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Author: Think On It, by Cherry

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Relationship Chronicles is for education, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and enlightenment. People all over the world experience similar issues. People desire and want for the same things. Most people seek in others things they lack in self ending up in unhealthy relationships.
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A lot of people get into bad relationships from the start while relationships of other people turn bad once individuals start being who they really are. It doesn't matter which. If you allow and accept any ole thing, it's exactly what you'll get. Don't lose your mind, Instead focus on becoming the best you possible. You created the monster, that 's hurting you, (your significant other and yourself). You're the biggest problem in your life. Deal with you! Never allow your raw feelings and emotions to get you into trouble. It's not worth it and your significant other certainly isn't worth it.
Please ignore the air in the background. I couldn't hear it when I recorded it and didn't have time to re-record. A lot of times you're interested , but they're not, sometimes they're interested and you're not. For a relationship to work, both individuals must be on the same accord. If you don't really know if they're interested, it is telling you something. Open your eyes!
Sometimes people do it to self and other times it's done through persuasion from the significant other. Either way it's of free will. People think it's a good thing, because their minds are on being with who they want to be with, but it's not!
I know some people don't want to believe it or will agree, but it's the truth, many stay in their unhealthy relationships, because they don't love self. As I've said many times if you want to know how you feel about yourself, look at what you allow and accept. Too many people lay down and are trampled on and over, because they think it's the way to love, when it has nothing to do with love.
Sooner or later it won't feel so good, but remember it's all about what you allow and accept.
Why allow anyone to treat you this way? If you act as if it's okay it will be okay by him/her. If they treat you as if you don't matter, it's probably because you don't! That is telling you a lot!!! Wake up!
If you take your problems into your new relationship look for more problems to come. Point blank and the end!
They are the things you accept and the things that will eventually make you cry. Overlooking things means you're okay with them. Remember, you teach people how to treat you (especially significant others).
Relationships take work, they will not and can not grow without work! If everything and everyone else is more important your relationship will suffer.
You're not in it by yourself, you can't do it yourself. It takes two to make relationships work.
If you stay because you're working on your relationship, fine. However, don't say you're staying for the children when they're going through hell enduring the stress of your relationship.
The title says it all!
Unfortunately many individuals have died at the hands of people who supposedly loved them. Many individuals are in toxic, volatile, explosive, and unhealthy relationships. Sadly, many won't get out, because they will stay too long.
See the picture? It's a picture of someone who's willfully put their finger in a mice trap (willfully). Many people do this everyday. They willfully get into relationships with individuals who constantly hurt them. They hurt you, because you willfully hurt yourself by allowing and accepting what's done to you. Basically it's inflicting self hurt upon yourself!
Many people are dealing with insecure significant others and have realized it's too much to bear. Insecure people will always bring unnecessary drama into their relationships. These are unhealthy relationships to be in.
You knew they didn't show you affection from the start, but you accepted it. You overlooked this reality, now it's too much for you to bear. You find yourself feeling sad and mad that they won't show affection like you. Bottom line is if you really love one another you have to talk about it and work it out.
If it feels good, but is wrong, then it's definitely no good for you! Repeating, It's NO GOOD for you! Don't let it ponder in your brain, it's no good, period! Let it go and move on! Stop giving power to negative people and negative relationships.
When a person is sick and tired of your crap they may walk away. If walking away isn't what you want them to do, then you need to get your act together. Don't let your well run dry!
Some people are afraid of being alone, because they don't love self. They have internal issues concerning self, because of bad situations or bad things they've learnt along the way. They put time and energy into loving significant others, but none into loving self. They end up constantly and consistenly jumping into relationships to avoid being alone. It's the mindset!
Many people make excuses for bad treatment, disrespect, abuse, being taken for granted, being used, being walked over and on, etc. Stop enabling and empowering people to treat you like crap!
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