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Author: Host: David Johnson

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The JMR Podcast provides contemporary insights into research, policy developments, statutory changes, workforce, and international issues regarding the regulation of physicians practicing in the United States. In each episode, host David Johnson interviews researchers, physicians, and writers from the Journal of Medical Regulation ( about topics impacting medical regulation and current trends.
7 Episodes
When physicians breech ethical standards, such as committing irregularities on the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), what is the impact on their later professional work? Host David Johnson interviews Frances Cain, lead author of a new study reviewing data on individuals who engaged in irregular behavior, common sanctions taken against them and their ability to ultimately practice medicine in the U.S.
Host David Johnson interviews Luke Barre, MD, and James McDonald, MD, on their article reviewing five years of disciplinary actions by the Rhode Island Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline, which suggests an intriguing approach to preventing inappropriate and excessive prescribing by physicians.
Host David Johnson interviews Ms. Jimi Bush, Director of Quality and Engagement, Washington Medical Commission, and Mr. Micah Matthews, Deputy Executive and Legislative Director, Washington Medical Commission regarding Jimi's recent JMR article,  Engaging the Solo Practitioner to Reduce Errors and Burnout 
Host David Johnson interviews Dr. Christine Moutier, MD, Chief Medical Officer, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  
Host David Johnson interviews North Carolina Medical Board attorneys Thomas Mansfield and Patrick Balestrieri about the topic of medical expert witnesses in quality-of-care cases.
Host David Johnson interviews guest Aaron Young, Ph.D., Vice President, Research and Data Integration, about the recently released census of licensed physicians in the U.S.  
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