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Party's Over: Post Grad Podcast

Author: Ashley Clifford and Elizabeth Adley

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Party's Over Post Grad Podcast is all about life after graduating college and how to transition into your early 20's. The challenges of balancing a social life, 9-5 job, being passionate, staying healthy, and more. Meaningful conversations, useful tips and tricks about navigating your post grad blues.
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Emily Orlando is the owner of, Infertile Millennial, an Infertility Awareness brand that helps others understand the difficulties families struggling to have a family have. Emily joined Liz and Ashley on this weeks episode to help shine light on some of these challenges that mothers face. Emily has struggled with her fertility journey since she was in her early 20's. A couple years ago, Emily began filming her IVF process for what she thought would make a beautiful pregnancy announcement at the end of it all. When Emily discovered that the IVF did not take she decided to post the video anyways. This video resulted in an outpouring of love, support, and reliability from other women that had struggled to grow their family. Since then, Emily has become an advocate to help reduce the stigma or infertility and bring comfort to other families struggling. On this episode Emily tells us how you can support a friend having difficulty with fertility, how to be a supportive partner during the IVF process, and what you can expect from the IVF journey. This episode is very helpful for anyone whether you are looking to grow your family or not. 
Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are hot topics right now, but what do they mean? The goal of this episode is not to convince you to invest your life savings into Bitcoin, but to allow you to be able to have an intelligent conversation with someone when the topic comes up. Will has had a successful career in the tech industry and a passion for finance. Will is well versed in the subject of Cryptocurrency. On this episode Will explains the basics of cryptocurrency.Follow Will on Instagram:: Will on TikTok::
On this weeks episode Ashley and Liz chat with Erin Field. Erin is a fellow Mainer who was involved in an accident the Summer going into her senior year of college. This accident left Erin, paralyzed.  Today, Erin is an advocate for positivity, choosing happiness, and bringing awareness to what life is like with a disability. On this episode, Erin shares what happened to her in the accident, some of the struggles during her road to recovery, and most importantly, what she has gained from this. A very important takeaway from this episode was to live in the moment and to stop making plans for tomorrow because anything could happen at any moment. Erin is truly an inspiration and her attitude for life is one that we should all strive for. Follow Erin on Facebook:: Erin on Instagram::
P.O.P. Advice Column! Liz and Ashley read questions that Party's Over listeners wrote in seeking advice on different life events and struggles and give their advice. The girls give advice on subjects such as moving, how to find your passion, deal with the pressures of your 20's, and dealing with change.Email Party's Over Podcast at to be featured on the next advice column episode!  Follow Ashley :: Liz :: you for listening!
Liz and her boyfriend, Kyle co-host this weeks episode of Party's Over Podcast. The couple talk about what it was like to move in together, tips they have for living with their significant other, and some of the challenges they face with sharing a space. Liz and Kyle get real on this episode by being open and honest. Liz and Kyle also answer questions from listeners and share lots of laughs. Who cooks in their household? What they find to be an annoying quality about one another?? ooo juicy!!! What hobbies do they like to do together? Liz and Kyle give great advice while keeping things lighthearted and fun!
Ahhh the dreaded "what are your hobbies?" question, that we all stutter when asked. Today, with social media and technology finding a hobby tends to be an afterthought. However, hobbies have lots of great benefits for your mental health, physical health, and overall are great for making memories, "life capital" as we have discussed in past episodes! This episode we are sharing with you some of our favorite hobbies, ways to discover hobbies that are right for you, hobbies that are beneficial in 5 different categories in your life and more. We know this episode will help add value to your life and hopefully will help you try something new!Follow Ashley :: Liz :: you for listening!
