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The New World Pictures Podcast is dedicated to every movie released by New World Pictures.

Founded by the infamous Roger Corman, New World Pictures was responsible for the greatest genre films of the 1970's and 1980's.  Remember all those movies that lived proudly in the back isles of the video store?  Most of them were made by New World Pictures.

From Death Race 2000 to Hellraiser and Piranha to Heathers. We talk about them all.  The things we loved and the things we hated along with the detailed history of each film's history and production.

Some movies are great. Some are bad. All of them are New World Pictures.
138 Episodes
#PrisonMarch continues with writer/director Tom DeSimone's Reform School Girls, and joining us to discuss this definitive women-in-prison film is Erin Dawn from the Manic Movie Monday Podcast! We discuss a new twist on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, fancy hands, and knock-off workout tapes!  Plus, we get some clarification on prison de-lousing and crunch the radish numbers!  
Prison March continues its sentence with a film that was Nearly New World: 1973's TERMINAL ISLAND! Find out how director Stephanie Rothman (THE STUDENT TEACHERS, THE VELVET VAMPIRE) ended up making this with competitor Dimension Pictures instead of New World! Find out if we were able to look away from free-minded murderer Tom Selleck as he battles against future Magnum P.I. co-star Roger E. Moseley! Grab all your denim and prepare your dick chess, it's full speed ahead to TERMINAL ISLAND!  TERMINAL ISLAND!  TERMINAL ISLAND!
Ep. 80: Women in Cages

Ep. 80: Women in Cages


Join us as we kick off Prison March, an entire month dedicated to a few of New World's many, many, many women in prison films.  Our first Prison March selection is 1971's WOMEN IN CAGES which features sex at sea, organized crime, and a cock fight - all within the first six minutes!  The NWPP team will treat you like a dignitary as they walk you through important lessons to keep in mind should your untrustworthy boyfriend get you wrongfully imprisoned, such as: always double-check your sandwiches, remember that candlesticks are stronger than you think, don't play too rough with Pam Grier, and the Zulu Queen on-board activities are limited, so book early!  Tune in to this episode, or we'll send the mercenaries after you, and they will stop at nothing to find you!
We close out #Febsessed with a TORMENT Reunion Special! We talk with John Penney (THE KINDRED, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3), Scott Alexander (ED WOOD, DOLEMITE IS MY NAME) and Earl Ghaffari (ENCANTO, FROZEN) about making 1984's TORMENT.   These three friends share a long and storied history which made this less of an interview and more of a conversation.  They talk about how they got their start in filmmaking including the making of 1982's THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD and 1983's THE POWER.  They tell stories about the making of TORMENT including the precarious sleeping conditions while shooting at Samson's parents' house.  We also learn about the big investment opportunities that were created by NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4: THE DREAM MASTER.  Who knew?   We are so appreciative to be a fly on the wall while these three incredibly talented filmmakers talk about their careers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 
Our 2nd film for #Febsessed involves an overworked detective tracking a serial killer in San Francisco, yet doesn't star Clint Eastwood! Writer/performer Jean Black joins us to discuss this under seen thriller about the difficulty of meeting a future in-law without your significant other, and the hazards of dating in San Francisco!  We also highlight the terrific performances, especially the one by Gary Oldman, who is completely unrecognizable in this! Don't miss this episode, it could be the exact right healing frequency you need, like a lullaby sung in to an intercom!
We continue our exploration of #Febsessed with a conversation with Marie Laurin, star of last week's episode, TALKING WALLS.  Marie shares the history of TALKING WALLS including development delays, reshoots and the mysterious Director's Cut.  Many questions were answered and, yet, many questions remain. Marie talks about working on CREATURE with Klaus Kinski and her almost-not-so-brief stint working on THREE'S COMPANY.  She also shares into a little known behind-the-scenes story about the shooting of STEEL MAGNOLIAS.  This episode has everything!  Finally, Marie talks about the movie she wrote and shot with her daughter, THE UNCANNY.  It's making the festival rounds right now and we look forward to seeing it soon.  
Ep. 78: Talking Walls

