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Author: Rosealeen Killick & Jeannette Cameron

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Information and advice about Rheumatology conditions. Interviews with consultants, patients and so much more. Please subscribe via your podcast player of choice, also follow us on Twitter for all the latest information and updates on new podcasts.
6 Episodes
Frimley Park Rheumatology nurses Rosealeen and Jeannette talk about Osteoporosis and fragility fractures.It is aimed at people with a diagnosis of Osteoporosis or those with a high fracture risk as well as their loved ones.It may also be useful to people looking to optimise their skeletal health.
Clinical Nurse Specialist Rosealeen Killick is joined by Frimley Park Hospital Rheumatologist Dr Wajed to discuss Psoriatic Arthritis. This episode is aimed a people with a recent diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis as well as those wanting to know more about this autoimmune condition. 
Informative podcast on steroid treatment in rheumatology, brought to you by:Rosealeen Killick - Nurse SpecialistJeannette Cameron - Nurse SpecialistDr Mark Lloyd - Lead Rheumatologist Frimley Park HospitalSandra Smith - Rheumatology Pharmacist This is our first time recording remotely due to COVID19 restrictions. The volume does change from each speaker due to the different mics used to produce this podcast. We hope you enjoy and find our podcast informative and useful.If you have any question please email me at:
Methotrexate Overview

Methotrexate Overview


This podcast is about Methotrexate and its use in inflammatory arthritis and other rheumatology conditions.Including the following information:Introduction to MethotrexateDosingMonitoring RequirementsPrecautions and side affects. The importance of folic acid supplementationFertility and family planningFAQ
The Radio Rheumatology team talk with Dr Wajed about Early Inflammatory Arthritis care (EIA). Our second podcast in this series explores why early diagnosis and treatment initiation is key in improving outcomes for patients with inflammatory arthritis. We discuss what to expect from your Rheumatology team during the first 12 months of diagnosis and the various forms of support on offer to help with your journey.   Early Inflammatory Arthritis is a hot topic at the moment as data collection for the British Society of Rheumatology's National EIA Audit is in full swing. We have been actively working to improve our local services to ensure patients are being treated promptly using the treat to target approach. We are excited to share our progress!   
Rheumatology Nurse Specialists Rosealeen Killick and Jeannette Cameron give some insights into Rheumatoid Arthritis. They talk about the condition and steps you can take to best manage and cope with rheumatoid arthritis.Includes an interview with Dr Mark Lloyd, Lead Rheumatology Consultant at Frimley Park Hospital.This is the first of many podcasts brought to you by the Rheumatology Nurse Specialists at Frimley Park Hospital. In future episodes we'll hear from other consultants, nurses, patients and other people related to Rheumatology. We'd really appreciate your feedback and any Rheumatology information you'd like to hear in future episode. Special thank you to Radio Frimley Park for allowing us to use their studio, time and expertise help to record this.
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