Kristan Vermeulen, founder of, Makers of Maine joins Liz and Ashley on Party's Over Podcast to discuss her podcast spotlighting Maine's Makers. Kristan is originally from Maryland, but fell in love with Maine's charm after several visits to her in-laws. Later, Kristan took a job opportunity with  Seabags and made Maine home. Kristan started the Makers of Maine podcast in June of 2020 to help share the stories of different makers here in Maine. Kristan travels across Maine interviewing makers of all sorts with different backgrounds, products, techniques, and stories. On this episode Kristan shares with us some of her favorite episodes, makers, and ways to support small creators. Follow Makers of Maine:: of Maine Website:: of Maine Podcast::
Ashley and Liz had an open and honest conversation with Laura about her sobriety and the relationship struggles people might face with alcohol in their twenties. The girls set their goal for this episode to change the stigma of what "alcoholism" might look like and that it could be your friend, your sibling, or even yourself that is struggling with sobriety. On this episode, Laura was kind enough to answer questions very openly and honestly about her relationship with sobriety, such as when she questioned her relationship with alcohol, how her friends supported her, some of her struggles, and more. Laura is an award-winning writer and marketer with a passion for animals and helping people get sober. She is the face behind Your Sober Pal, a sobriety humor Tik Tok account and Instagram account aimed at helping people find comfort and laughter in their struggle with alcohol. When she isn't making Tik Toks, Laura can be found at her local animal shelter where she works as a communications manager. She is also passionate about backpacking, bodybuilding, and plants. Follow Laura on Instagram:: Follow Laura on Tik Tok:: for Sobriety::
Being a good and supportive and good friend looks a little different at all stages of life. For example in high school being a good friend in was spending a lot of time together, but being a good friend later in life might be asking a friend to go to a spin class that has been feeling down lately or helping your mom friend fold laundry. On this weeks episode Ashley and Liz are chatting all about how being a good friend looks for everyone and how to change and grow. The girls are sharing their experiences on friendship throughout the years. 
The new year is always the perfect time to reflect, reevaluate, and set goals. Liz and Ashley share what they do to prepare for the new year and their tips on how to achieve your goals in 2021. Grab a notebook a cup of tea or glass of wine listen to the episode,  reflect and set your intentions and goals with Liz and Ashley!Follow Liz :: Ashley :: website :: www.partysoverpodcast.comOur Instagram :: you for listening!
We know that 2020 was not everyones favorite year, but we made the best of it! We thought of some of our favorite products, restaurants, recipes, fitness activities, hobbies, books, shows, trends and even our favorite memories and shared them all with you on this weeks episode! We even asked you all what your favorites were on our Instagram story and read them on the podcast. This episode was so much fun. We are always looking for new things to try and this episode is perfect if you are looking for something new to add to your routine! Follow Liz :: Ashley :: website :: www.partysoverpodcast.comOur Instagram :: you for listening!
You may remember Noah from Episode 20: When You Realize You're Starring in the Wrong Move. On episode 20, Noah was telling the listeners on Party's Over Podcast that he had woken up and realized that he didn't feel like the situation he was in was right for him anymore. Noah felt he had outgrown his career and wanted a change for himself. On this weeks episode, he is back to tell us about his newest position as the Executive Director of The River Fund Maine, how he now feels like he is where he needs to be, and how he used networking to get him there. Noah's Instagram: Liz :: Ashley :: website :: www.partysoverpodcast.comOur Instagram :: you for listening!
