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Author: Dr. Jon Mendelsohn

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Follow Your Beauty is a new, exciting and entertaining video podcast covering all of the topics related to Facial Plastic Surgery and beyond. Episodes include real patients and conversations and information presented by Dr. Jon Mendelsohn. The segments range from a focus on graphic surgical content, emotional and psychological impacts of cosmetic surgery including common fears and myths surrounding many of these procedures. Each episode also includes the "Whats In and Whats Out" segment with Julie Whitney, who is both entertaining and extremely knowledgeable in this field where she has covered Cosmetic Surgery for more than 15 years. She also happens to be a fan of many treatments! Karen Whitney, PA-C is also a National Trainer and Educator and leads Studio A's nonsurgical Division.
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In this Follow Your Beauty Podcast Dr. Mendelsohn discusses a life work balance between good wine and good food.  Jerry is a patient of Dr. Mendelsohn who enjoys the finer things in life.  Jerry had the Advanced Facelift by Dr. Mendelsohn and his business partners can't believe how great he looks.  Natural results with minimal downtime.
Jerry joins Dr. Mendelsohn on discussing the myths regarding facelifts and other facial procedures.  Jerry feels that the one of the biggest myth is that a facelift will make you unrecognizable to others or looking so different that you won't look like you.  Jerry feels that his facelift left him looking completely like himself, just more refreshed and much younger.  There is no pulled, stretched look with the Advanced Facelift.  Dr. Mendelsohn goes into detail on how the Advanced Facelift is performed under local anesthesia in about an hour. Jerry also feels that the amount of time that was taken by the Advanced Team to educate him helped with his expectations and final results.Follow Your Beauty Podcasts are now streaming on all the major podcast channels or go to
In this episode Dr. Mendelsohn discusses the facelift experience with Jerry and why he decided to have a facelift.  Jerry doesn't see himself retiring and he wants to maintain his image in the working world.  His main focus is to look as young as he feels and not to concentrate on the actual age.  Jerry feels his ultimate facelift results will last him well into his 70s.  Jerry feels it is fun to work and fun to do adventurous things.  For more episodes like this Follow Your Beauty Podcast is available on most streaming services and on our website
Angie and Sherry discuss why more and more people are open to discuss their cosmetic procedures openly, even asking for advice.  Angie and Sherry are in the business where beauty matters and they are always being asked about the newest technologies for looking and feeling your best.  With social media at everyone’s fingertips, people just love sharing their experiences, and cosmetic procedures are no different. A lot of their clients ask questions and want to hear from them their personal recommendations.   When you feel better about yourself, you convey a sense of confidence and that is what Angie and Sherry have been feeling since having their procedures.
Crystal was beginning to notice the signs of aging through her eyes.  She looked tired and rundown and began looking for ways to help her appear more refreshed.  After having children, Crystal began to see the years appear on her eyes.  Dr. Mendelsohn discussed with Crystal his thoughts on having an upper blepharoplasty and how this one single procedure will help you look and feel more refreshed.
Grab your husbands, brothers, boyfriends and even your dads! In this episode we're talking about men getting their Botox treatments - known as Brotox.Josh and Dr. Mendelsohn have known each other for well 15 years starting when Josh turned 21.  Josh was in the cosmetic industry and came into Advanced for Botox treatments.  Josh found that Botox treatments were very easy and a great introductory into cosmetic treatments.  He wanted to be just like the celebrities he read about!  He was persistent that he needed and wanted botox at this young age.Today, there are more and more younger adults getting botox treatments.  Social Media has opened the door for botox, fillers, skincare treatments and so much more.Stay tuned for Julie Whitney's What's In What's Out in the World of Plastic Surgery following this Follow Your Beauty Podcast Episode.
 One of the fastest ways to go from looking tired and worn out to bright eyed and full of life is with an upper eyelid lift (Blepharoplasty).  Today we talk with Crystal who an upper eyelid lift by Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.  Crystal never liked her hooded eyes and as she was aging she felt that they were drooping more and more.  She is a vibrant and young mom who wanted her look to match her personality.  Crystal tried all the over-the-counter remedies available and going to YouTube for inspiration, she just wasn’t finding a lasting solution until she consulted with Dr. Mendelsohn at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center.After Crystal’s eyelid surgery, she felt it was subtle enough to look natural but she feels she looks younger and more vibrant.  Her family and friends think she looks great and refreshed.  Stay tuned for another episode of Julie’s What’s In What’s Out in the World of Plastic Surgery.Follow Your Beauty and Follow our Podcast.  See more episodes like this weekly!
This episode is about Hair Loss, Hair Restoration and what you can do!  Mark Lucas, is our Director of Hair Loss at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center.  Mark is both the director as well as a patient and will help guide you through your hair restoration process.  Josh came to Advanced in his late 20s when he started losing his hair.  Before Josh met with Mark he took supplements, propecia and anything that he could do non-surgical.  Mark and Josh explain how they went about their hair loss journey.  Josh loves that his hair is fuller and continues to grow.  He maintains his hair growth by using a non-surgical device "LaserCap".  He feels that 30 minutes every other day is worth the investment he made after having SmartGraft hair replacement surgery.
Couple Talks Botox

