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The New World Pictures Podcast is dedicated to every movie released by New World Pictures.

Founded by the infamous Roger Corman, New World Pictures was responsible for the greatest genre films of the 1970's and 1980's.  Remember all those movies that lived proudly in the back isles of the video store?  Most of them were made by New World Pictures.

From Death Race 2000 to Hellraiser and Piranha to Heathers. We talk about them all.  The things we loved and the things we hated along with the detailed history of each film's history and production.

Some movies are great. Some are bad. All of them are New World Pictures.
149 Episodes
JUNE GLOOM, our tribute to the dramas or "saddies" released by New World Pictures, starts out with a bang with the 1984 New Zealand import HEART OF THE STAG!  And boy, is it the gloomiest! Joining us to discuss this dark, dark film is returning guest Lindsay Wilkins, host of the Schlock & Awe podcast!  We fight through the discomfort of the movie's subject matter (which is considerable) and discuss the Bruno Lawrence of it all, table manners, and the benefits of hindsight!  Plus, Lindsay helps school us on New Zealand's goth scene, wool industry, and countryside, AND we have an impromptu stag roar competition!  Follow Schlock & Awe here: Follow Lindsay here:
It's the end of Marc's Miserable MARVELous May and we wanted to send it off with a celebration of the New World Pictures era of the MCU with our special guest, Tarik Davis.   We rank our top 6: Generation X, Death of the Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D (nearly New World) and Blade.  While that list may seem like an obvious ranking, you may be surprised.   We also discuss a potential new Netflix series, Red Skull: House of Gucci.  We talk about the copious amounts of time you have to gather your belongings and complete a wardrobe change when a missle is heading to an aircraft you're actively occupying.  And, of course, we talk about that time Marc was at Magic Mountain and he watched David Hasselhoff record a music video.  
When planning (Marc's Miserable) #MARVELousMay, we couldn't wait to watch GENERATION X, directed by veteran genre filmmaker Jack Sholder (THE HIDDEN, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2, RENEGADES) to see how he contributed to the first live-action X-Men movie! In our interview, we discuss the making of the 1996 TV movie about the world of teenage mutants, as well as his beginnings as an editor with New Line, writing WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN? (which was nearly a New World movie), his Tales From the Crypt episode, and his other films, including RENEGADES and 12:01, plus working on the 1991 Jeff Speakman movie THE PERFECT WEAPON!  Don't miss out on this epic conversation!
Marc's Miserable Marvelous May continues with one of New World's final projects: an adaptation of the Marvel comic book GENERATION X created by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo from director Jack Sholder (THE HIDDEN)! Peter Fluet returns from Ep. 33 STAR CRYSTAL to discuss the characters, world, and potential of this would-be feature-length pilot for a TV series that never was!  We quiz Marc about who was from the comic book and who wasn't, and, since it's impossible to talk about GENERATION X without context of the era, we discuss the 1990's of it all, including carnivals, fashion, and 1950's-themed diners! Also, what brought about the true end of New World?  And, most important of all: how great was Richard Grieco's IF LOOKS COULD KILL?  So get ready for some jubilation (except from Marc) as we examine yet another important part of the 1990's MCU!
We continue Marc's Miserable MARVELous May with 1990's Captain America -  movie that should have been made by New World Pictures but wasn't.   Instead, it was made by the Cannon Films offshoot, 21st Century Film Corporation. which is why we invited the author of The Cannon Film Guide, Austin Trunick, to join us to discuss this straight-to-video superhero movie.  Austin shares some fascinating stories about the making of Captain America while we debate important questions like:  Is Captain America actually a superhero or just a regular guy with super strong frisbee golf skills?   Is Captain America the older sibling of Ralphie and Randy Parker from A Christmas Story?   Can a piano stay tuned when placed on a castle wall overlooking the ocean?  Should you let your kids wander the streets of Washington DC at night so they can practice their amateur photography skills?   We discuss.  
Welcome to Marvelous May aka Marc's Miserable Marvelous May when we celebrate New World's brief period of owning Marvel! That's right, they did! And we're going to talk about it all month! Did Ryan decide to do this just to torture Marc, who hates comic book movies? He did!  The fun starts with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno ending their run of 3 made-for-TV INCREDIBLE HULK movies, and as David Banner and the Hulk! You'll learn about how New World's purchase of Marvel, banana turns, and the best song to play when you're falling out of a plane! Trust us, Stinky, this episode is Marvelous! 
The final week of #VAMPril closes out with the third part of our interview with VAMP producer Donald P. Borchers!  We discuss the how he got Grace Jones involved with the aid of an Anne Rice book, his stormy relationship with New World CEO Robert Rehme, his unmade projects  357 VIGILANTE and  David Lee Roth's CRAZY FROM THE HEAT, his theory on why New World closed its doors, plus more stories about CHILDREN OF THE CORN, TUFF TURF, CRIMES OF PASSION, and ANGEL!  This is a conversation not to be missed!   For more information on Donald and to watch the films mentioned, go to his YouTube page:  Don't forget to like and subscribe!
It's the reason for the season!  VAMPril continues with the film that inspired it all: 1986's VAMP! And who better to discuss this vampire comedy than our guest, Brian James O'Connell, the director of the vampire comedy BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS starring Pedro Pascal! We discuss the difficulty of making horror comedies, the correct age to play spin the bottle, and the incredible Grace Jones! Plus, Ryan reveals he knows NOTHING about NASCAR, Marc crunches some numbers, Erica upsets cinephiles, Brian figures out the New World Pictures crossover film that should have set the NWPCU in motion, and we all takes turns using the Bryant Gumbel method of interviewing! 
Ep 82: Teen Vamp

