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Case of the Mondays with Lyle

Author: Lyle Smith

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Out of the ordinary news brought to you by some out of the ordinary guy.
64 Episodes
A pilot urges people to pray, mothers who don't want to actually be mothers are terrible people, Dora is real and like to explore off the coast of mexico, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVEN!!!!
there's a single white rhinoceros on tinder if you're interested, guardians of the galaxy vol 2, don't be a teacher in Tennessee, and Valerie is finally on Facebook!
Merry Christmas everybody!
powerball has an unclaimed jackpot in tennessee, the US navy has some engine problems on a state of the art vessel, and santa can't even say who's on his naughty list.
new aircraft carriers coming soon, safety pins make a statement, and a random act of kindness calendar!
happy veterans days, trump won the election, marijuana was legalized in a few states, and trolls is actually a musical! Also, congratulations to steven and lydia on the engagement! and happy birthday colton lee!
american airlines catches on fire on a runway, cubs finally make the world series, burger king gets in the holiday spirit, and STEVEN FINALLY RECORDS WITH ME!!!
m&m's is coming out with caramel finally, one mans luck in louisiana finally turned around, and corey feldman is back on the today show!
people take drastic measures to protect their car from hurricane matthew, wendys has fast drive thru time but terrible accuracy, and a woman in the UK finds out the hard ways where not to stick a sex toy.
Fedex will ship you dolphins, a man in australia is feeding the homeless with free mcdonalds food, the backstreet boys are coming to las vegas, and valeries mic is actually on this week!
blue bell has another listeria scare, diego the tortoise should change his name to ron jeremy, nickelodeon is finally getting it's own theme park, and valerie recorded on a microphone that wasn't on, oops!
Don't over do the campaign signs in your front yard, heart found in Ohio, woman hit in head by catfish, Justin Timberlake says he would do a duet with Brittney Spears, grocery store helps kids with autism, and my wife is actually really good at this whole thing!
world record alligator is caught in vicksburg by a woman, colin kapernick uses his freedom of speech, a five year old in new jersey shows his community how to be kind, and allergies suck!
ryan locthe gets into some big trouble, disney announces more than one sequel, and a nine year old in louisiana is awesome!
a baby earns one million miles worth of airline points, adam west and burt ward bring back batman and robin for one movie, tmobile and sprint want to give you unlimited data without throttling you, and i have big dreams for this show.
schlitterbahn is dangerous, suicide is not the answer, california teen raises money for homeless people, president obama is now on facebook!
there's a serial shooter on the loose in phoenix, hurricane earl is a category 1 hurricane, and suicide squad opens this weekend!
COMIC CON 2016, don't drink the water in colorado unless you wanna get high, the ice bucket challenge actually helped people!
melania trump has a boo boo, COMIC CON 2016 THIS WEEK, pokemon go causes people to do some dumb crap, and Needtobreathe comes out with a new album and it is AWESOMELY AMAZING!!!!
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