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Lutheran - St. Paul's Sydney Podcast

Author: Pastor Richard Schwedes

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St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Sydney, Australia.A regular podcast from Pastor Richard Schwedes and guests at St Paul's Sydney Lutheran Church, Australia.
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This week we continue the Lenten series, The Jesus Challenge with a focus on Serving.  One of the consistent and strong messages from being with Jesus is that He came to serve and encourage us as His disciples and followers to serve people in ways that help them connect with Him.   Our readings from Matthew 20:20-28 and Philippians 2:1-11 will help us explore the importance of Christian service for us and others.  Support the show
This week we continue the Lenten series, The Jesus Challenge with a focus on Forgiving.  The more time we spend with Jesus and His word, the clearer it becomes that God's main focus with us is forgiveness.   This week we will also explore how God's forgiveness of us leads us to forgiving others.   Our worship and teaching is inspired by John 8:1-11  Support the show
This week we continue the Lenten series, The Jesus Challenge with a focus on Being with Jesus and each other.   The early disciples spent much time with Jesus, LISTENING to Him, LOOKING at what He does  which prepares them for DOING what He says and does.  And each of us are called to do the same, and when we simply be with Jesus, we are filled with what gives us true life.    Our worship and teaching is inspired by John 15:1-8.   Support the show
This week Lent begins, the time of preparation for Easter.   We are beginning a new worship service.....The Jesus Challenge.   Central to the Jesus Challenge is LISTENING to the Words of Jesus, LOOKING at what Jesus says and DOING what Jesus says and does, based on Matthew 7:24-27.   So throughout the season of Lent will be challenged to Listen, Look and Do.    Support the show
Have you ever had a perception about someone, only to have that change once you meet them and get to know them.   In this Sunday's story with Jesus, Jesus brings to light something that is absolutely important in understanding who He truly is, that He will rise from the dead.   This will change how people will see Him and His role as the Messiah.   In this week's worship we will explore why the resurrection is so critical in understanding Jesus.   Support the show
This Sunday we will hear a sermon prepared by Bishop Paul Smith, based on Matthew 14:13-21, focusing us on the fact we gather around Jesus, the miracle maker.   This has major implications for us as we live as His church, trusting and relying on Jesus no matter how things look. The sermon was presented by Anthony Fawcett.  Support the show
We are influenced and affected by many people, organisations and situations, often this happens in subtle ways.  For instance did you know that Discount Warehouse Chemist spends much money, time and effort on creating an atmosphere that helps us see they are a bargain place?  In this week's reading from Matthew 5:13-20 Jesus is encouraging us to reflect His flavour in our lives, so that others may benefit. We will be exploring what does it mean to be his salt and light in the world for the benefit of others.    Support the show
Expectations can be very powerful.  They can lead to joy especially when reality exceeds our expectations or disappointment when reality doesn't live up to our expectations.   As Jesus prepares His early disciples and us He has some very important words for us that help us develop expectations that are from God and how these expectations may differ from what we initially think might or should happen.   This week we will explore these early words of Jesus from Matthew 5:1-12.   Support the show
This week we dive into Matthew 4:12-23, where we continue to the story of Jesus calling His disciples, with the message that with Him the kingdom of heaven is close by.  Think about how this is important for us.    Pastor Tim Zanker is the guest preacher.   Support the show
This week we dive into John 1:29-42, as we look at Jesus and His first disciples.  This story has a number of implications for us, as we see that even early on in His ministry Jesus is referred to as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.   But not only this, we are how discipleship living takes place, our call as disciples is to introduce others to Jesus.      The sermon was written by Pastor Richard Schwedes and presented by Anthony Fawcet Support the show
This week at St Pauls we welcome Pastor Tim Zanker who will be leading us in worship as we explore the Baptism of Jesus, Support the show
As we begin the new year this is a great opportunity to reflect on the year that has just passed, thanking God for all the good that happened and seeking God's help to deal with any issues that come from 2022.   It is also a great opportunity to commit to placing 2023 into God's hands, asking God to shape the year so that we grow in our relationship with Him and others.    Support the show
Christmas is a time where I often have mixed emotions.   When I focus on myself I look at the busyness, the jobs still to do, the loved ones who are no longer walk this earth, the demands others place on me, my family and our congregations,  fractured relationships and the problems of life....Yet there is a better story that comes from focussing on God, the promise of a future, the gift of being loved and forgiven, the relationships God creates and encourages and the joy God gives.    Christmas gives us this opportunity to redirect our focus away towards God where we hear the story of not only that Jesus came to earth, but why....and that central to this why is to give us life and a life to look forward to....So join us Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to hear and reflect on this great story from God.   Support the show
Ccristmas Eve - A service of Readings and Carols to celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ Child. You can watch the whole service on the Youtube link -  Support the show
You can't help notice that Christmas is nearly here.  There is sales, lights and signs.   One of the favourite things our family likes to do is wander down to St Mary's Cathedral and view the light display, which this year clearly tells the Christmas story. If you haven't seen it make some time to see it and even take some friends along.   The Jesus Christmas story is so important because it highlights to the world, how gracious and loving God is.   Support the show
This week in our Adventure to Christmas we explore the joy that Jesus gives us.  One of the most famous Christmas Carols Joy to the World, written by Isaac Watts, shares with us the power of God's joy, that no sin or curse has power over the joy God gives.  Support the show
As we are Adveturing to Christmas, this week we come across the sign post of peace.   In John 14.27 Jesus reminds us that His peace is different to the peace to what the world offers,  it is a peace that exists even when there is chaos in our lives and it is a peace that says between us and God there are no problems or barriers.   This peace is made possible because Jesus came to earth for us.   That is another reason why we need Christmas.  Support the show
This Advent our theme is Adveturing to Christmas and we will come across sign posts that lead us to Christ...the first sign post we will encounter is HOPE. Many of us have hopes for the future.  Hope usually comes from a place that life is not quite right and we are looking for a better future.   The well known carol 'O little town of Bethlehem' paints the picture well; Yet in your dark streets shining the everlasting light the hopes and fears of all the years  are met in You tonight.  This week we will explore what it means to live in the HOPE of Jesus.   Support the show
Sometimes we get frustrated  with leaders, because they don't seem to be acting in our interest, but in their own interest.   This Sunday is Christ the King Sunday, where we explore how Jesus is truly the people's king, a king acting to bless and serve all people.  Support the show
At times listening to the news can give you the impression that the world is crumbling.  And in this week's focus Jesus prepares His disciples including us for a crumbling world.  Little did they know it that shortly afterwards they would face the challenge of Jesus being arrested and crucified.   As we explore Luke 21.5-19, we discover how Jesus gives us hope in a crumbling world.' Support the show
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