Ep. 78: Talking Walls


Welcome to #Febsessed, where we discuss the New World movies about obsession, and what better way to start than 1987's TALKING WALLS! But is it a comedy? Is it a drama? Is it a love story? It is! Director Stephen Verona's story about a guy filming other people getting it on while falling in love left us as confused as we were thrilled which is better than nothing at all! Listen as we dissect this video store gem about the wildest hotel in Hollywood!  
We end Disastruary with our first Godzilla film released by New World Pictures: 1974's GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA! And who better to discuss this with us but actor/writer/director Graham Skipper, who literally wrote the book on the subject: Godzilla: The Official Guide to the King of the Monsters. Graham fills us in on loads of Godzilla movie information and lore, while we unwrap this intricate gift of a movie filled with Planet of the Apes-masked aliens, a song break, secret agents, a ride on a cruise ship, a room that cooks people, and, of course, monsters fighting each other!   Follow Graham on Twitter: Buy his book: Follow The New World Pictures Podcast:
Ep. 76: The Bees

Ep. 76: The Bees


We continue #disastuary with 1978's THE BEES, a movie that explores the imminent threat of Africanized bees smuggled into the United States by Big Honey and the wacky world of the scientists that study them.   While most movies are made to appeal to specific audiences, we're not sure who this movie was made for.  Was it made for Bee scientists?  Was it made for disaster movie fans?  Was it made for environmentalists?  Was it made for people who want to enjoy the peace and quiet of enjoying a donut in a public restroom?  We aren't sure. We also aren't sure of the proper pronunciation of the word, "swarm".  Please help.
Disastruary continues with a Nearly New World selection: 1979's METEOR from  director Ronald Neame! Listen and find out how this was Nearly New World and why it's Nearly New World!  Plus, why does Sean Connery drink so much coffee? And how was Brian Keith cast as a Russian scientist? We'll break it all down for you! Hoowee!
We begin #Disastruary with 1979's UP FROM THE DEPTHS, directed by long-time Roger Corman collaborator Charles B. Griffith (GRAND THEFT AUTO, SMOKEY BITES THE DUST, THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS) which follows a Hawaiian resort under attack from a giant... shark? Monster? Fish? Well, anyway, something aquatic attacks them after being released by an underwater earthquake. We dive into the "disaster" of it all, most of which seems to have taken place behind the scenes, while also discussing renting porn, APOCALYPSE NOW, how hard it is to run a resort, whether anyone has ever drank a Pink Squirrel, and, most importantly, has anyone watched BULLWORTH?
2022 is dead, long live 2023!  But, before we move on, it's time for everyone's favorite award show: the Worldies! Yes, the award show that honors the very best in films (that we watched this year)! Plus, our Running Top 5 for 2022! Joining us to hand out these awards are several of our former guests: Lauren Flans from Coming Out with Lauren and Nicole ( ), Peter Fluet ( ), Dirk Marshall from VHUS Podcast (, Jason Kleeberg from the Force Five podcast (, Dunbar from The List Show Podcast ( ), Dan Gorman from Notes From the Back Row Podcast (, Doug from the Great Times, Good Movies podcast ( ), and Lindsay Wilkins from the Schlock and Awe Podcast ( )!  Many thanks to our guest presenters, all our prestigious Worldie winners, and to all of you NWPPVIPs for listening to the 1st Annual Worldies! Follow us on Twitter: Visit our website:
Wait a minute, ERNEST SAVES CHRISTMAS was nearly a New World Picture? It's true! Listen to find out how, plus our thoughts on Ernest P. Worrell, the snakes, the many costumes, and of course, Vern! Are you aware of what we mean? 
Finally, Cannon and New World Pictures join forces to discuss a film where other people join forces to take out other forces!  Of course, we're talking about our guest, writer/performer and co-host of The Cannon Canon Podcast Frank Garcia-Hejl, and our Cannon-iest movie yet, DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, starring football player-turned TV star Fred Dryer!  Based on real events, we'll get into all the pertinent issues of the film, including: the job industries of the fictional country Jamal, the best drillbits to puncture a hand, and how wonderful it was when the lady throws the cat! Don't miss this collaboration between two podcasts who are both dedicated to dead movie studios or you'll make Gorky Pork angry! Follow Frank:  or Follow The Cannon Cannon on Twitter:
We've wanted to talk with Writer, Director, and Producer Patrick Read Johnson for some time now and it was worth the wait.  Patrick shares some amazing stories about getting his start in the film business and how he swapped sci-fi stories with George Lucas on the set of BATMAN RETURNS.   He also talks about working on wearing multiple hats while working on DEAD HEAT.  It isn't often that you are able to do special effects, fill the role of  Assistant Director, and be the Music Composer all on the same movie.  We talk with Patrick about his work on WARLOCK and how that production differed from DEAD HEAT.   Finally, we talk about Patrick's latest film: 5-25-77.  It's a true labor of love that was years in the making.  It has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  You can watch it on Showtime but you should really go buy the blu ray.  Physical media is far more gratifying.  
Ep. 73: Angel of Death

