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The New World Pictures Podcast is dedicated to every movie released by New World Pictures.  We talk about the things we loved and the things we hated along with the detailed history of each film's history and production.

Founded by the infamous Roger Corman, New World Pictures was responsible for the greatest genre and exploitation films of the 1970's and 1980's.  Remember all those movies that lived proudly in the Action, Horror, Comedy and Sci-Fi isles of the video store?  Titles like Death Race 2000, Hellraiser, Heathers and Piranha.  They were all made by New World Pictures.

In addition to talking about the films themselves, we talk with the Writers, Producers and Directors who worked with New World Pictures.
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Ep. 110: Breaker Morant

Ep. 110: Breaker Morant


We continue #FebWARary with director Bruce Beresford's BREAKER MORANT, which covers the very well-known (to Americans) Second Boer War. We attempt to offer a small background on the War as we discuss this Academy Award-nominated film, which follows three soldiers court-martialed by their own military. Also, Erica discovers the movie was based on true events (but also, frustratingly, a play), Marc can't stop thinking about AGAINST ALL ODDS, and all three hosts reveal their own personal code. For more about this podcast, including our original t-shirts, head to 
We return to #FebWARary for a Roger Corman/Cirio Santiago film that New World DIDN'T release, but could have! The film, one of Santiago's many Namsploitation films, is at least filled with action and the debut of Robert Patrick, the eventual T-1000 of James Cameron's T2. We sharpen our gaze towards THE EYE OF THE EAGLE as Ryan takes us on a deep dive of the film's soundtrack, Erica points out the unique costumes, and Marc attempts to remember a single character name.  
R.J. Kizer returns to the podcast! A longtime New World Pictures editor, R.J. made his directorial debut with the American scenes that were inserted into GODZILLA 1985, New World's re-edit of Toho's THE RETURN OF GODZILLA.  We discuss how he became involved with the project, what it was like working with Raymond Burr, why GODZILLA 1985 never made it to DVD, as well as why stories about other New World projects like BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, UP FROM THE DEPTHS, SPACE RAIDERS and even HELLRAISER! This is an in-depth look into the making of a New World film, from working with Roger Corman to working with GODZILLA 1985 producer Tony Randel and the 2nd New World ownership group! Don't miss this amazing conversation with a highly-entertaining New World veteran! 
Ep. 109: Last Plane Out

