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VC Hunting Podcast with Peter Saddington - Finding the untold stories of venture capital and entrepreneurship!

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Blackberry is Still Here, Amazon Loves Small Business, Apple Buys AI, VC Deals Jan 23
Microsoft Patches NSA Security Flaw, IBM + Samsung are Patent Giants, Deloitte says You a Tech Firm!
California Privacy Law | T-Mobile Sprint Merger | Apple + Hollywood? | Venture Deals Jan 21
Chick-Fil-A | VC Deals for Jan 20 | EXTRA ARTICLE! - ARE YOU A SELF-LEARNER? - Show notes! - Show notes!
Founders should ask investors for their anti-portfolio!
Are females getting the bias when it comes to pitching their startup?
Reduce death by 31% by merely going out and transporting your brain!
Why you need a co-founder for your startup and how to find on!
2020 Bitcoin & Crypto predictions. All 11 of them by Brian Armstrong! - SHOW NOTES! - For show notes!
Is Facebook dividing our country?
Do you use tiktok? Let us know!
How many predictions do you think will come true?
5 Ways to reduce anxiety for a VC or Founder!
The Top 50 Venture Capital Podcasts List!
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