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The Carry On

Author: Rose Dykins

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The award-wanting travel podcast where we unpack our battered suitcases to bring you travel essentials and inside tips on the hottest destinations. Don't leave this gold in the hold!
We discuss the dizzy highs and down and dirty lows of communal camping, while Rose tells us all about her trip to primeval forest in Poland to spot the somewhat elusive native bison
We take off with a blast of old school sexism from the days of travel past, one of us gets naked in Istanbul, we highlight how Japan is using its love of felines to make some serious bank, and we find out what one unlucky Tripadvisor user found in their kettle...
We take a look at the growing trend of surprise travel, Tracey dry-heaves on some bamboo fungus in the Vegas of Asia, and we talk about pushing through the peril – from alligators to ayahuasca.
We reminisce about travel items from days of yore, Rose sips fine vodka in Warsaw, and we explore the unchartered territories of Xbox landscapes.
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