Ep. 73: Angel of Death


We kick off #Deathcember, our celebration of New World movies with the word "death" in them, with ANGEL OF DEATH, from both director Jess Franco and Andrea Bianchi! We frequently say on the NEW WORLD PICTURES PODCAST that you don't need to see the movie to enjoy the episode.  While ANGEL OF DEATH is no different, it's practically impossible to accurately describe this movie.  Is it about a Jewish commando team hunting Dr. Mengele in Paraguay?  Yes. It's ALSO about Dr. Mengele's experiments combining humans with apes.  It's ALSO about Wolfgang von Backey recruiting an army to turn South America into a Nazi stronghold.  It's ALSO about the curious courtship rituals employed by the Nazis.  It's ALSO about carnivals.  It's ALSO about leisurely phone calls in bed.  It's ALSO about blueberry pie punches to the face.   You should see this movie.  
We kick off our new Monday release schedule with an interview with Writer, Director, and Actor, Charles Dennis.  As many of you #NWPPVIPs know, we love 1983's COVERGIRL and were thrilled to have a chance to talk with Charles about the movie. Did you know the director shot a separate film within the film?  We sure didn't. Charles shares with us how he got his start in radio and the theater as a child.  He shares how he befriended Anthony Perkins.  He talks about his early films including 1974's THE THIRSTY DEAD (how was this not a New World Pictures movie?!), 1979's MIRROR MIRROR, and 1980's DOUBLE NEGATIVE.    We also talk about his book, There's a Body in the Window Seat!: The History of Arsenic and Old Lace (  It's an incredible history of the film and serves as a great companion to his audio commentary on the Criterion Collection Blu-Ray.  Go pick up a copy on Amazon or wherever you find books. Finally, we also talk about the making of RENO AND THE DOC and the theme, "A Little Piece of Forever".  Dammit.  Now I have that song stuck in my head.
Jason from the Force Five Podcast joins us as #Newoirvember continues with 1987's SISTER, SISTER, the debut of director Bill Condon (GODS AND MONSTERS, CHICAGO). But is it noir? Southern noir? Or Southern Giallo? We debate that as we discuss how to be a good hotel guest (welcome new sponsor, Hilton!), the horniness of the  bayou, and what it's like to grow up while constantly living in a shadow. Follow Jason on Twitter here: @forcefivepod For more about the Force Five Podcast visit
 #Newoirvember continues with Part 2 of our 3-part conversation with producer and director Donald P. Borchers, who produced both ANGEL and CHILDREN OF THE CORN for New World Pictures and helped get the post-Corman era off to a good start. In this episode, we discuss Ken Russell's CRIMES OF PASSION, which Borchers produced and discuss how the film almost had a monkey wearing a diaper in it, the bargaining with the MPAA, and how Donald slipped the change of Anthony Perkins's character to a priest past the New World brass. We also discuss ANGEL, including the casting, the original ending, Andrew Davis's (THE FUGITIVE) contributions and more.  We end with 1985's TUFF TURF, what inspired the film, Robert Downey Jr., the dance sequence, Madonna, and the secret, uncut version only Donald owns! This is an interview you don't want to miss! For more information on Donald and to watch the films mentioned, go to his YouTube page ( and don't forget to subscribe! 
For our first episode of Newoirvember, Galen Howard (Book of Boba Fett, Brooklyn 99) joins us to discuss director Curtis Hanson's most esteemed work, SWEET KILL. Or did he eventually direct something better? We'll offer our opinions on Hanson's filmography as we discuss Tab Hunter and his series of Bleak Workout video tapes, Nightly Night Milks, and Venice policing! Plus, we get a visit from the Copyright Hound!  Find Galen on Twitter here: @_Galen_Howard_
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