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Downes Your Way

Author: Rebecca Downes

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All the news and stories behind the original music of UK Rock/Blues artist Rebecca Downes
5 Episodes
Colin Speller interviews Rebecca and Steve about the journey of the track Stand On My Feet from the simple first idea created by Rebecca on a piano right through to the final track, mixed by Bill Drescher, that was released on the 2019 album More Sinner Than Saint. This episode gives an insight to the song writing and development process followed by Rebecca and Steve.
Continuing the theme of how it all started, Colin Speller interviews Rebecca Downes and Steve Birkett about their first meeting, the early days of their music and how they work together to write and release songs.
Roles are reversed in this episode as Rebecca interviews Colin Speller about how he got involved in her music business and what he thinks about the current state of the music industry.
In this second episode, co-songwriter and lead guitarist describes his musical career up to the point he started working with Rebecca.
In this first episode, Rebecca recalls her early music career taking us from first beginnings up to the point she met Steve Birkett.
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