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Author: Paul Mendoza from SigParser

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Learn about the latest sales and marketing tools your team needs to be using. We feature interviews with creators of CRM systems, marketing systems, and sales leaders on the cutting edge of technology.
14 Episodes
We have the Mitchell Earl, the COO of Discover Praxis. We talk about the huge opportunity for learning especially in these times where almost everything is going online
We have Travis Piepho of Prospectr Marketing. In this episode, we learn how important it is to use a personal approach when dealing with clients and finding solutions for their problems.
We talk with Howard Wolpuff from Profit Master Business Solutions. Howard discusses marketing for small and medium sized businesses in today's complex and scary environment. Learn what he thinks will happen over the next 5 years.
In this episode we talk with Jay Tuel from Demandbase about how to use digital strategies to execute on account based marketing strategies.
Fernando from SEMRush covers influencer marketing and content marketing on this latest episode of the podcast.
We talk with Tristan from Marketr. Marketr is a robo advisor for marketing decisions on where to spend your time and resources.
NetHunt is a CRM with tight integration with the Gmail flow. We talk to Anastasia about how Nethunt works.
Mike Korba from discusses the how to capture the entire customer life cycle using chat, CRM and automations.
Paul Minors covers being productive with tools like Pipedrive, Zapier, Calendly, Asana and more. This is a really interesting podcast episode.
Dr. Manu Kumar covers how HiHello is reworking the concept of a business card.
Social selling is a powerful tool for many businesses. In this episode Dan Sands and David Salmon discuss SoSell, a social selling platform and how it can be used to improve the quality of your social media engagement.
Mike Taber from Bluetick ( talks about how to get someone to respond to you with an automated sequence of emails. He also shares his sales tips.
On this episode of Sales Tools Rick from Social Good Software talks about the two primary tools he uses for his sales team.



This is the first podcast episode of the sales tools podcast and is a summary of what we'll cover. Paul Mendoza is your host and discusses the goal of the podcast and the types of discussions he'll have with product creators and sales experts.
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