Giuliana Bernini is the Co-Owner of The Berni Bean! The Berni Bean is a Costa Rican specialty coffee company created by Giuliana and her brother because of their families passion and history in the coffee industry.Giuliana has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for cooking, agriculture, and coffee.  With a degree in Food Science, Giuliana spent her first few years post-grad working as a food scientist in NYC. During her time as a food scientist Giuliana wanted to bring her passion for specialty coffee from her home country to the U.S., thus the idea for The Berni Bean was born. Ashley and Liz sit down with Giuliana and ask her about her experience moving to the United States from Costa Rica, post-grad, creating a business, and much more. This episode warms  your heart, inspires you, and reminds you just how important it is to shop small.Follow Giuliana :: The Berni Bean Coffee: Berni Bean Website::'s YouTube::'s Website:: Liz:: Ashley:: Party's Over Podcast::
This episode we are chatting about how the holidays are going to look a little different this year due to Covid. We know that some of you may be away from family and friends this year and we are sharing tips on how to still celebrate this year, make the most out of it, and support those who may be feeling lonely. We are also sharing some of our favorite ways to shop small this year! Check out some of our recommendations from this weeks episode: Erin Flett Textiles (Erin Flett): La Marée Art (Meghan Surette): Achieve Workbook (Hannah Ashton): Creative (Emma McGoldrick): Sophia Alice (Sophia Alice): + Rose (Claudia Lemieux): We Said Podcast (Chelsey Jade): Brunch Club (Sam Feher): Unlocked Necklace (Jessica Clark): and Sparrows (Clio de la Llave): Edit (Clio de la Llave):'s Organics (Samantha Abrams): Sam Plan Fitness + Journaling Guides (Sam Gwazdauskas): Kent Meal Plan Subscription (Britnee Kent): Coastal Method Home Workouts (Sarah White): Than Money Financial Guide Chloe Elise):êve Cycling Studio (Meghan Kelley) :
Mental health is a topic that everyone deals with at some point and the older we get the more we begin to dive into our own. Liz and Ashley wanted to have an open and honest dialogue about the topic of mental health with someone that is passionate, educated, and has experience with the subject and Peyton was just the person to have this conversation with. Peyton is very passionate about the subject of mental health and helping educated others on the subject as well. With several years of professional experience and experience with mental health personally this is a strong passion of Peyton's. Liz, Ashley, and Peyton have an open and honest conversation about checking in with your own mental health, how to know when to push yourself out of a rut or let yourself take a minute to be sad, help friends dealing with mental health struggles and so much more.  For more conversations about mental health follow, The Yellow Tulip Project.Follow Peyton:: Liz:: Ashley:: Party's Over Podcast::
Cheers to 1 year of Party's Over Podcast! This episode is all about reflecting on the past year of P.O.P. Ashley and Liz chat about where they were in their lives at this time last year, their hopes for the podcast and compare it to where they are now. The girls thank the listeners of Party's Over for their unconditional support and cannot wait to see what the next year brings.Follow Ashley :: Liz :: you for listening!
Have you ever felt judged for a decision you made or judge someone else? Maybe you went to community college and their was a stigma in your town surrounding this, or maybe you judged someone who lives at home with their parents. Regardless of what it is or what path we choose for our life, judgement is always around us. On this weeks episode we are talking about the different and common scenarios that people are often judged for, how to change your thinking to be less judgemental, and how to live in a way that you aren't phased by others thoughts. Also, CHEERS to 1 year of Party's Over Podcast! Thank you to everyone for all their support over the past year. We truly appreciate you all. Follow Ashley :: Liz :: you for listening!
Ashley and Liz have not always been morning people and are sharing their tips on what they did to start their days off a little earlier. They know just how tough it can be to resist the urge to snooze your alarm an extra hour, roll out of bed and race out the door. However, waking up early can add a lot of value to your life. When you live a fast paced and hectic life an extra hour to yourself can change your life. Have you ever wished you had extra time to workout, read, work on a passion project, go for a walk, meditate, spend time with your significant other, etc? If so, waking up early might be your ticket! Liz and Ashley share what waking up early has done to improve their lives, the steps they have taken to become morning people, and the routine they do each day to help set their days up for success. Follow Ashley :: Liz :: you for listening!
Your 20's are made to adventure, travel and see the World, but how are you supposed to do that with student loans and an entry level salary?! Ashley and Liz are masters at traveling on a budget. The girls have been on numerous trips that have only cost them a few hundred dollars and they share just how they did it on this episode and a few hilarious stories of their adventures! Spoiler alert: it involves hot dogs, pina coladas, and scratch tickets. We take you through planning the trip, travel, stay, food, activities, and everything in between. The number one takeaway for traveling on a budget is to really have an open mind, save in advance, have fun, and don't take anything too serious.We can't wait to see where you travel too next!Follow Ashley :: Liz :: you for listening!
Deciding when to look for a new job is never easy, especially if you aren't particularly unhappy in your job. Leaving a job is bound to happen sooner or later and when it is your first job post-grad, it can feel like a very daunting task. Maybe you are unhappy, maybe you are looking to change industries or a career change overall, or maybe you just feel like it is time and you need a change, whatever it is, it's never easy. Liz and Ashley share some tips on how to know when it might be time to find a new job and how to leave your current one on good terms.Follow Ashley :: Liz :: you for listening!
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