Ep. 109: Last Plane Out


We kick off #FebWARary with 1983's Last Plane Out, a semi-fictionalized account of the events that took place days before the Sandinista's removed Anastasio Somoza from power in Nicaragua. It stars Jan-Michael Vincent (Airwolf), Julie Carmen (In the Mouth of Madness) and Mary Crosby whose character shot JR in TV's Dallas. Sounds exciting, right?  Wrong. But, what is exciting is the announcement of our new airline, Air Erica.  It's exactly what NWPPVIP's have been asking for.  Air Erica is putting the "f" back into flying".  And by "f" we mean "fun".  That is unless you brought a chess board because we all know what that leads to. Looking for onboard entertainment?  Each flight features its own DJ (DJ Emergency Exit) spinning beats from takeoff to landing.  The plane doesn't land until the DJ Emergency Exit says so.  What about movies?  Air Erica has you covered.  You can choose from "Ice Pirates" or "Waterworld".  Staying hydrated is important on Air Erica. Not convinced?  Well, bring your cigarettes because on Air Erica every section is a smoking section.  We look forward to seeing you on the next Air Erica flight.  
Finally, Godzilla returns! And this time, he's sleepier than ever!  After 9 years away from the box office, Japanese film studio Toho decided they need to expedite another GODZILLA movie and created 1984's THE RETURN OF GODZILLA. That film ended up in the hands of New World Pictures, who chopped it up and added extra American footage starring none other than Raymond Burr, who appeared in the Americanized version of the original Japanese movie, and the result is GODZILLA 85, a movie only New World could make! We'll discuss alternate ways of dispersing Godzilla, birds, the film's unique marketing strategy, cadmium, and, of course, Dr. Pepper!  Joining us is a returning guest, writer and performer Ali Davis, who brings with her a love of GODZILLA movies and many questions about the film's (surprisingly) confusing plot! Don't miss the discussion of this New World classic. For more episodes, merch, and more, go to  
In this #Monstruary episode we attempt to satisfy all your strange desires with 1971's Lady Frankenstien, directed by former Roger Corman regular Mel Welles (THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS). This spin on a classic tale was shot with an international cast, headlined by former Orson Welles regular Joseph Cotten. It's a real Welles-fest! Joining us in piecing this all together is the electric Chris Iannacone from Get Me Another podcast, you won't want to miss hearing this episode come to life. Follow Get Me Another here: Follow Chris here: For all our episodes, articles, and t-shirts go to 
Are you new to the New World Pictures Podcast?  Well, there's no better place to start than our 2nd Annual Worldies where we hand out awards to the best New World Pictures films we watched in 2023. We invited former guests and NWPPVIPs to help us present these prestigious awards including:  Jean Black (guest on Ep. 79: Torment; follow here) Neumie (NWPP VIP and host of the After These Messages Sketch Comedy Podcast; follow here) Dirk Marshall (guest on Ep. 98: Zombie Nightmare and host of the VH US Podcast; follow VH US here) Kookie Kuckenbaker (NWPP VIP) Erin Dawn (guest on Ep. 81: Reform School Girls, Ep. 97: Breaking All the Rules, and host of the Manic Movie Monday Podcast) Ali Davis (guest on Ep. 75: Up From the Depths, Ep. 96: Cover Girl Models, and author of True Porn Clerk Stories) Ben Jones (NWPP VIP, follow him here) Dunbar Dicks (guest on Ep. 30: Too Hot to Handle; follow him here) We also rank our top 5 from 2023 and, new to the 2nd Annual Worldies, we rank our bottom 5.   A huge thanks to the guests we've had the opportunity to interview on this podcast, our guest presenters, and to all of you, our audience, for listening to the New World Pictures Podcast.  On to 2024!
On December 23, 1988, New World Pictures released the sequel to one of their greatest hits, thus creating #DIEcember for this podcast a mere 35 years later! We dig into this holiday delight and ask all the important questions, like: what happened to Kirsty's boyfriend Steve? What's the worst smell you can encounter at an airport? And what does Pinhead's version of hell?  Which character from this movie would you want as your roommate? We discuss that and much more in an episode that will hopefully help you celebrate the holiday season the way Clive Barker always intended!   
Will you survive this episode of DIEcember? Listen closely students so you don't miss a single detail of 1988's APPRENTICE TO MURDER!  Don't let the vague online summary fool you: "The small beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch community is rocked by a series of bizarre events which lead to a web of deception, violence and murder. APPRENTICE TO MURDER is a story of Infatuation with love, dreams and out-of-world temptations." OUT OF WORLD TEMPTATIONS, you say??? We're in! Follow hunky, star student Chad Lowe as he hides from rabid dogs, tans some hides while shirtless, sketches Mia Sara, and learns what he can from the mysterious Donald Sutherland.  Join us as we scratch the surface of what it means to practice Pow Wow, finally settle the score on which Baldwin brother is the sexiest, and the explore the unique experience of going under under.
Ep. 104 Hellgate

