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Late Nite Harp

Author: Holly Honeychurch

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Relax and bathe in a galaxy of magical melodies with Holly Honeychurch.
124 Episodes
I love this harp journey featuring a wolf soundscape. The harp melodies and ethereal wolf howls intertwine so beautifully together. It's like they were always meant to be connected.I have a much longer ambient piece also featuring wolves - you can find it on my Cosmic Harp Bandcamp page.This piece is in B Minor. ★ Support this podcast ★
Happy Friday! This is a gloriously sweeping harp journey full of joy and vibrancy. It ebbs and flows and has an uplifting energy to it as it dances across the strings. It's also pensive and emotive and offers you a warm, wise embrace. Listen to connect with your inner flow. Enjoy swimming in this ethereal cathedral in a far off realm. An exploration of the C Major modes.  ★ Support this podcast ★
This harp journey was recorded on the Summer Solstice 2023. It's a vibrant, joyful offering (in E Major & its modes) with some incredible birdsong to accompany it. The birdsong was recorded by me, out of my window, at 3 am in Glasgow City, a couple of years ago Amazingly, even in the city there can be wonderful, peaceful, natural moments. And seagulls! Lots of seagulls. They make an appearance, laughing a little but the blackbird takes centre stage as its exquisite melodies echo off the buildings. I loved my time in Glasgow and this was one of the dawn highlights. ★ Support this podcast ★
This is a soothing piece of music, which will lull you into relaxation like the waves of the ocean. It's a lament so it's pensive and emotive. What is this mermaid lamenting I wonder? Is she yearning for someone, does she feel completely free? You decide. This delicate harp song is a special offering of healing for you.Have you heard my new album The Mother and The Angel? ★ Support this podcast ★
Enjoy an hour of healing harp music with music married together from different albums. It's relaxing, haunting and melodic. Listen to sail the seas to unknown, magical lands and find yourself once more. ★ Support this podcast ★
Happy Saturday! I love recording my harp practises because I'm relaxed, exploratory and less tense. Wrong notes don't matter, they're encouraged. In fact, as new melodies spring out of accidental notes the looser, more intrigued I become. Here's a little practise from tonight. I'm experimenting with strong, cosmic reverb (which I usually leave for my Cosmic Harp tracks)- it has super duper spacey resonance. Most of the time I'm just trying to tame this reverb because often it gets out of control so I have to temper my playing and the decay. I like this practise sound, I'm going with it. If you want to enjoy my harp music live, I'm playing Sunday 21st May 5pm BST on Insight Timer- here's the link. ★ Support this podcast ★
A sparkle of loveliness for your day with a sprinkling of joyful harp. From my course Five Minute Sparkle. Enjoy a whole magical library of wonderful, healing sounds. ★ Support this podcast ★
Hello Happy Saturday! Here's a sweet five minutes of lovely, warming harp music. Shine on dear people 🌞 ★ Support this podcast ★
Hey Happy Friday! This is some music from my new course 5 Minute Sparkle: 30 Empowering Days. This is Day 13 - Introspection. The music is emotive, soft and pensive. There's a haunting quality to it and it's one of my favs.If you want to hear the powerful words to go along with it, you can find the episode over on my podcast Meditation Lights. ★ Support this podcast ★
Hey! Happy Monday! This is sweet music from my new meditation course 5 Minute Sparkle - 30 Empowering Days. I'm excited to share it with you. It has been a beautiful process to create and I'm reaching the last stages now. I've got a healthy amount of pride over it (but I won't let it go to my head : ) Here's the link to the Meditation Lights episode where I've also released the full day with radiant, empowering words. Go well! ★ Support this podcast ★
This piece was inspired by a healing session I held about miracles, divine intervention and the serendipitous magic we experience at times in our lives. It's in F# minor/A major and weaves in and out of the modes in that key. It's angelic, mystical and glorious. It's got excitement and emotion. The reverberation has serious majesty.  The cover was a miraculous moment. A swan, a harp, a forest and I, all meeting together for a graceful rendezvous. Full swan video here.For a free download code visit my community page. Please support my amazing goal!Sign up for my joyful newsletter.Love ⭐ ★ Support this podcast ★
