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The High-Performance Logistics Sales Show

Author: Dan Deigan

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Each week we bring s different perspective in the fields of sales and customer service. We bring in experts from every industry to share their idea of what High-Performance is and how you, regardless of where you presently sit, can achieve your sales and customer service ambitions with grace and ease. To achieve true High-Performance, we always have to be willing to try new strategies and ideas and mold them to our unique voice. Information leads to education, education leads to transformation, and transformation leads to achieving goals.
28 Episodes
Today is another FIRST on The High-Performance Logistics Sales Podcast. We recorded this one LIVE, So... If you're ready for an UNFILTERED look at Logistics Sales, then you're in the right place. Mike and I talk about data and the fact that it's the NEW OIL! We discuss market conditions and the reality of a lack salespeople's skill development and a whole lot more! 
"If we set up for success, you'll never hear from us!"In this episode of The High-Performance Logistics Sales Podcast, we talk Client Goals - Long-Term Sales Health, and a slew of game-changing strategies with Nicole Glenn. Nicole owns Candor Expedite and she shares some remarkable information on how to add value at every end of your client's supply chain! 
As the year "from hell" comes closer to an end and with many uncertainties revolve around how it will close out, the need for managers, operators, and owners to engage their teams and keep their companies energized and dedicated becomes more and more critical. Throughout my interviews, this man has stayed consistent and dedicated to his teams. He understands, leads with empathy, and he remains dedicated to HIS TEAM'S Success. Dean Mills, the Vice-President Of Sales for Trans-Force Logistics, is today's guest. Dean and I get into a lot of remarkable sales talk, strategy, and how he helps his team navigate these uncertain waters. 
In this episode, we dig deep into the sales mindset and alternative strategies with Gert Scholts. Gert was a door to door salesperson and for those that know that field! YIKES, it's a doozie of a sell when you do that... Then add that Gert sold LIFE INSURANCE to boot!  Yeah, this is a sales conversation you're not going to want to miss! 
Imagine what your overall sales process would generate if you moved into a sales ecosystem? An entire system that builds off the step before and perpetuates itself. Sounds like gold to me! Plus, Praveen and I discuss the four phases of sales life, the Three secrets of education, and the NINE strategies to sell $1,000 or $1,000,000 accounts. Enjoy this global sales conversation. 
Working remotely or having a team that's scattered is a reality in today's market. In this episode of The HPLS Podcast, we're talking building relationships and brand with:Your teamYour managersYour customersWe're also touching on some key strategies to:Create a connection schedule that works for everyoneTransparencyPatienceTeam LearningGetting feedback and implementing it!Falling into your own groove for maximum performanceThis is an episode you're not gone to want to miss! 
Pivot, stay agile and even communicate more. These are some of the strategies companies are employing to move into this new era of business. Today, Stephen and I talk about adapting to the new, ensuring you and your team stay in tune with your mandates and goals. 
In this episode of The High-Performance Logistics Sales Podcast, I sit down with Chris Jolly (The Freight Coach). We talk - expense to leadership, Long-term growth, partnership, and hybrid costing models. All of this adds up to a great hour of Logistics conversation with two passionate people. Passion leads to results in our field. It's time to get selling in your desired niche and refill your pipelines so they're overflowing! 
In this episode of The High-Performance Logistics Sales Podcast, we have Ken Baldo. Ken's sales experience stems from his youth selling trading cards at flea markets in NJ and has extended into his love for sales and the mindset that the pro MUST have to win in today's world. Ken shares some remarkable ideas and strategies into how we can raise our bar and deliver for our clients in a new and unique way. If you're a sales pro, then you need to listen to this episode of The HPLS Podcast. 
Mahir, a 30 plus year vet in Transportation & Logistics shares his insights and beliefs about what's going on in the industry, what should be looked at going forward, and how the process is impacting the long-term functionality of our great industry. Transportation and Logistics is the key to all economic growth and health. EVERYTHING you see when you do a 360 has touched a truck, making trucking the most important industry, yet, driving a truck is seen as a crap job. How can the mindset of the masses be SO WRONG?
How do we separate ourselves from the crowd? How do we take our product or service and share it's unique and distinct value? How can we do all of this in under 10 seconds? These are remarkable questions and in this episode of The High-Performance Logistics Podcast, we chat with J Michael Smith and how he delivers unreal value and service standards to his team and clients. 
Discussing how we connect with people in challenging times with corporate coach and business sales trainer Rebecca Fine. When we look to sell, we always need to adjust to our prospect's perspective, this, at times can be challenging to say the least. Rebecca shares some great insights into how she would coach people through challenging times. The question I ask you all to review in your heads is WHAT IF? What if this is the start to something much more fulfilling for you? 
Cold calling is NOT DEAD and in order to make them as effective as possible, it takes a few new techniques and tricks to help you scale up and add the most qualified prospects to your sales funnel. In this episode of The High-Performance Sales Podcast, Robert Kellner from Karma call shares some powerful techniques to help you get the most out of your cold calls. Robert shares personal stories of getting to the end of his rope, then using his daily life to change his perspective and move toward his new greatness. As we work through COVID-19, there could not be. a greater, more inspirational message to hear! 
Think of the deals you've closed over the past three years, what would it look like if you sold without closing? Most would say this is pretty much impossible... Ike has been selling for over four decades and his view is YOU can close deals without selling, IF, you move through his process. Enjoy this energetic and informative approach to closing deals WITHOUT SELLING. 
Be prepared for some bombs of wisdom and strategic moves that will help you with your sales in this challenging time and discuss the reality that pros are the ones that make it through global challenges. If you're not there yet, it's time to step up and become the pro that both your present and future clients need!Marcus Chan and I have a lengthy conversation about the core of sales and messaging. We also tackle some tactical ways to maneuver through our present challenge in today's market and how to avoid some of the usual pitfalls.
In this LUCKY 13th episode of The High-Performance Logistics Podcast, Tyler Archer and I discuss sales cycles, sales timelines, strategies that help you move toward your greatness and much more! 
In this episode of the HPLS Podcast, Marques Ogden, Nick Redstone, and I have a Q&A session filled with remarkable insights, tactical advice, and streamlined ideas to help you grow your business and personal life! We share stories of overcoming the biggest obstacles in our professional careers, and even dig into who should attend The High-Performance Summit. If you're looking to raise your bar in 2020, you should attend The High-Performance Summit!
I messed the podcast count up on this one too! In this ELEVENTH episode of The High-Performance Logistics Podcast, I sit down with Mark Givens and discuss Trust-Based Selling. This episode brings a four-step process, Mark works trough to take Trust from a concept to a science. As you go through this episode, you'll hear Mark's four big moves. 1) Grand Opening2) Rapport Building3) Maintainance4) Repair FacetEach of these facets that mark explains, come with some remarkable step by step plans. 
In the first double-digit episode of The High-Performance Logistics Sales Podcast, we sit down with B2B Sales Guru David Masover. As you'll see very quickly, David's sales perspective is not only remarkable, he's also down to earth and shares some valuable insights and strategies that you can use today. David's sales approach is easy and can be adopted with excellence immediately. Get your favorite beverage and get ready to go on a sales journey that ends with a BIG MIC drop! 
In this episode of The High-Performance Logistics Sales Podcast, we chat with Sean Stewart. Sean discusses his set up for connecting with clients and how he moves them through his systems. Have you ever thought of a system that you can use to predict the client close rate? Sean has and his systems and processes can be applied to any industry. 
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