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Working Title: A Literary Arts Podcast, is a literary citizenship project founded by the Fall 2019 cohort candidates in the MFA: Creative Writing program at the University of Central Florida. Our episodes will feature in-studio readings from the UCF literary community, interviews and readings from published faculty and students, seasonal readings such as our inaugural “Spooky Stories” episode, craft round-tables, and special events such as public readings and conference reports. Working Title: A Literary Arts Podcast is an independent project produced with the support of the University of Central Florida MFA in Creative Writing Program, the Department of English, and the College of Arts and Humanities.
13 Episodes
On June 16th, 2020, poet, essayist, literary activist, and University of Central Florida MFA Creative Writing alumna Audi Barnes presents the We Have Voices inaugural event WE HAVE NAMES: Reclaiming Black Bodies, which honored the lives of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd through poetry and prose. Working Title Podcast brings you a selection of  the event's readings, along with commentary from event co-hosts Audi Barnes and Malcolm Kelly.Visit We Have for more information about the organization, businesses and organizations to support, and future reading events.This content contains strong language.  
In part 2 of Women in the MFA, we discuss reading and teaching canonical and diverse texts, the emotional labor of women and marginalized groups inherent in workshop, an while as writers we all have the ability to craft characters outside of our own experiences, should we?In case you missed it, catch up on this topic with How Men Write Women, Part I.
Join us as Nicole Pendleton sits down with MFA in Creative Writing candidates Nicole Balsamo, Audi Barnes, Rebecca Fox, and Becca Rowel. In part one of this two-part episode, the panel dives into the opinions and experiences of women in MFA programs especially as they relate to the way male authors frequently write female characters.Join the conversation. Send your questions or comments to Your comments may be used in a future show.
Love Letters

Love Letters


Love through the generations. The great love of female friendships. The arc of married love through a husband’s tight spiral. The beasts we become to love the people we shouldn’t love.Today’s episode brings works of discovery, loss, and monsters. Joins us as Working Title presents: Love Letters. Featuring Jada Reyes, Kara Delemeester, Lorena Parker Matejowsky, and Sean Glatch. 
Join us as we sit down with writer, game designer, and UCF MFA candidate Dez Deshaies to discuss autonarratives and how narrative gaming can inspire creative writing. After we chat with Dez, we'll listen to 1000 Pigeons, a performance crafted through gaming.Dez Deshaies is a writer and game designer from Chicago, IL. Recently, his work has been published in Menacing Hedge and exhibited at The Adler Planetarium. He is the series editor of Youth Voices, a compendium of writing by Chicago-area high school students, and he has developed playsets for Fiasco. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Brown University, and is currently pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing at The University of Central Florida. He is on Instagram and Twitter as @dezdeshaies. 
Join Nicole Pendleton for the conclusion of her chat with writer and University of Central Florida MFA in Creative Writing candidate, David K. Gibson, affectionately known as “Gib.” In Part II, their conversation includes his current work and the concept of writing as "play," and where to find Gib and his work online.David K. Gibson writes fiction, essays, and journalism, and he usually writes them sideways. His work is often experimental in form, and frequently touches on themes of grief and estrangement, souls adrift in a changing world, and oversized root vegetables. He has perhaps read too much Pynchon.
Nicole Pendleton sits down with writer and University of Central Florida MFA in Creative Writing candidate, David K. Gibson, affectionately known as “Gib.” In Part I, their conversation weaves from his reading event project, Kerouac Karaoke, honoring the work of peers, and the potential benefits of literary citizenship and public readings in Orlando and the literary community at large.
An unexpected and dangerous guest arrives during a storm, and tries to strike a deal with their host.A winter freeze brings perceptual and existential clarity, but in Florida such things never last long. A 3 A.M. trip down a quiet street during a blizzard yields discoveries old and new.Join Working Title as we feature audio recordings submitted by writers from the University of Central Florida community—Meg Geren, Dr. Kevin Meehan, and Becca Rowell—on our Winter Solstice Episode. 
Join Working Title as writer and MFA Candidate Becca Rowell sits down with University of Central Florida MFA in Creative Writing Program Director and Poet Terry Ann Thaxton. Thaxton discusses the MFA program at UCF, experimentation and hybridity in writing, Literary Citizenship, tips for writers and MFA students, and failed furniture placement.Terry Ann Thaxton is a fifth generation Floridian who spent most of her childhood roaming hundreds of acres of natural land surrounding her home. Many of the natural habitats are now gated communities or shopping centers. She still heads out to the woods every couple of days. 
Join Working Title as we present two Writers in the Sun readings, featuring poets Roger Reeves and Chrissy Kolaya. Reeves reads his poem “Children Listen,” and answers questions about his process writing poetry. Kolaya spends time reading from her new collection, Other Possible Lives.Writers in the Sun is dedicated to bringing a diverse set of award-winning authors and editors to expand students knowledge in writing and the publishing industry. Find them on Facebook @writersinthesun.
Interview: John King

Interview: John King


The Working Title team brings you an exclusive interview with local author and fellow podcaster John King, featuring a discussion on his new novel, Guy Psycho and the Ziggurat of Shame, his podcast, The Drunken Odyssey, and a handful of helpful tips for young writers. Guy Psycho and the Ziggurat of Shame tells the story of an alcoholic lounge singer who must re-enact the epic of Gilgamesh while inside a mountain in Tennessee.Rated explicit for some language.
Today’s show features live readings from the November 2019 Parcels: MFAs in Progress: readings by University of Central Florida’s MFA Creative Writing candidates David K. Gibson, Marelize Roets, Dez Deshaies, and author and UCF assistant professor, Chrissy Kolaya.Parcels: MFAs in Progress is a project featuring readings from MFA Creative Writing candidates and faculty at the University of Central Florida. Join us the first Sunday of each month at 7PM at the Orlando Brewing Company in Orlando, Florida.Rated explicit for language and adult themes.Readers:[01:08] David K. Gibson[15:40] Marelize Roets[27:30] Dez Deshaies[40:25] Chrissy Kolaya
Spooky Stories

Spooky Stories


Our inaugural  episode! Join us for three very spooky stories as we celebrate the first episode of Working Title: A Literary Arts Podcast!Tonight's readings by: Madison Brake — "The Bell"Celine Pawlack — "Artificial Assistance"Genevieve Leanne Dominguez — "Yellow Post-it Note"
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