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The Practical Democracy Podcast

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How can we improve democracy, today? In this podcast series, Ben Fowkes from Delib speaks with people working in publicly accountable organisations, civic society and the third sector to hear how they are making practical change.
11 Episodes
We host a discussion between Jackie Weaver chief executive of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils, Dr Rebecca Rumbul, head of research at My Society and Hattie Andrews, the director and founder of The Politics Project about why it’s important for more young people to get involved with local democracy.  Highlights include; Jackie’s new found fame as a result of that Handforth Parish Council meeting, the difference between a handle and a hashtag, the barriers of bureaucratic terminology and where young people can make a significant difference.
Delib rounds off Season 1 with a look back at some memorable moments from previous episodes of the Practical Democracy Podcast.
09 Simon Parker

09 Simon Parker


Simon Parker speaks to Delib's Ben Fowkes about his recent post ‘Conservative anarchism, self-organisation and the future of government’.
Director of Research and Campaigns at Centre for Public Scrutiny, Ed Hammond, speaks to Delib’s Ben Fowkes about what scrutiny actually is, and the role it plays within a functioning democracy.
07 Dr. Roslyn Fuller

07 Dr. Roslyn Fuller


Digital Democracy expert, columnist and author Dr. Roslyn Fuller speaks to Delib's Ben Fowkes on how she became dedicated to working in the field, Athenian Democracy, the concept of anti-democrats and systematic problems with representative politics. 
06 Bex Rae-Evans

06 Bex Rae-Evans


Delib's Ben Fowkes speaks to Bex Rae-Evans from Tech for Good Live on topics ranging from using service design in a time of crisis to helping organisations adapt to a new life working online. 
05 Carolyn Hassan

05 Carolyn Hassan


Delib's Ben Fowkes speaks with founder and director of Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol, Carolyn Hassan, on how they are supporting social action using technology and arts. 
Sociologist Dr. Nicole Curato chats to Delib's Ben Fowkes about her work and new book, 'Democracy in A time of Misery: From Spectacular Tragedies to Deliberative Action'.Get Nicole's book:
Kevin Davies, Head of Public Engagement at the National Assembly for Wales, speaks to Delib’s Ben Fowkes when attending #NotWestminster 2020. 
Carl Whistlecraft from Kirklees Council, Kate Grigg from Centre for Public Scrutiny and Joe Mitchell from Democracy Club speak to Delib’s Ben Fowkes when attending #NotWestminster 2020. 
01 Dr. Rebecca Rumbul

01 Dr. Rebecca Rumbul


Dr. Rebecca Rumbul, Head of Research at mySociety, speaks to Delib’s Ben Fowkes on making practical change. 
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