Ep. 104 Hellgate


From the people that brought you Hellraiser and Night Patrol (you read that right) comes 1989's HELLGATE.  This movie stars Ron Palillo (Welcome Back Kotter) and a group of actors who weren't in Welcome Back Kotter as students (?) who's weekend getaway turns to terror when they're lured to a ghost town (?) called Hellgate.   This movie has everything.  Is it a horror movie?  Is it a sci-fi movie?  Is it a comedy?  Is it a producer's attempt to showcase their enviable car collection?  The answer to all these questions is, "yes".   We talk about the sadly overlooked traveling model industry, the lasting appeal of 1950's diners, and the challenges with using metal plates instead of band aids.  We also talk about boners more in this episode then ever before so you have that to look forward to.  We also debate whether Josie (the lead ghost in the movie) is trying to seduce Matt (Ron Palillo) for love or just so that he'll take over her daily chores.   This movie ranks high on our "fun meter".  If you liked ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE, then you owe yourself to take HELLGATE out for a spin.  Just watch out for brick walls.
We begin DIEcember, a celebration of the horror movies made by New World Pictures, with a movie that nearly made it into New World's history: 1992's WARLOCK: THE ARMAGEDDON directed by the late Anthony Hickox (HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH) and starring the late Julian Sands in his second go-around as Satan's son. This time around, the Warlock has some new adversaries in the form of two teenage Druid warriors who train to face the evil Warlock by making baseballs fly through the air and befriending squirrels. Along the way, we discuss THE GREAT OUTDOORS, growing up on a film set, and the delicious menu at Black Angus!  Get ready for DIEcember, because this is only the beginning!   
We push the limits of what we mean by "nearly New World" with this bonus episode where we talk about 1986 classic, Night of the Creeps starring Jason Lively (Blake's brother), Jill Whitlow (not related to the Lively family) and Tom Atkins in the role he was destined to play. This may be the most "stream of consciousness" episode we've ever recorded.  In addition to talking about Night of the Creeps we also discuss (in no particular order): Hot dog condiments Erica's hypothetical radio show on 103.5 hosted by Erica Sherrica Dorm rooms Erica's sleeping pillow rules Mama's Family Weekend-long college parties The cooling effect of ceiling fans Robocop 3 Night Zoo There's something for everyone.  So, gather your family around the modern-day radio and enjoy Nearly New World: Night of the Creeps.
Are we STILL talking about Night Zoo?! Spoiler alert, we are! We continue #NIGHTvember with 1972’s Night of the Cobra Woman.  Monkeys, eagles, and, believe it or not, cobras! Oh my, you say, oh yessssssss, we say! So settle in, chill out, and don't forget to milk Movini before watching this thrilling, bizarre, choose your own adventure  directed by Andrew Meyer, a dark film that spends the majority of its time focusing on the night and very little time at a zoo...ooopsie STILL talking about Night Zoo! You'll have to listen and decide for yourself what happened to Dirk, Duff, Joanna and what it truly means to spend a night with the Cobra Woman!
Ep. 102: Night Zoo

Ep. 102: Night Zoo


We continue #NIGHTvember with 1987's Night Zoo.  With a title like Night Zoo, you'd expect a fun, family comedy.  Maybe something along the lines of Night at the Museum.  Spoiler alert!  You would be wrong.  Dead Wrong.   Night Zoo, directed by Jean-Claude Lauzon, is a dark film that spends the majority of its time focusing on the night and very little time at a zoo.  Night Zoo follows Marcel's release from prison as he tries to rebuild his estranged relationship with his father and hide $200,000 from some corrupt cops.  He also tries to get back together with his girlfriend but that's only a small part of the movie which is surprising given her appearance on the movie poster.  There's also some cocaine hidden in a thermos, a prized parakeet, and someone seems to always have lube in their pocket.  We talk about the apartment rental market in Quebec during the 1980's, Marc's  follicly challenged head, and the retirement benefits provided by Peepshow providers.  It's just what you'd expect from a Night Zoo.
Ep. 101: Night Patrol

