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Weekly Woosah with August Lim

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Catch your breath and take a woosah! Taking a small moment to be still in a world that is always moving is a powerful act of self-love and deeply healing self-care. Weekly Woosah with August Lim is a holistic wellness podcast that aims to remind you that peace is your birth right. The Weekly Woosah podcast is based in the Northeastern Seaboard of the United States, and is hosted by August Lim, a 9th generation certified reiki practitioner under Dr. Mikao Usui. Each week presents either an all-levels guided mediation, discussion on wellness backed by recent, evidence-based research, or fresh tips on how to live a happier, more grounded life. (MUSIC ATTRIBUTION: Waves - Pictures Of The Floating World | License:
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This guided meditation intends to combat the cold,  bring warmth, and melt your stress away with guided breathing to encourage healing and relaxation. Instagram: @augustenergySupport the show ($AugustNj)
In this episode, we talk about the science behind sunlight and how you can use it as a catalyst toward a better mood! You also get to find out my zodiac sign if you haven't already guessed it based on my name, August *hint hint* At the end of the episode... we discuss tips and tricks to combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) from psychiatrist, Dr. Maleeha Ahsan.Join me on Tuesday, March 2nd 2021 at the Podfest Global Summit as I speak about peak mind + body performance through meditative fasting. We are attempting to break a Guinness World Record! Register at or visit | Worldwide TRAVEL Giveaway available to all who attend! | Instagram: @augustenergy Support the show ($AugustNj)
This meditation intends to combat the cold and melt your stress away with a guided body scan to encourage balance, healing, and full-body relaxation. Perfect for a bedtime savasana.Instagram: @augustenergy - YouTube: August Lim - Register for POFEST GLOBAL 2021 at - Keynote Speaker: August Lim on Meditative Fasting For Peak Mind/Body Performance on Tuesday, March 2nd 2021Support the show ($AugustNj)
Have you been feeling different? It isn't unlikely that your streak of positive thinking has run its course, even if that's all you have been consuming lately. Positive resets are like taking a shower. No matter how long your shower was and how good it felt, you have to take them often to stay clean and fresh. So here are 5 tell-tale signs you may actually be surrounded by negative energy.Instagram: @augustenergy - YouTube: August Lim - Register for POFEST GLOBAL 2021 at - Keynote Speaker: August Lim on Meditative Fasting For Peak Mind/Body Performance on Tuesday, March 2nd 2021Support the show ($AugustNj)
For a quick and effective dose of peace to start the day off on a grounded and positive note. No time in the schedule for a lengthy practice this morning? No problem. Even a small moment for yourself can make a huge impact on your day to attract abundance, productivity, and peace. - Instagram: @augustenergy - Reiki Charged Bracelets: - YouTube: Weekly Woosah Support the show ($AugustNj)
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha (Greetings, Remover of Obstacles)  - If there is something anchoring you down, and holding you back from moving forward, this guided meditation is for you. This meditational release, with words of positive affirmation, intends to assist you into mental breakthrough to help you let go of old energy and welcome the possibility of change, wellness, and life improvement. Instagram: @augustenergy - Reiki Charged Bracelets: augustlim.comSupport the show ($AugustNj)
It's no secret that this year has been a tough one, all across the globe... but we have all learned plenty. This episode provides a hearty list of 21 inspiring lessons to bring into 2021. And tune in to hear details on a WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY eligible for any follower or subscriber 18+ years of age! Stay at a Selina Resort for 3 days in any country of your choice in the upcoming year. Stay dope, stay inspired, and keep remembering to take a woosah. ~ Instagram: @augustenergy ~ YOUTUBE: August LimSupport the show ($AugustNj)
Discover how this method of self-care is crucial to preventing burnout, anger, and resentment. Your boundaries are your personal guidelines that ensure mutual respect, personal space, and the right to have your needs met. In this episode, we identify ways your boundaries may have been violated in the past, and how to avoid this in the future. Also saying a temporary goodbye! Instagram: @augustenergy | Handmade Reiki-charged bracelets: | Support the Show via CashApp: $augustnjSupport the show ($AugustNj)
Perfect add-on to the end of a yoga session! In this introductory, fully guided meditation, we mindfully transition from a high-energy day into a slow night of tranquility.  So if you are familiar with the practice of meditation, or brand new to it, this meditation intends to guide you into a sound, calm state of being -to let your body and mind know that it's time to rest. Instagram: @augustenergySupport the show ($AugustNj)
