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Death, Dying and Occasional Cocktails. Farewelling founder Karen Bussen hosts celebs, experts, and regular folks on a groundbreaking interview show to get us all talking more openly about death...and life.
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On a chilly night in November, Farewelling: The Podcast sets up shop in the middle of the launch party in Manhattan’s Financial District.  In Part 1 of this minisode, guests line up for a chance to head into the recording booth, put on headphones, and dive into podcasting...about death and dying! They answer questions about everything related to farewelling, and how they imagine it for themselves. The surprising answers involve dog statues and mashed potato bars, eco-friendly funerals, plus tips on how to leave clues for folks to find later, and what’s scary about dying. This Bonus Mini is Part 1 from The Farewelling Launch Party. Keep an eye out for Part 2 soon! Join us at the Farewelling site to learn more or to fill out your own Farewelling Worksheet.
Farewelling founder Karen Bussen asks New York Times Obituary Writer (and three-time Moth Storytelling Champion) Neil Genzlinger about how writing stories recapping other people’s lives has changed his own perspective on mortality, how he feels about “irreverent” personal tributes, and what the similarities between a great obit and a successful Moth story are (hint: there are quite a few!). Neil encourages us all to do a mind-blowing thought exercise in self-reflection...using just the facts.
Farewelling founder Karen Bussen invites therapist Grace Y. Lin to tell us why we should make a little room in our lives for a conversation about death and dying. Turns out, it’s a gift to your family and it helps you live more mindfully right now. Grace gives us strategies for taking control of our own narrative (at least the parts we can control!). She helps us make a mantra to remind us of what’s most important in life, and how we’d live if we knew for certain our time was limited.Grace Y. Lin is a Licensed Behavorial Therapist practicing in New York. To read more of her inspiring work or to start your own Farewelling Worksheet, visit us at the Farewelling site.  
Multi-talented CBS Sunday Morning correspondent, humorist, author and podcast host Mo Rocca joins Farewelling Founder Karen Bussen in the studio for a delightful chat about his latest book, “Mobituaries: Great Lives Worth Reliving,” and the new season of the podcast that inspired the book, also titled “Mobituaries.” They talk about facing death beautifully, why Marlene Dietrich was such a patriot, and what’s on Mo’s own bucket list (hint: it involves gymnastics).Mo Rocca is an award-winning writer, humorist, correspondent, podcast host, public radio superstar, and author of “Mobituaries: Great Lives Worth Reliving. To find out more, visit the Farewelling site. 
Farewelling founder Karen Bussen chats with attendees at the Reimagine End of LIfe Festival, a multi-day event filled with panel discussions, workshops, art installations, readings, and other explorations around understanding and relating to death...and celebrating life. Just before the curtain goes up on an evening featuring poetry, literary conversation, and personal stories, Karen asks audience members why they’ve chosen to spend an evening thinking about dying, what they want for themselves, and whether they’ve shared their wishes with anyone else.If you enjoy the episode, please subscribe and share with someone you think might find it interesting. To learn more about the Reimagine End of Life festival, click here or visit Farewelling.
Farewelling founder Karen Bussen's life changed when in 2015 her sister Sara got the results of a genetic test that proved she had the BRCA 1 gene (the same mutation Angelina Jolie was found to have) predicting a very high probability of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer. In this episode, the two sisters talk openly--for the first time--about Sara's decision to have preventative major surgery that sadly in her case didn't prevent cancer; the year of intense chemotherapy that brought them closer; and why they never spoke about what might've happened if the treatment hadn't been effective. Along the way they discuss other people's discomfort interacting with someone who has survived a serious illness, plus awesome Farewelling playlists, and how the two sisters plan to end up in a cool hotel bar together. Listen to Sara's Farewelling playlist on Spotify.
Farewelling founder Karen Bussen welcomes former Google UX Designer-turned comedian and best-selling author Sarah Cooper to the show. She shares her views on living a meaningful life and tears up remembering how her grandmother's funeral inspired her. In this episode, Karen serves up deep queries about death, dying, and funerals along with a sparkling side of Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé Champagne and chewy granola bars. Sarah answers questions like, "How do I want to be remembered in 100 years?" and "What are three things I'd pack for the afterlife?". They also share a few laughs looking back on some centuries-old wifely gravestone etchings (hint: they're pretty sexist!).Sarah Cooper is the author of "How to Appear Smart in Meetings" and "How to Be Successful without Hurting Men's Feelings". To read more, visit the Farewelling site.Listen to Sarah's Farewelling playlist on Spotify
Welcome to Farewelling

Welcome to Farewelling


In this ground-breaking interview show, host Karen Bussen opens an unexpected conversation about death and learn more about living. Guests include celebrities, writers, doctors, funeral directors, and Karen's own friends and family, all talking about this most human experience (that we never talk about). The result: a heaping portion of refreshing self-exploration, often served with a side of snacks because, well, if you're going to talk about death, you deserve a treat.
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