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Author: Think On It, by Cherry

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If you're not connected to the true source then there's no connection at all. Either you serve the Lord Jesus or you don't, there's no in between. There's no fence to straddle! The choice is always yours to make or not to make!
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Just because the devil has some power and authority doesn't mean he's more powerful than God. God and His Son Jesus is still in control and in charge! Stay encouraged and keep your focus on the Lord. Learn to tarry, because it's part of the process!
Most people are led by wrong ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. They're chasing the flesh and lusting after everything. They get emotions and anointing confused. They get gifts and talents confused. Their minds are on the world and the possessions it holds and not truly on Christ. Many will lose their souls because they have chosen the world.
Every day we get to see is a another chance to change our ways. Unfortunately many people will choose the world as they always have.
Time is at hand. It's time to take a stand and choose whom you will serve. There is no fence to straddle and God has already told us you can't be lukewarm. If the world is what you choose you can have it. However, you're risking your chance for Heaven. The world has nothing to offer, but destruction and death. What you choose now is what you'll get for eternity.
If you allow anyone to cause you to be cast into the pit of hell it's no ones fault but yours. You can't blame anyone for your decision to choose the world over Jesus! Period!!
Bottom line it's about choosing the world over Jesus! Choosing Hate over love. Many people will choose the world despite the pain and suffering it brings. The devil is killing, stealing, and destroying, but it's because people are giving him power in their lives.
Some people are so bound by their ways of thinking they won't allow themselves to believe Jesus can or will love them. They are wrong! Jesus love is an agape love. Unlike man's love Jesus's love is unconditional! Try Him!
If you believe Him and take Him at His word, that's it! Don't just talk the talk, walk it too! Let go and let God and watch Him work it out!
People spend a lot of time trying to fool man, yet no time trying to get to now and live for Jesus. Despite the destruction, heartache, or pain it brings; the world is still more important to some people. Who you choose is your choice. I pray people make the right one. Plenty are faithful to church, but not to God.
No matter what, stand tall and stay strong! Remember Jesus is with you. Never allow anyone to make you think otherwise. Stay true and stay on the Lord's side. We all need Him in these perilous times.
It is necessary! You can't grow spiritually if you don't spend quality time with Jesus. If you love Him you will learn its a must in order to grow into the "new creature." Make Jesus a part of your daily life! Spend time with Him!
Many people are allowing the devil to take over in their lives. The devil isn't slacking, he's on his job to kill, steal, and destroy. Put on and keep on the Armor of God. Always be ready, because you may not have time to get ready.
This is typical for most people. I'm sad to even write it, but it's true. Most people profess Christ, but their hearts are far from Him. They would rather spend their lives putting on for the world then for truly living for the Lord. One day there will be no more chances.
I recommend Jesus. By trying Jesus you have nothing to lose, but you have a lot to gain. It's only a recommendation, the choice is yours! Minds and hearts change when you really get to know Christ the Son and our Father God. You see everything differently. You learn to forgive, love yourself, love others the right way, not allow yourself to be used, abused, etc by others, and many other wonderful and positive things. If Heaven and eternal life is your goal, then you must have a relationship with the Son and the Father!
No one is exempt, we all have a choice to choose Jesus. Through our good and bad times He is right there! Don't allow what you're going through to make you doubt Jesus. The Book of Genesis will tell you why we go through bad/hard times. Stand, stick, and stay in the Word of God! If you don't know Jesus, Romans 10:9 tells you how to become Saved! Don't be discouraged!
Many people don't understand the difference. They think because they know of Him that's enough. It's not! Knowing of Him only gets you pointed in the right direction and that's it! You have to get to know Him for yourself by developing a personal relationship, prayer life, studying the Word, etc. Anything else is knowing of Him, which won't get you into Heaven. It is why you always hear preachers, etc doing worldly things, because they only know of Him. When you know Him you change from your old ways!
If you're about the Father's business there's nothing to debate about. You can't say you love Him if you're not living for Him. Many people love the world more than God. They talk about Jesus the Son and God the Father, but that's all they do is talk. This is living your life in vain.
If you love Him you will live for Him is a must if you say you're on His side. You have to be changed and set apart, period! If you're a talker, you must be able to walk the talk. God is looking for real and full time warriors, not sometime or part time warriors.
Righteous people shouldn't allow themselves to be influenced by the unrighteous. Too many churches have ushered the world into the churches. Too many people who claim to love Jesus are lovers of the world. This isn't right before God and He isn't pleased!
Jesus the Son and God the Father are unchanging. When Jesus died on the cross for us He took all of the sickness with Him to the cross. You must believe it! He has given us power to heal self and others. We all have power, but you must activate it through your faith. "We walk by faith and not by sight." Healing is absolutely possible if you believe it.
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