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Author: Henry Beckwith

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Spoken word artists have their own unique combination of lyricism, storytelling and performance. In each episode you'll hear 3 performances alongside an interview, a free write challenge and more. From the comedic and entertaining to the passionate and purposeful, poetry is healing for both the writer and the listener.
40 Episodes
Solomon Adams is a poet with soul. His music and poetry combine to take your mind elsewhere. Through pensive and thought provoking verses Solomon's work addresses spirituality, mental health and self discovery. The three pieces we get to hear are 'Mindfullness', 'Hip Hop Raised Me' and finally 'Breakdown or Breakthrough'. @SolomonsSoul is the handle! Go get it! 
George Lawrence’s work combines his man about town attitude with a sensitivity and emotional awareness only the art form spoken work could elicit. His softly uttered verses explore the complexities of manhood, the inner mind of an awakened social critic and the intricacies and nuances our modern world throws at us. The three pieces we got to hear from him are 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised', 'Shark Teeth', and finally 'Aluminium Carpet'. @TriggerCrappy is the handle! Go get it!
WORD SPOKEN IS A YEAR OLD! For the 1 year anniversary special, this episode is hosted by the man who helped kick everything off, Aiz. We talk about how I got into spoken word, why I started the podcast and I answer the questions sent in by the listeners. I perform, 'Forever I'll Be', 'Twenty Something' and 'Yes You Are'. Enjoy!
Sonny Green is a lyrical mastermind. Rapper come mentor come poet come MC come lyricist. Founder and host of Trouble Tongues. His new track GRENADE is OUT NOW! Make sure you get streaming. We get to hear, 'Substance Beneath the Surface', 'Obsessed' and 'Doorsteps of Britain'. FREEEEEEEEEEDOM!
#TakeTheMic is here and we've got a KILLER line up for you. There were over 120 people applying with over 200 entries, whittled down to just 10! From romance, to punk, to the political to the lyrical, this episode is brings the variety and energy of an open mic! Winners were Dominic Falcao, Maryan Chowdhury, Chloe Oliver, Lyndsay Price, Louise Hale, Ashh Blackwood, Jules, Eleanor Maslin, The Revolt Poet, Rohan Samuel. Go get it!
Becksy Becks utters her poetry with casual delivery, yet purposeful writing. Her work explores her reactions to the world around her, relationships, loved ones and life itself. We hear 'Silence', '10 Things' and finally 'Tribute'. @BecksyBecks is the handle. Head over to YouTube if you wanna watch. Go get it!
Emy P is a Essex girl through and through. Her poetry is raw, depicting life with punchy lyricism and attitude. As someone who suffers from ADHD, she sheds light on what living with the condition is like. Blending spoken word with music is where her work really shines, luckily we get a glimpse of it. 'Volume Control', 'Waves' and 'Mud Hill' are the pieces, @EmyPMate is the handle. Go get it!
Flo-poet Annotate is a force to be reckoned with. His words are infused by purposeful lyricism and intricate cadence. His poignant performances will etch themselves into your memory as his social commentary and insights shine a light on the often overlooked injustices of our modern society. Check out his own podcast entitled Outspoken Podcast. We hear 'Gratitude', 'Writers Block' and 'Confession'. @Annotate_ is the handle! Go get it!
Abena is a true gem. Her poetry blends delicate storytelling with purposeful writing. A Camden Roundhouse poet, Abena has recently made it into the final 12 of BBC Word's First. We get to hear 'Shallow Tongue', 'No one every talks about friendship love', and finally 'Queer Diaspora'. @Abena_e_b is the handle! Go get it!
Joe Johnsey never read the rule book. His poetry morphs and blends into a performance that constantly puts the middle finger up to your expectations of what's coming next. Getting to grips with the intricacy of his lyricism is a task cunningly enriched by the sporadic nature of his delivery. The three pieces we hear are 'Sponteneus', 'Magic Mic', and 'Tangents'. @JoeJohnsey is the handle. Go get it!
Shaun Rivers' poetry cascades with an eye-winking exuberance matched only by his luscious locks. A performance poet to the core he'll get you thinking whilst tickling your toes and caressing your inner wordsmith. We hear 3 brand new pieces 'Fresh', 'Abandoned' and lastly 'Drip Drip'. @RiversSR1 is the handle. This is first episode in Season 2, so enjoy some fresh segments and chance to win yourself a Word Spoken mug. I know right? Madness.
Season 2 COMING SOON!!

Season 2 COMING SOON!!


Brand new episodes, new features, new guests! Word Spoken is back! Head to YouTube to catch the full episodes! OUT MONDAY!!!
It's the final recap episode and Billie PN joins us again to go over the final 4 episodes of Season 1. The poets are Billie PN herself, Danny Martin, Mr Milise and finally Poet Curious. Enjoy!
Season 1 Recap Part 3 has arrived, and the glimmering Billie PN is here to co-host the show. We get to hear one poem each from Kyla Wynter, Woodzy, Jamie Merrick, Jamal Hassan and Tyrone Lewis. This line up is sure to give you that poetry fix during lockdown. Catch the full video of this episode on YouTube. Enjoy!
Carousel Radio's resident poet Sam Castell-Ward comes into the studio. Carousel is a Brighton-based award-winning charity supporting learning disabled people to achieve their creative ambitions. It runs workshops, training and events for learning disabled artists in the fields of music, film and digital media, and podcasting. The three poems we get to hear from him are 'Through the Circle', 'The Bullies Always Win' and finally 'I wish I was Bothered'. Give him a follow at @SamCastellWard. Enjoy!
Part 2 of the Open Mic series is here, and we've got a stella line up for you. Chris Moore, Jessica Jane-Morling, Jake Nathan, Faz Barber, Zazie, Joe Johnsey, Amalia The Alchemist, Nawar, Abena Bediako, and Kenny Burns. Make sure you check out @WordSpokenPodcast in instagram to find all their handles to give them a follow. Enjoy!
You're missing open mic nights right? Well Word Spoken has got just the thing for you. In this episode we get to hear from 10 poets who entered the competition to have their poetry feature on the show. The winners were: Phil Joa, Sian, Jamie Crawford, Angus Brown, The Bipolar Poet, Heidi Henders, David Atkinson, Elinor Clark and Jeremy Gune. Enjoy!
Ep #023 sees us put out a Swapcast, from the incredible poetry platform across the pond! In this episode the Pen Clique guys provide us with a mixtape of their Season 2 highlights. We get to hear from Alex Alpharaoh, Meccamorphosis, Judah 1 and Mathew Cuban. Make sure you give @PenClique a follow to keep up to date with all their latest content. Enjoy!
It's Part 2 of the Season 1 Recap episodes and we've got one hell of a line up for you. Episodes 6 to 10 saw Fisky, Aishah, Sarah Callaghan, Tanaka Fuego and Ella DG come onto the show and deliver some serious fire. Catch the full video of this episode up on YouTube right now! If you want to have your poetry played out on Word Spoken send in a audio recording of your work to Deadline for application is Sunday 12th April. As always, Enjoy!
So Season 1 has come to an end and what could be better than going over some of the highlights? Well I sat down with the man who helped me kick this whole thing off, Aiz, and the finished result is this hour long giggle. The full video of this episode is up on YouTube so go and give it a lil watch if ya fancy. We are devilishly handsome so why not? Part 1 sees us going over the first 5 episodes with, Aiz himself, followed by Aicha Therese, Maddie Haynes, Ifti, and Benny Bruce. Enjoy!
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