Ep 82: Teen Vamp


We are kicking off #vampril with 1989’s TEEN VAMP.  No, this isn't a sequel to 1986's VAMP.  Instead, TEEN VAMP is a coming-of-age story set in a very 1980’s looking 1950’s about a nerdy teenager who hires a prostitute that looks like Patricia Morrison from The Sisters of Mercy and turns out to be a vampire.  Once bitten, he becomes the coolest kid in school and a complete asshole. He also becomes a vampire, but that should be obvious.   TEEN VAMP has everything you want from a vampire movie while taking it's own spin on traditional vampire lore.  Daylight is no problem for these vampires.  They are also surprisingly respectful of parent curfews. And if that isn't enough, TEEN VAMP gives throws in the ghosts of dead children, random teleportation, and a surprising amount of man buns.  
For Roger Corman's 97th birthday, we again chose two Corman movies at random to see if we select the same film.  Will we all chose the same one? Or will that never happen? Either way, it's going to be a celebration of Corman's epic career.  
We couldn't think of a better way to wrap up #prisonmarch than an interview with the Writer and Director of REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS, Tom DeSimone.  We dig into the making of REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS and the different script changes that shaped the film.  Tom talks about casting Wendy O. Williams, meeting Pat Ast in a NY nightclub and the casting of Sybil Danning as Sgt Sutter.   We also talk about one of our Running Top 5 favorites, ANGEL 3: THE FINAL CHAPTER including how Donna Wilkes almost came back to the franchise.  Tom talks about almost directing THE BLOB and working with an aspiring Frank Darabont. If we had our way, this would be a 6 hour interview. Tom has had such a storied career and we are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to talk with him.  
#PrisonMarch continues with writer/director Tom DeSimone's Reform School Girls, and joining us to discuss this definitive women-in-prison film is Erin Dawn from the Manic Movie Monday Podcast! We discuss a new twist on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, fancy hands, and knock-off workout tapes!  Plus, we get some clarification on prison de-lousing and crunch the radish numbers!  
Prison March continues its sentence with a film that was Nearly New World: 1973's TERMINAL ISLAND! Find out how director Stephanie Rothman (THE STUDENT TEACHERS, THE VELVET VAMPIRE) ended up making this with competitor Dimension Pictures instead of New World! Find out if we were able to look away from free-minded murderer Tom Selleck as he battles against future Magnum P.I. co-star Roger E. Moseley! Grab all your denim and prepare your dick chess, it's full speed ahead to TERMINAL ISLAND!  TERMINAL ISLAND!  TERMINAL ISLAND!
Ep. 80: Women in Cages