Ep. 101: Night Patrol


Welcome to #NIGHTvember where we will spend the month talking about movies with "night" in the title! Kicking off our month of night is the wacky, chaotic comedy by director Jackie Kong, Night Patrol!  Join us on our pursuit of what works in this film, including special shout outs to Linda Blair, the Unknown Comic, and an Erica favorite, - showbiz agent character! We toss out our usual show structure and follow the trail of wherever the night (patrol) takes us! We promise no animals were harmed in the recording of this podcast. For more information about the podcast, go to
We close out #VIDtober with our ranking of Italy's much beloved La Casa franchise.  A franchise that shares the podium with such greats as The Godfather 1-3 and Star Wars.  If you're saying to yourself, "I've never seen a La Casa movie" you would be wrong.  If you've seen Evil Dead or Evil Dead 2, you've seen a La Casa movie.  If you've seen some, but not all, of the House movies, you've seen a La Casa movie.  If you've seen The Witchery then good for you.  You've seen a La Casa movie. We rank our least favorite to our favorite.  More importantly, Ryan betrays us by making a confounding ranking decision that has us all wondering if he's lost his mind.  
Our penultimate episode of VIDtober, our celebration of the movies released by New World Video, is also our 100th New World movie!  Appropriately, we're discussing Donald G. Jackson's I LIKE TO HURT PEOPLE, a documentary? Sports film? Slasher? Whatever it may be, it contains a lot of wrestling! Even PRINCESS BRIDE actor Andre the Giant wrestles in it!  Joining us is returning guest Brian James O'Connell, a director, writer, and wrestling fan, who sorts out the whole world of 1970's and early 80's wrestling world for us, teaching us about "jobbers" and the 5 motivations for a wrestler (we even add one more)! Plus, we go into what this movie was originally going to be, and what we discovered was, well, A LOT. You won't believe your ears (nor should you, if they talk to you)! Follow Brian here: For more about the podcast, head to 
As we continue #VIDtober and talk about the movies released by New World Video, there's one title we can't figure out why it wasn't released by New World Video and that's Lamberto's Bava's DEMONS 2!  Featuring perhaps the greatest soundtrack ever created for a film (at least, in our opinion) and yet somehow not a commentary on television, we discuss the return of Bava's orthodontically-challenged creatures and how difficult they are to defeat, especially when no one knows how to close a door or not trap themselves in the garage! Would you kill a demon or still get your reps in?  We ask all the tough questions, including whether Bava should have used his original idea for an ending and how they could've made DEMONS 3! 
Ep. 99: Terror in the Swamp

Ep. 99: Terror in the Swamp


We continue our journey through the hardest fought hashtag, #VIDtober, in New World Pictures Podcast history with a rare gem(?) - 1985's TERROR IN THE SWAMP or, as it's known in some circles, NUTRIAMAN:  THE COPASAW CREATURE.   If you're from Louisiana or spent any time in a Southern swamp, you've got the advantage with this episode.  We are way over our skis with the dialogue but we found a new saying that will become a NWPPVIP staple, "we can't go off half cocktail".  Cocktail?  Not sure what that means but we love it.   If you're not from Louisiana but you like aeronautics, you'll love this movie.  There are bi-planes, float-planes, helicopters and even airboats.   Maybe you're into MOONSHINERS on Discovery Channel.  This movie has moonshine too!  And, they know how to drink it right - out of Mason jars.    Most importantly, if you're into Nutria, you might like this movie.  It doesn't have as many Nutria as you'd expect.  And while we're on the subject, does a Nutria sound like a person playing a Kazoo?  
This months starts #VIDtober, where we exclusively discuss the movies released by New World Video! We being back guest Dirk Marshall of the VH US Podcast to help us break down 1987's Canadian tax shelter movie ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE! Adam West headlines a movie filled with so many choices, he doesn't even show up for 45 minutes! It all starts with a group of trendy teens, played by Tia Carrere and director (and bad boy) Shawn Levy, who accidentally kill a heroic baseball player who loves Wheat Germ.  But, as they soon find out, dead men have a way of returning, with milky eyes and an occasional limp!  Listen as we marvel at this delightful film and the world it contains, where the best cheese is bought at liquor stores, tennis is the purest aphrodisiac, and everyone is one jacuzzi dip away from getting pink mouth!  Find Dirk here:   Find VH US here:
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