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One morning, Iquilla Degree would go to wake up her children. She would find her daughter, Asha missing instead. This episode we will be talking about who Asha was and the timeline into her disappearance.
Tan Kuen Chai and Lee Mei Ying went on with their daily routine and would return home to a parents’ worst nightmare.
Just before the turn of the century, Japan was shaken over the horrific murder of the Miyazawa family, Mikio, Yasuko,  Niina and Rei. Join me as we uncover this tragic crime and check out the strange circumstances behind this case. Sources:
4. Amelia Dyer

4. Amelia Dyer


On March 1896, a bargeman spotted and retrieved a package from the River Thames. Horrifyingly, the package contained a body of a baby girl. Today we discuss one of the most prolific serial killer and one of the biggest case of infanticide. Sources:
In May of 1999, a 13-year-old made her way to a Hong Kong police station. She told officers that for the past several weeks, she’d been constantly plagued by the ghost of a woman. At first, the police did not take her seriously. But when she went on to explain that she had a hand in torturing that particular woman, their interest was piqued. Today we delve in the brutal "Hello Kitty Murder" in Hong Kong. SGzJzwPJUgVSFRrkrz2G
2. Hélène Jégado

2. Hélène Jégado


Today we dive into serial poisoner Hélène Jégado, one of France’s most infamous killer and how she managed to evade getting caught for so long.
Today we dive into the existence or should I say non-existence, of the ghost ship, the SS Ourang Medan, a spooky maritime tale. Happy Halloween y’all! Enjoy! Sources:
1. Ahmad Suradji

1. Ahmad Suradji


Hello there. This is the first ever episode of Bumps in the Night, a true crime podcast. Today we will be diving into Indonesia’s Ahmad Suradji and his penchant for drinking saliva! Hope you guys enjoy
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