An angelic half hour of healing spirit music. Open your heart to celestial beings and let the harp help you fly with them. This ethereal offering is in A major and explores the modes in this key. It's sweeping, majestic and graceful. It's all consuming, protective and glorious. Listen for deep healing and powerful connections to magical realms.Please support my amazing goal!Come say hi! Sign up for my joyful newsletter About my music ★ Support this podcast ★
This harp journey is called Wings of Freedom and was recorded as part of a stream I did recently about coping with the stress that comes from being in a relationship with someone you know isn't healthy and which leaves your energy drained. This harp piece was the emotive music meditation that followed the supportive discussion.Here you can find my latest episode of Meditation Lights all about putting yourself first.Here is my website where you can find out about my commissions and donate to my goal 💕Please support my musical dream!Thank you.Shine on lovely folk ✨🌞✨ ★ Support this podcast ★
Happy New Year! Here's a sweet little improv in C major/A minor. It's delicate, soft and melodic. It'll cheer you up in an instant! Episode no. 111! Woo!Check out my latest Meditation Lights episode where I narrate some uplifting words at the beginning of the piece.Please support my amazing goal!About my music. ★ Support this podcast ★
It's so deliciously frosty outside. This magical harp journey was made on the cold full moon in December. It's a wonderful meditation to let go of anxieties and stresses. It's a time for you to release and expand. Fill yourself up with glorious, ethereal harp melodies and soar to the angelic heavens to dance with celestial beings. Heal yourself with sacred music.Dear listener, I need your help...If you've ever been moved by my music, please help me reach my goal. I am saving up for a car to transport my harp. I have difficulties walking and a car would really change my life. I want to offer my harp music to end of life patients and drive to hospices around Scotland. I want to play for people in their final days and guide them into heavenly, musical, transformational states. I hope I can give them comfort, courage, relief, relaxation, peace and love and connect them with angels and light beings for their journey on. Thank you!Support me here  ★ Support this podcast ★
The mermaids are swirling tonight with an ethereal harp and voice track full of glorious reverb taking you to higher realms with angels and light beings.This piece is full of hypnotic magic.If you would like an ethereal harp video made just for you or a friend or family member, please have a look at what I am offering. A bespoke service of healing and nourishment with divine harp music. I'll make a unique piece, with a caring, personal message. It'll be such a joy and an honour to create.It's a beautiful gift for you or a loved one.Please help me buy a car to enable me to play in the community more easily and to those people in hospices at the end of their lives. A thousand thank yous for your generosity. ❤️✨❤️✨Love to all. Shine brightly 🌞Mermaid art by Tatyana ★ Support this podcast ★
Come and swirl in water and fly with seagulls. This ethereal harp music is full of magic and relaxation. Rest in the vibrations for a while and drift away into a cosmic ocean which is safe and nourishing. In C Minor. ★ Support this podcast ★
Hey! How are you? Here's an ethereal harp journey from my new album Planets II. I love Neptune. It's sparky, on a mission, soaring, shiny, full of light and richness with rumbles of bass and drama thrown in for good measure. I'd love you to support me and buy it on Bandcamp 💗Happy Friday!! 🤸🏻 ★ Support this podcast ★
Hunter's Moon

Hunter's Moon


A full moon, magical harp piece exploring the modes of Eb major.Today is an auspicious day for setting positive intentions and life changing affirmations. Think of a powerful, nourishing phrase personal to you and say it over and over. Connect with the power of the full moon's energy to solidify wonderful beliefs and attitudes in your life. Release all negativity from your thoughts.I am radiant.My music is radiant.My music heals the world.I am rich and supported.Sail away to the moon on this wonderful harp journey.Buy my Planets II album ✨ ★ Support this podcast ★
Notes on Uranus: attitude, confidence, sweeping melodies, emotive, lush, soaring reverb. Would love you to have a listen and support my album. You help me to keep going on this wonderful, ethereal harp journey 🙏🏾Pre-order Planets II ★ Support this podcast ★
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