Couple Talks Botox


Jerry Whitney talks Botox and Facelifts with his wife Karen Whitney, a physician assistant at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. They talk with Dr. Jon Mendelsohn on staying youthful and what it's like for Jerry to be married to one of the country's top injectors of Botox & Filler with all the benefits!
Jeanine and Robin had their upper eyelids rejuvenated by Dr. Mendelsohn.  They came with their co-workers and friends Sherry and Angie.  Jeanine was initially hesitant about the procedure because she just wasn’t sure she was old enough.  Being in her early 40s, Jeanine thought that she would wait until she was a little older.  When her friends asked her if she wanted to come along for the initial consultation with Dr. Mendelsohn, she agreed. Jeanine started to notice that she was looking tired and couldn’t see her eye makeup anymore. Robin on the other had was about to turn 60 and when she saw herself in photos, she felt she looked old!  She was noticing the aging process and looking like her mom.  Her upper eyelid skin was not snapping back and wanted to look refreshed!  Dr. Mendelsohn describes in great detail the upper blepharoplasty surgery that was performed on Robin and Jeanine.  Robin and Jeanine both thought the entire process was easy with no pain, no discomfort and they were thrilled with their results.  Jeanine thought it was easier than going to the dentist.Robin and Jeanine have brighter eyes and look more refreshed!  And they, along with Angie and Sherry are so happy they had their procedures together!  
Back in 2012 Angie and Sherry started coming to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center for Botox and Fillers with Dr. Mendelsohn.  But over the last few years they both began noticing changes in their eyes and wanted to know their options for appearing less tired and more refreshed.  Sherry explained that her best feature were her eyes and within the last few years she felt that her eyelashes were being hidden by the heaviness of her eyelids.  It bothered her that her eyes were no longer getting attention and that the loss of volume and elasticity were causing her eyelids to droop.Angie was also experiencing loss of elasticity and her friends were constantly asking her if she was ok or not feeling well.  She looked tired but actually felt great.  She wanted her eyelids to match the way she felt on the inside, which was young and fun!  Angie became conscious of her aging looks while attending a reunion.  That’s when she decided she was going to do whatever it took to look as great as she felt.  A portion of this video contains actual eyelid surgery.  Dr. Mendelsohn describes the upper blepharoplasty procedure in great detail.  He starts the procedure by carefully measuring both eyelids to make sure they are balanced.  Dr. Mendelsohn then numbs the area and begins the procedure, which only takes about 10 minutes per eyelid.Angie and Sherry came to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center with two other co-workers to have their upper blepharoplasty.  They felt pampered, had a great time together, and while they were recovering they compared notes no who was doing the “best”.  Having their upper eyelid procedures together kept them talking about their individual experiences and they just couldn’t be happier.Sherry has her eyelashes back and she looks brighter and less tired.  Angie doesn’t pull on her upper eyelids anymore and loves her refreshed appearance.
Josh met Crystal at work about 5 years ago and immediately they became best friends.  Crystal doesn’t hide anything from Josh, so when she decided to have her upper eyelid surgery by Dr. Mendelsohn, he was instantly skeptical.  Josh didn’t want Crystal to look any different and was worried about the actual procedure.Crystal decided to her upper eyelid surgery after doing a lot of research on finding the best surgeon.  Dr. Mendelsohn invited Crystal’s mom to sit in on her initial consultation and during that time, her mom, Vickie, decided to have her eyes done, too.  Having their eyelid procedures together was more than just a new experience, they actually had a great timWhen Crystal returned to work the following day after her upper eyelid surgery, Josh couldn’t believe how great she looked.  He was excited that she had done this for herself!When Josh decided it was time to take the next step in healthy looking skin, Crystal brought him to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center for his first treatment of Botox.  Josh knew that skincare alone was not going to erase his deep forehead lines he has had since high school.  Since having Botox, Josh has received compliments on how great his skin looks and feels that it is now more acceptable and less secretive than it used to be.Josh is hooked on Botox.  And has even consider fillers for under his eyes and lips.  While he was never a fan of needles, Josh thought the injections were painless and very simple.  He tells all his friends - Do it… Why not?
Today’s guest is Josh Blalock.  Josh has been a long time friend and patient at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center.  In 2008 Josh came to Dr. Mendelsohn with the concern that his nose was shaped like a beak.  Josh didn’t like the curve, he desired a flat straight nose.  From the side he felt ugly and wanted to have that corrected. Josh felt confident that Dr. Mendelsohn would be able to help.  Josh’s fears included pain and getting anesthesia.  After reading more about the procedure he was worried about the packing and going back to have that removed.  When he consulted with Dr. Mendelsohn and learned that he didn’t use packing as part of the rhinoplasty procedure, he was ready to go!If anyone is thinking about having a rhinoplasty procedure, this is the episode to watch.  We’re covering everything you need to know!  We’ll review the anatomy and how imaging technology helps our patients feel confident about their rhinoplasty procedure.There is a big difference in how we conduct the rhinoplasty process.  This is a procedure that most people think about for years.  Also, the fears of a botched outcome keep a lot of people from moving ahead with the procedure.  That is why Dr. Mendelsohn spends a lot of time with his rhinoplasty patients before he schedules their procedure.  Dr. Mendelsohn only performs facial procedures, and rhinoplasty is one of his favorites.   It’s really important that you know what your surgeon’s abilities are.
A video podcast where every segment is a journey to a new you!Today’s guest is Tammy Bernard.  Tammy is a health and wellness coach and owns her own weight loss business in Northern Kentucky.  Tammy began noticing sagging in her cheek and neck area and looked tired.  Tammy feels young at heart and wanted her appearance to match her inside.  Tammy was also feeling insecure when working with her clients.  Tammy meet Dr. Mendelsohn years ago and started getting treated with Botox and Fillers.  When she felt that they weren’t working as well as she wanted she consulted with Dr. Mendelsohn to take the next steps, the Advanced Facelift and Upper Blepharoplasty.  While it may take 5-7 years of thinking about having surgery, she didn’t want to wait any longer.  Tammy is so happy since she had surgery and feels confident in both her personal and professional life.  Tammy’s Before and After photos area fantastic!
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