Within every human being is a powerful tool called intuition. In this episode, we explore this mysterious superpower and learn how to tune in, amplify, and strengthen it for quicker decision making and grounding!Support the show ($AugustNj)
Pranayama is the practice of controlled breathing used in the practice of yoga, and in everyday life. I speak with Rosie Battimelli; a healing, movement, and transformational mentor and yoga teacher as we learn the benefits of "taking a woosah" or breathing mindfully.  In this episode, Rosie shares her expertise  about the breath and its plethora of holistic health benefits.Rosie's Instagram: @RosieBattimelli / August's Instagram: @AugustEnergySupport the show ($AugustNj)
We discover 6 great approaches to executive dysfunction. These are real methods used by real people, meaning they cover a wide variety of personalities. Discover the keys to unlocking a more productive, and stress-free lifestyle while lessening anxiety caused by your daily workload. (Prelude to Episode 43 - Intro to Executive Function)  Support the show by purchasing a handcrafted reiki-charged bracelet on or by following my Instagram: @augustenergySupport the show ($AugustNj)
An expensive lifestyle may not be a problem to some, but if you personally find that you're living well above your means -to the point of growing debt, disorganized priorities, not wanting to check your bank account, and other financial stress... then you potentially have crossed over the threshold into a spending addiction. In this episode, we identify what this means and explore ways that could assist a person that overspends. New Instagram Handle: @augustenergySupport the show ($AugustNj)
Do you suspect that you may be working yourself too hard? Are you approaching burnout? Remember: peace is your birthright. This guided meditation intends to focus on your mental fitness through guided breathing and relaxation. Bringing mindfulness to the sensitive state you may be in encourages you to find more compassion for yourself, which promotes stress release. When your stress has a channel to move through and exit the body, there is room for other, positive energy to flow within you. Support the show ($AugustNj)
A pendulum is a decision making tool, typically crafted with a precious stone or crystal that tunes into your personal frequency, and that of the universe which is all-knowing. Using the combination of universal knowledge and your own intuition, pendulums helps you make choices that work for your highest good. Learn what pendulums are, the step-by-step basics on how to use one, and simply enjoy this week's Weekly Woosah mini! Support the show by purchasing merch at or following my Instagram: @augustenergySupport the show ($AugustNj)
Executive function refers to the portion of our inner mechanics that allow us to multitask, remember instructions, focus, and plan. Sometimes, when we find ourselves demotivated, frozen, or stuck it can be hard to carry on a productive day, and ultimately... a productive lifestyle. In this episode, we come to understand what executive function is, and how to manage this without negative self-talk or judgement!Support the show ($AugustNj)
There are four methods of consumption as a human being: diet, media, company, and interactions. Being mindful of all four is the key to being in control of your life. When your body and mind environment is happy, you become a magnet for more happiness. We discuss how consciously seeking only positive pockets of energy can benefit your overall aura in this encouraging episode -based off of my talk at the Podfest Global Summit from August 2020!Support the show ($AugustNj)
Indoor plants achieve house goals beyond gorgeous decor. Today, we talk about the real benefits of houseplants, including improved air quality, boosted mood, and overall health.Schoppee Farm Organic Hemp/CBD Products Schoppee Farm cultivates and plants organic hemp. Organic CBD products, from seed to shelf.Support the show ($AugustNj)
It's no secret that this year has been a tough one, all across the globe. This week, we dive into 21 lessons to bring into 2021.So stay tuned for our Weekly Woosah, a podcast where holistic wellness and meditation meets psychology. and for 21 golden nuggets that this crazy year has taught me. With listeners in 59 countries and over 800 cities worldwide, I wanted to extend my utmost gratitude for this gift of community, and the privilege to serve you. Tune into this episode to hear about a special thank you from me, in the form of a worldwide giveaway of a 3-day stay anywhere around the world in 2021, and how to enter!Support the show ($AugustNj)
This special guided meditation is intended to serve all beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Empowerment drives this meditation so that you may feel ready to take on the day through healthy choices. Infused sound therapy encourages full breathing techniques and cognitive stimulation to evoke inner motivation and energy.Support the show ($AugustNj)
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