Joy and Kellie talk about the power of taking off your Perfectionist mask.Find out how  your Good Girl Type and unlock your power &
Awakening Your Power

Awakening Your Power


Who would you be if you were rooted in the full matrix of your feminine power?  What needs to happen to heal your relationship with power so you can be the creator of your life? Joy talks with Tara Preston, women's empowerment coach and Founder of the Akashic Women School.
Self-described achievement junkie, Dr. Anita Jackson, describes how her world fell apart during the 2020 lockdown when she couldn't work. As painful as it was, it helped to unmask her imposter syndrome. It allowed her to see that she had been hiding behind all her achievements. Dr. Anita came to the profound realization that she was worthy regardless of what she achieved. To find out more about Dr Anita's work:
Why do women often have resistance to sales? What are the primary ways we sabotage sales? We need to know. The Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch answers these questions and  shares  secrets to creating connection and rapport to improve sales success.  Pick up Nikki’s free e-book "Closing the Sale"
Joy talks with divorce and relationship coach Terrie Vanover about the sneaky good girl patterns that we can bring to relationships. Terrie shares her story of being broke and homeless with 2 kids after her divorce.  Empower yourself by letting  go of the shame of being divorced or single and use it as a springboard to create real happiness!Terrie Vanover: www.choosingtorise.comJoy's book: CRACK YOUR GOOD GIRL CODE
What is the feminine power shadow and why is it so important? What does it mean to be triggered? Lisa shares a story of being triggered by a co-worker and how she used it as an opportunity to claim her voice and value by standing up for herself. We also talk about the vital need to free the feminine shadow within men. Joy's book: CRACK YOUR GOOD GIRL CODE
Self-Love Mastery

Self-Love Mastery


The Good Girl lavishes love on others but withholds love for herself (and she's proud of it.) She is humble and selfless. It's time to blow up this myth because it's a big fat lie. In this episode of the Good Girl to Goddess Podcast, you will hear must-know self-love secrets to empower and enlighten your Good Girl soul. Sometimes you've got to get over your Good Girl to get on with your life!
Lightworker in Biz

Lightworker in Biz


Through health challenges as a young girl, Lynsey had to transform her Good Girl conditioning to trust and follow what was true for her.  She became a certified nutritionist which led to her current work as a heart healer and renegade Lightworker. Joy and Lynsey talk about being a Lightworker in Biz where the Universe is your employer!________________________________________________________Joy's book, Crack Your Good Girl Code.
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