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There Are Four Hosts! (A Star Trek Picard Podcast)

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Pour a cup of Earl Grey and join four hosts as they embark on their most anticipated adventure yet! Will Star Trek Picard be everything they hoped for? Tune in to find out!
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Greetings! This episode the intrepid four hosts tackle Star Trek: The Motion Picture! Is it as boring as everyone remembers (no it isn't)? When did my grumpy  uncle (McCoy) get into Starfleet? What's with the sparkly, twinkly Decker/Ilia/V'Ger (cue Twilight soundtrack)? Join us as we answer these question and discuss everything from Star Wars, The Sound of Music and The Arrival (no not the good movie the one with Charlie Sheen)Support the show (
We are very excited because this week on the podcast we interview science fiction writer Melinda M. Snodgrass! She wrote several episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation, including on of our favorites "The Measure of a Man". Join us as we discuss Star Trek, Star Wars. and all things geek!Support the show (
This is it..the episode that comes after.... our previous episode! We give our thoughts on the first season of Star Trek Picard. Also, the event you've been waiting for since...well probably never but we're giving it to your anyway! The four hosts debate whether or not Star Trek Picard is "real" Star Trek! Will Jay and Michael finally convince Keith and Sabrina that Picard IS Trek or will we all just decide to go watch The Orville instead? Give us download to find out!Support the show (
It's here...the season finale of Star Trek Picard! Will it leave us with some warm fuzzy feelings or will we feel like someone just punched us in the stomach? Tune in to find out the answer to that and these other pressing questions..  Will Rios finally find someone to play soccer with? Will Agnes realize her dreams of becoming an opthamologist? Will Captain Riker save the day? And finally will the new "enhanced" Picard go off to locate and protect John Connor?...Come with me if you want to live...Support the show (
Episode 12 of our podcast is here...! You'd think they were paying us to do these...but NO..we do it out of love for Trek and you, yes you..! The listener. So the penultimate episode of Star Trek Picard is upon us..and things are getting crazy in Synthville! Sexy Romulan guy is captured by the synths, and then let go by...the synths?! And speaking of synths Picard realizes his 'great speech' powers don't work so well on them.Will the destroyer come and wipe out all life in the universe? Will it take the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man? Give a listen and find out!Support the show (
Episode 8 of Star Trek Picard is here... and whether you like it or not we're back to review it! Haha! This episode is a reminder that when you show up to a family reunion don't forget the pasta salad or they'll send you to the floating green demon table. And then you'll scratch your face off. On the plus side we get to see 7 of 9 go full Borg queen on us...which makes me wonder do Borg have to worry about chaffing (asking for a friend)?Support the show (
Episode - 10 (Nepenthe)

Episode - 10 (Nepenthe)


Guess what we're talking about this week...? If you guessed episode 7 of Star Trek Picard "Nepenthe"...give yourself a gold star because you've won a tribble! Come listen as we discuss the pressing issues for this weeks episode...  Will Raffi's cake fix Agnes' problems? (nope) Will Picard and Soji become victims of the wild woman of the woods? Will Riker's pizza business take off? Also what does this episode have to do with Karate Kid pt. 2? Tune in to find out!Support the show (
Only 4 episodes left! Join us as we discuss these hot topics! Will Soji finish her research before her 4th birthday? Will the Romulan siblings finally get a room? What will the Borg think when Hugh brings Picard to the family reunion as his plus one? And last but not least, now that Soji is 'activated' will her and Picard say "Screw saving the galaxy... we're going to go rob some Ferengi!"Support the show (
So... stop me if you've heard this one..a pimp, an elf and an evil frenchman walk into a bar. Believe it or not that's a pretty good summary of the latest episode of Star Trek Picard. Join us as we discuss the new episode. Will 7 of 9 assimilate our hearts again? Will Elnor get to chop of more heads? And lastly what does the the TV show Felicity have to do with any of this? Tune in and find out!Support the show (
Join us as we discuss "Absolute Candor"...the episode where Picard hires a sword wielding Romulan ninja. Also...when did Picard become Risky Business? Please no more Borg cube Romulan/Android love sliding (some people are eating when they watch this show!)Support the show (
Can you believe it’s only been three episodes?! Join us as we discuss the episode “The End is the Beginning”. How long have Zhaban and Laris been John Wick fans? What’s it say about someone who makes their EMH’s look like themselves? Were we the only ones who squealed like a little girl when Picard said engage?? Join us as we answer those questions and more!Support the show (
Episode 2 of Picard is here and boy what an episode! Join the three hosts, with guest host Matt as we discuss "Maps & Legends". Will Picard get a ship for his secret 'save the world' mission? Will he have to be demoted to Captain to make it happen? Will Picard learn how to make a proper cup of tea? Tune in as we discuss those and more pressing questions from the latest Picard episode!Support the show (
It's finally here! The first episode of Star Trek Picard! Join us as we talk about the first episode of this exciting new series. Who is the mysterious Dahj and what's her connection to Picard? What's the connection between the Romulans and the Borg? Will No. 1 still be a 'good boy' by the end of the series? Find out the answers to these and other exciting questions.. just press play!Support the show (
Thanks for listening to our 3rd episode! We talk 7 of 9 and her role on the starship Voyager. What will her role on the new Picard show be? Will she be the bridge between the borg and Picard?We also discuss... Star Wars..on a Trek podcast.. Also, tune in to find out what food our fourth host Keith Justice gets delivered! The excitement never ends at the Four Hosts studio!Support the show (
The moment you've all been waiting for...our second episode!  Where we discuss the movie Star Trek Nemesis.We discuss the weak plot of Nemesis...which is so weak we start talking Star Wars movies, Stargate and The Mandalorian! Also, we welcome our new fourth host Keith Justice!We're now in the home stretch with only 17 days to go until Star Trek Picard! We're committed to having a new episode every week up until and including the entire run of Picard! Engage!Support the show (
Welcome to our first episode where we discuss TNG episodes "I, Borg" and "Descent".We know from the Star Trek Picard trailer that the Borg and specifically Hugh will play an important role in the new series. Join us as we discuss this and whether you should have someone double check your math when messing with metaphasic shielding!Support the show (
Welcome to the podcast! This is a little preview... trailer(?) for our first episode which should be coming in the next couple of weeks. Please stay tuned and be sure to follow us on twitter for updates! the show (
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