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This piece is in C# Minor. It's pensive, melancholic and magical. The sounds of rolling thunder and tropical animals (birds, frogs, monkeys!) make for a piece full of vibrant life and ancient energy.
A sweet, joyful harp reset in uplifting D Major. The melody reminds me of the kind of music I used to hear ringing round school when I was a teacher. The childrens' voices would be bright, happy and alive and everything felt right with the world - it used to make me quite emotional : )The birds were recorded in my garden in Scotland. They're busy singing their spring songs at the moment. Some birds I don't even know the names of (yet : ), so diverse are they. Louder and more melodic each day, they get. I'm loving every minute of it. Bathing in birdsong is my favourite thing in the world.For Papa. 11 years ago today you left this earth to fly free. 🌞❤️🌟
A delightfully ethereal and uplifting piece reminding me of the relationship between a flower and her hummingbird. It's a dance of loveliness and a joy to behold. A force of nature in the most delicate way. I'm sure this sweet music will make you feel happy and content. It represents everything positive, wonderful and good in the world. My encounter with a swan.Transistor Podcast Platform.Hello to all you beautiful folk listening far and wide! Love to you all. Keep shining on 🌟 I wanted to share all the countries where my harp music has sparkled for the sheer wonder of it all ❤️🎶🙏🏼🤸🏿‍♀️ Germany Canada SpainBrazil IranNew ZealandPuerto RicoItalyIndiaAustraliaTaiwanPhilippinesIsraelPakistanMacedoniaIndonesiaFranceThailandPortugalNorwayMalaysiaIrelandChinaVietnamNetherlandsMyanmarGuatemalaGeorgiaColombiaAustriaUnited StatesUnited Kingdom Hummingbird image from Pexels with thanks 🦋
I love this piece. It conjures up a lot of melacholic emotion and takes me away somewhere pensive. I love how there's so much emotional drama in such a short space of time. Ethereal, with lots of reverb.
I love these short harp resets. This one predominantly uses chords from Eb Lydian (the 4th mode of Bb major) and sounds dreamy, cerebral and floaty. It finishes on a chord of G minor (the relative minor of Bb major) meaning the piece isn't left hanging and feels complete.
My harp playing begins softly tonight, floating in on a breeze. I love this style. I'll explore it more. To hear melodies on the breeze, not knowing where they're coming from is a real treat. Have you ever experienced that? Healing moments of magic. There are some amazing robins in the mix tonight too. And I love all the spirals and melodic patterns I explore. 6 mins onwards conjures up a special energy for me. Enjoy!It would have been my Dad's 89th birthday today. This piece is connecting with him up there, at the top of one of those glorious melodic spirals. Happy Birthday Pa!
Happy to announce the release of my new podcast Meditation Lights. Here's the intro. I'll be creating bright, energising, empathetic episodes full of love, joy and harp music.You can find it here: and all podcast platforms.
Hey lovely folk, hope this episode finds you smiling. I've moved to a little cottage in the delightful Scottish countryside yay! I composed this new harp piece in the first week of being here and it features local birdsong from a 5am dawn chorus. Lush! You might be able to hear the powerful River Clyde in the background too. Looking forward to releasing many more magical pieces here.Meditation Lights, my new meditation podcast is out tomorrow Monday 28th March. Look out for it and see what you think. If you fancy some peace, harp music and inspiring words please follow along. Go well! Holly xx
This powerful piece soars majestically. Its purity cannot be touched. It's divine, strong and kind. We all have this magic soul seed inside, but some of us have forgotten about it and lost their way. It's a welcoming force without malice. It expands our hearts and protects the innocence in the world. May we all find our soul seeds once more. In F # Minor.Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️☀️
Clarifying, energising tones in C Major. Listen to them when you need a quick, cleansing moment to reset. Feel refreshed. Let your mind go and bathe in healing sounds.I've been experimenting with sound frequencies. I used to play my harp in 440Hz but after some comparisons, I've started playing in 432Hz. So I've downtuned my harp strings by 8Hz from the standard 440Hz of modern day tuning. Here's a great comparison video using guitar. Which do you prefer? I love that so many sound frequencies exist, all with their own vibe.