Ep. 80: Women in Cages


Join us as we kick off Prison March, an entire month dedicated to a few of New World's many, many, many women in prison films.  Our first Prison March selection is 1971's WOMEN IN CAGES which features sex at sea, organized crime, and a cock fight - all within the first six minutes!  The NWPP team will treat you like a dignitary as they walk you through important lessons to keep in mind should your untrustworthy boyfriend get you wrongfully imprisoned, such as: always double-check your sandwiches, remember that candlesticks are stronger than you think, don't play too rough with Pam Grier, and the Zulu Queen on-board activities are limited, so book early!  Tune in to this episode, or we'll send the mercenaries after you, and they will stop at nothing to find you!
We close out #Febsessed with a TORMENT Reunion Special! We talk with John Penney (THE KINDRED, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3), Scott Alexander (ED WOOD, DOLEMITE IS MY NAME) and Earl Ghaffari (ENCANTO, FROZEN) about making 1984's TORMENT.   These three friends share a long and storied history which made this less of an interview and more of a conversation.  They talk about how they got their start in filmmaking including the making of 1982's THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD and 1983's THE POWER.  They tell stories about the making of TORMENT including the precarious sleeping conditions while shooting at Samson's parents' house.  We also learn about the big investment opportunities that were created by NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4: THE DREAM MASTER.  Who knew?   We are so appreciative to be a fly on the wall while these three incredibly talented filmmakers talk about their careers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 
Our 2nd film for #Febsessed involves an overworked detective tracking a serial killer in San Francisco, yet doesn't star Clint Eastwood! Writer/performer Jean Black joins us to discuss this under seen thriller about the difficulty of meeting a future in-law without your significant other, and the hazards of dating in San Francisco!  We also highlight the terrific performances, especially the one by Gary Oldman, who is completely unrecognizable in this! Don't miss this episode, it could be the exact right healing frequency you need, like a lullaby sung in to an intercom!
We continue our exploration of #Febsessed with a conversation with Marie Laurin, star of last week's episode, TALKING WALLS.  Marie shares the history of TALKING WALLS including development delays, reshoots and the mysterious Director's Cut.  Many questions were answered and, yet, many questions remain. Marie talks about working on CREATURE with Klaus Kinski and her almost-not-so-brief stint working on THREE'S COMPANY.  She also shares into a little known behind-the-scenes story about the shooting of STEEL MAGNOLIAS.  This episode has everything!  Finally, Marie talks about the movie she wrote and shot with her daughter, THE UNCANNY.  It's making the festival rounds right now and we look forward to seeing it soon.  
Ep. 78: Talking Walls

Ep. 78: Talking Walls


Welcome to #Febsessed, where we discuss the New World movies about obsession, and what better way to start than 1987's TALKING WALLS! But is it a comedy? Is it a drama? Is it a love story? It is! Director Stephen Verona's story about a guy filming other people getting it on while falling in love left us as confused as we were thrilled which is better than nothing at all! Listen as we dissect this video store gem about the wildest hotel in Hollywood!  
We end Disastruary with our first Godzilla film released by New World Pictures: 1974's GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA! And who better to discuss this with us but actor/writer/director Graham Skipper, who literally wrote the book on the subject: Godzilla: The Official Guide to the King of the Monsters. Graham fills us in on loads of Godzilla movie information and lore, while we unwrap this intricate gift of a movie filled with Planet of the Apes-masked aliens, a song break, secret agents, a ride on a cruise ship, a room that cooks people, and, of course, monsters fighting each other!   Follow Graham on Twitter: Buy his book: Follow The New World Pictures Podcast:
Ep. 76: The Bees

Ep. 76: The Bees


We continue #disastuary with 1978's THE BEES, a movie that explores the imminent threat of Africanized bees smuggled into the United States by Big Honey and the wacky world of the scientists that study them.   While most movies are made to appeal to specific audiences, we're not sure who this movie was made for.  Was it made for Bee scientists?  Was it made for disaster movie fans?  Was it made for environmentalists?  Was it made for people who want to enjoy the peace and quiet of enjoying a donut in a public restroom?  We aren't sure. We also aren't sure of the proper pronunciation of the word, "swarm".  Please help.
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