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Author: Think On It, by Cherry

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Relationship Chronicles is for education, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and enlightenment. People all over the world experience similar issues. People desire and want for the same things. Most people seek in others things they lack in self ending up in unhealthy relationships.
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Who are you kidding? Even if they told you those words you still wouldn't want to go and many still won't go. If you have to hear those words before you understand the situation you're in, it's of freewill. People show you the truth; if you don't or won't accept it, you're in your own way, you're holding yourself back, and you're keeping yourself in an unhappy place. People treat you exactly how you allow!
If someone leaves you for another person they weren't stolen, they walked away of freewill. They aren't the housewrecker/homewrecker. If you want to classify someone as either or it should be your significant other, because they're the one who brought the drama to the relationship. Stop self destructing over someone who walked away. Love yourself and let them walk!
Many people are in these types of relationships by choice. It's what people willfully allow in their lives. They allow self to be driven to the edge. They think what they allow themselves to go through is the proper way to love, but the truth is they obviously don't know what love is. You deserve better than what you're allowing in your life.
Many people settle for this way of life. They think by giving passes to their significant others it will make them remain in the relationship. Letting a person do whatever they choose to do to you will NOT cause them to love you more or want to be with you. Too many people become angry, sad, unhappy, revengeful, etc in their unhappy relationships. They get to points of wanting to commit or commintting senseless acts. They get to points of breakdown, depression, sadness, etc. No man or woman is worth it. If you're with someone who's making your life miserable, you're in your own way! You deserve better!
People who are stuck on needing closure are individuals who are still stuck on the other individual. I truly believe closure is an excuse. People break up, die, walk away without an explanation, etc, but regardless the situation or the person; life goes on.
A person may try to convince you by words they want to be with you, but their actions tells you something else. If they really want you there will be no doubt in your mind. If you have to guess and play their games, they don't want you! Wake up! If they want you they won't only talk the talk they will walk the walk! People treat you how you let them treat you!
Walking away isn't the big problem, staying is the problem. People open themselves up to too many unnecessary issues. People are in their own way! Wanting to be with someone who is no good for you, is no good for you!
People will make excuses as to why they stay in toxic and tainted relationships or bad situations in general. If you can't be honest about your unhealthy situation or state of mind, you'll more than likely stay where you are.
This episode has been put on all of my platforms. I want you, you, and you to listen. Know that no matter what you're going through it doesn't have no more power in your life than the power you give it. Anything and anyone will affect your life to whatever degree you allow. You can overcome drug and alcohol addictions.
Obviously some people believe there is a such thing as a respectful cheater, because they tell you they're cheating. That's ridiculous! Cheating is cheating and it's very disrespectful!
Look at the picture for this episode, it speaks loudly! Many people are in relationships where there is no trust. When you can't trust your significant other it causes many other issues within the relationship. Remember, people treat you how you let them treat you!
If it's what you allow it is exactly what will happen. It is not love!
You keep falling into the trap of being catfished. You're being led into the wrong relationships, because you're always led by your heart, feelings, wants, and desires. When your mindset isn't in the right place you'll always be led into making bad choices and decisions. You'll believe a lie over the truth!
Being controlled by your significant other shouldn't ever be an option for you. A controlling person is often jealous, obsessive, and possessive. Not all are physically abusive, but they are abusive verbally, mentally, and emotionally. It is NOT love nor is it healthy!
Many people are in one-sided and unhealthy relationships. They are always putting their significant others first, but are not getting the same in return. When your significant other shows you what you mean to them, believe them! Stop choosing someone who's choosing his or herself and care less how you feel about it! People treat you how you allow!
A lot of people get into bad relationships from the start while relationships of other people turn bad once individuals start being who they really are. It doesn't matter which. If you allow and accept any ole thing, it's exactly what you'll get. Don't lose your mind, Instead focus on becoming the best you possible. You created the monster, that 's hurting you, (your significant other and yourself). You're the biggest problem in your life. Deal with you! Never allow your raw feelings and emotions to get you into trouble. It's not worth it and your significant other certainly isn't worth it.
Please ignore the air in the background. I couldn't hear it when I recorded it and didn't have time to re-record. A lot of times you're interested , but they're not, sometimes they're interested and you're not. For a relationship to work, both individuals must be on the same accord. If you don't really know if they're interested, it is telling you something. Open your eyes!
Sometimes people do it to self and other times it's done through persuasion from the significant other. Either way it's of free will. People think it's a good thing, because their minds are on being with who they want to be with, but it's not!
I know some people don't want to believe it or will agree, but it's the truth, many stay in their unhealthy relationships, because they don't love self. As I've said many times if you want to know how you feel about yourself, look at what you allow and accept. Too many people lay down and are trampled on and over, because they think it's the way to love, when it has nothing to do with love.
Sooner or later it won't feel so good, but remember it's all about what you allow and accept.
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