It’s full moon - a silver snow moon to be precise. I’ve been writing lots recently. Tonight I wrote an empowerment prayer with the force of the full moon behind me. Here’s a little excerpt…I ask for this prayer to soar up into the highest heights, into the moon’s aurora, a place of shimmering light and hope. Please allow me to rest there for a while also, and be held by Her auroric embrace, for being there close to such mystical vibrations will envelop me in a solace I cannot explain.
This lovely little piece came to me in a big ball of joy. I’m so grateful to play harp and create magical sounds. Especially when this kind of sweet energy pops out to play all of a sudden. The birdsong is exquisite too and fits perfectly with the atmosphere. The mysterious E Phrygian today with moments of happy C Major and wistful A Minor.
Hello! Let’s celebrate beautiful music. Tree of Love is the first track on my new album Craobhan. It’s passionate, vivacious, exotic and features divine birdsong. All three songs on the album are amazing. Check it out for relaxing, musical magic.La Navigatrice ~
Hello! Happy New Year!I’ll begin 2022 with an ambient piece that’s uplifting, bright and calm. Angels weave sweet melodies and hold you in a warm embrace. The sound waves emanate healing and high vibrations. Great for your morning meditation or to rest your tired eyes after a busy day. These few moments will rejuvenate you. Allow yourself to be carried away with the magic.
Hello sparkly people! This is the first half of a piece called The Castle. You can download the whole track on Bandcamp. It’s a richly romantic cosmic harp journey full of swirly softness and brilliant drama. Find out what happens next here. This track is for you if you want to experience a really resonant bass. I imagine these harmonies soaring around a majestic castle, echoing through its halls and chambers for all to hear. Although this piece was made on my 25 string harp, what you hear is a whole orchestra of strings - especially cellos and double basses. I love its resonance and regality.
I recorded this stunning birdsong at 4am recently, walking back home after a night of dancing. I look forward to my after-club-dawn-chorus walks so much. I met some robins on this early morn, singing their hearts out in the trees above. Then they joined me on the path, bobbing around, unfazed by my being there. Their round little bodies are so sweet. I love how tame they are. I know they have a special relationship with humans. I’ve heard many stories.I got my recorder out and caught some of their morning singsong. Isn’t it divine?This little piece is in A Minor. Whilst practising tonight, I stumbled across this gorgeous melody, so thought I’d stay there for a while and enjoy its vibration.
A sweet, uplifting, playful piece reminding me of a little snowflake dancing in the breeze. It's time to twinkle. ❄️
This simple cosmic harp piece goes on a journey with a flower as it grows and blossoms. It’s in E harmonic minor and has quite a forlorn, emotional tone to it, as if the harp is already saying goodbye to this little flower, knowing what will come. We watch it grow stronger as the elements test it. We see it bask in the sun with the birds. It has a fleeting moment to shine. And then, it is gone.The melody suits the autumnal vibes now, where everything is turning to rest and hibernation. I love this time of year. I think I was a bear in a previous life.
Hey everyone, it’s time for a spooky soundtrack to celebrate Halloween and Samhain. This is a moodier, atmospheric and chilled out harp journey taking on a dungeon synth feel. It’s ethereal too and has an eerie suspense running through it.There are plenty of cats to meet. You’ll hear all kinds of meows and purrs. The purrs in particular became quite hypnotic for me. There are also beautiful droplets of water from inside the cavern, sampled from all over the world. That makes it super magical for me. It’s an immersive experience and well worth a spooky listen.It’s funny because one of the cats sampled (the one with the foghorn voice) sounds exactly like the darling cat from my childhood, Amy. She was my good pal. Now she’s come back to see me yay! It’s been a surreal and nostalgic process, composing with her meowing in the background.This is half the journey. You can find the whole thing here on Bandcamp. ✨👻✨
Thought I’d release a 12 min ocean soundscape in a new harp style I’m exploring. There’s so much gorgeous resonant base and many bright, uplifting notes along with lots of ethereal whale song weaving in and out of the slow, serene melody. It’s full of peace.If you’d like to hear the full hour, you can find it on Bandcamp as part of my Cosmic Harp project. It’s called Cosmic Ocean.
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