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Author: Taproot Edmonton

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A weekly podcast about arts in Edmonton produced by Bottom Line Productions and published by Taproot Edmonton.
13 Episodes
We discuss this theatre-stuffed month, the relative merits of grants and prizes, and an idea for a documentary Josh would love to see.
We look at the Edmontonians up for Junos, the Citadel Theatre's 55th season, Catalyst's upcoming production, and more.
We're excited about more than just Hamilton, jazzed about Silver Skate, and sad to see Alberta Branded go.
We break through the cold with challenging theatre, Silver Skate music, and book-club fun.
We talk about January happenings, send our own love letters to 2019, and welcome Allison Lilly.
We talk about the Edmonton Public Library, touring India, a production of Oklahoma!, and the local music prize, and we say goodbye (just for a while) to Kate.
We talk to Shumka’s executive director Darka Tarnawsky backstage at the Jubilee Auditorium, after we discuss the impact of losing the Alberta Branded shop.
We talk about the Citadel's new A Christmas Carol, compare Nutcrackers, mourn Interstellar Rodeo, and discuss our beautiful new podcast graphic.
We chat about messy performances and our empathy for the stage crew, shopping local at The Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair, accessibility and barriers in the arts, and the music of Jay Gilday.
We take a look at careful play selection, as with Bright Young Things, and random play selection, as in the Fringe lottery. In between, we have an interview with John Hudson of Shadow Theatre.
We look at Workshop West's new artistic producer, bid farewell to John Murrell, and take a tangent through Star Trek to talk about city funding for virtual reality and other screen media.



We talk about the Citadel Theatre's SIX and Alberta Ballet's Frankenstein, the workshopping process for new productions, and the increasing prevalence of female voices in the arts in Edmonton.
Curious about the arts in Edmonton? Join Bottom Line Productions and Taproot Edmonton in a new podcast that dives into the headlines and happenings in local arts. Week-to-week you'll hear unique insight on the latest news and details about upcoming events and productions. From time-to-time you'll also hear directly from the artists themselves.
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