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Author: Richard Widmer

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The Leverage Corner is an Educational Platform for Financial Industry Professionals and Consumers. Having over 25 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry. I wanted to first focus on how mortgage programs can be used as "leverage Strategies". Whether you're a Financial Advisor, Accountant or a Consumer. Listen in on how to apply these strategies as an added tool in reaching overall financial security and housing wealth. You will hear how easy I break down current programs and give examples on how to apply them as solutions. You will also hear from various Industry professionals and real clients to share their experiences and expertise. My Vision is to share how "Leverage is the Key to Homeownership and Housing Wealth" one podcast at a time. If you have any questions or looking for more information on leverage programs or strategies, you can reach me at NMLS 861176
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Due to the current market conditions... Being 60+ years of age might be creating stress if you're depending on your current "Financial Portfolio" to satisfy your present or future quality of life. The "Reverse Mortgage could be your temporary lifeline until the market turns around.If you're a Financial Advisor or Client. this is a must-listen! 
The Reverse Mortgage is an untold secret. It has the ability to take the fear out of "Do I have enough money for retirement or will I run out of money?" In this multi-part series... I will cover not only what a reverse mortgage is but how it can be used as part of your overall financial portfolio. I will also discuss the myths as well as all the moving parts. This is a must-listen!!!If you are a client or in the Financial Industry and would like to discuss this strategy in more detail. Reach me at 1-800-833-1862 ext 116 or contact me rwidmer@tfsweb.comRichard Widmer is a Licensed Mortgage ConsultantNMLS 861176TFS Mortgage Corporation Inc,NMLS-51460
If you're looking to get your hands on mortgage money for "Housing Wealth", you need to listen in and hear what the investors use to see if you qualify regardless of the purpose or program. Follow "The Leverage Corner" on all Social Platforms or Subscribe to the PodCast to stay current! I will share behind the scenes information that helps you make the right leverage decisions.Any questions or needs please contact me at NMLS 861176 
Did you ever wonder what a Financial Advisor really does? Is saving money the only way to build up my retirement? Listen in to my Special guest Nicholas Magone Vice President for Campania Wealth Management. He will share his approach on how clients can greatly benefit from Housing Wealth.Nicholas can be reached at
This is not just a "Black & White" answer. There are many other factors to consider. Tune in to hear me break down what you need to know! 
The Passion behind the Leverage Corner and sharing my vision on my "Educational Platform". Listen to how I will share my experiences and show you how to see "Mortgage Products as Leverage Solutions for Housing Wealth!" 
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