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A roundup of the latest in cryptocurrency news. Tune in for daily news and weekly interviews on bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain, and decentralized finance. Hosted by mota.eth
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Quick Take Square Crypto launched a Lightning Development Kit (LDK) for integrating Lighting on bitcoin wallets. BTCPay Server released “BTCPay Vault,” a desktop application for integrating hardware wallets. British telecom company Vodafone left the Libra Association to focus on expanding M-Pesa. Silvergate Bank recruits Blockstream executive Benjamin Richman. Huobi launches a brokerage platform for institutional investors. Newsletter 👉
Quick Take: Bitfinex-backed startup RenrenBit yielded $1.4 million in revenue for Q4 2019. South Korean regulators review a taxation plan with a virtual currency tax rate of 20%. Australia-based Raiz Invest was granted approval for a retail bitcoin fund. Mining operator Argo Blockchain grossed revenue of $11 million in 2019 and plans to ramp up production. Open Interest for CME Bitcoin Futures spiked to over $235 million worth of positions. Newsletter 👉
Quick Take: KyberSwap leaves Malta for British Virgin Islands due to the EU's new 5AMLD regulation. Libra forms Technical Steering Committee to oversee development of the project. Grayscale surpasses $1 billion in total investments. Binance is in talks with Z Corporation, a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan, to operate a joint exchange. The SEC has filed a lawsuit against operators of Blockchain Terminal's $30 million ICO. Newsletter 👉
Quick Take Gemini launched Nakamoto Ltd., a captive insurance company with a $200 million insurance policy. Former CFTC Chair Christopher Giancarlo has formed the Digital Dollar Foundation. CSA notice suggests custodial crypto exchanges are subject to Canadian securities laws. Lawmakers propose amendment to IRS tax code that would exempt realized gains under $200. Bithumb seeks to nullify a $70 million tax bill. The court has 90 days to grant or dismiss the motion.   Newsletter 👉
TLDR: EEA launched a TestNet in partnership with Whiteblock, enabling members to develop in a sandbox environment. Kadena fully launched its hybrid blockchain, enabling human-readable smart contracts and interoperability between public and private chains via Pact. Bitwise withdrew its bitcoin ETF application, but plans to refile at a future time. Kraken acquired Australia-based cryptocurrency exchange Bit Trade. Anchorage acquired data analytics firm Merkle Data and announced the launch of its brokerage service Anchorage Trading. 📧 Subscribe to my newsletter:
Authereum is a login and wallet solution for dApp developers who want to provide their users with a web2-like user experience while maintaining censorship resistance. Watch on YouTube: Show Links Authereum Chris Whinfrey on Twitter The Gas Siphon Attack
IBC is a standard that permits anyone to quickly and securely transfer money across the web. Zaki Manian is the head of research at Tendermint Inc, an implementation of BFT consensus algorithm & PoS cryptoeconomics and a core contributor to the Cosmos Network. Dean Tribble, CEO at Agoric, is working on providing a safer, simpler way to program smart contracts. Support this podcast by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts. Also follow us on Twitter to let us know your thoughts. Thanks for listening!
Week of December 13, 2019

Week of December 13, 2019


Here’s the rundown from This Week in Crypto: More than 80 Japanese banks have expressed interest in joining JP Morgan’s Interbank Information Network (IIN), a platform for exchanging information related to international payments. Nike has been granted a patent for tokenizing shoes as an NFT on Ethereum. Stellar has cancelled its 2 billion XLM airdrop to Keybase users after combating thousands of bots. Enterprise blockchain platform VeChain was hacked of 1.1 billion VET tokens worth an estimated $6.5 million. Lightcurve, an application platform by Lisk, has laid-off 21 of its 53 employees. Support this podcast by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts. Follow us on Twitter to let us know your thoughts, thanks for listening!
This is your daily roundup for Friday, November 22, 2019. The European Investment Fund invests €100 million in a blockchain fund, Coinbase Custody expands Tezos staking internationally, and China cracks down on crypto related activities in Shenzhen. 📧 Subscribe to my newsletter:
This is your daily roundup for Thursday, November 21, 2019. Chainalysis lays off 39 employees, Shanghai police allegedly raid Binance offices, and Silvergate Bank announces plans to launch crypto lending and custody services. 📧 Subscribe to my daily newsletter on
Polymesh migrates from ethereum to Parity’s Substrate, the U.S. Federal Reserve responds to a letter in regards to a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and ShapeShift launches its “FOX” exchange token. 📧 Subscribe to my daily newsletter on
This is your daily roundup for Tuesday, November 19, 2019. The IRS investigates Bitcoin ATMs, Fidelity Digital Asset Services has been granted a trust license, and Grayscale Investments seeks SEC reporting company status. 📧 Subscribe to my daily newsletter on
This is your daily roundup for Monday, November 18, 2019. Visa introduces the LucidiTEE blockchain, the SEC reviews Bitwise bitcoin ETF rejection, and Cashaa plans to offer banking for US crypto firms. 📧 Subscribe to my daily newsletter on
This is your daily roundup for Sunday, November 17, 2019. A Wyoming law exempts New York’s bitlicense requirement, Andrew Yang addresses regulating crypto, and the Federal Reserve releases stablecoin guidelines for issuers. 📧 Subscribe to my daily newsletter on
This is your daily roundup for Saturday, November 16, 2019. Tether denies allegations in its class action lawsuit, China stays firm on its cryptocurrency restrictions, and Alibaba denies any form of partnership with Lolli. 📧 Subscribe to my daily newsletter on
Week of November 15, 2019

Week of November 15, 2019


This is your roundup for the week ending November 15, 2019. Bithumb Launches Bithumb Coin (BT), CME Group plans to offer bitcoin options in 2020, and Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) will launch next week. 📧 Subscribe to my daily newsletter on
This is you daily roundup for Friday, November 15, 2019. Compound Finance raises $25 million, BRICS nations explore cryptocurrency for trade, and Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) goes live on Monday. 📧 Subscribe to my daily newsletter on
This is you daily roundup for Thursday, November 14, 2019. The Coinbase debit card supports additional tokens, Ledger Vault secures a $150 million insurance policy, and the Swiss Exchange lists a Tezos exchange traded product (ETP). 📧 Subscribe to my daily newsletter on
This is you daily roundup for Wednesday, November 13, 2019. Bakkt plans to offer cash-settled bitcoin futures, announces a new exchange, and Telegram requests its SEC case to be dismissed. 📧 Subscribe to newsletter 📑 Read full show notes ☕ Buy me a coffee
This is you daily roundup for Tuesday, November 12, 2019. Justin Sun admits investment in Poloniex, BitGo is processing 20% bitcoin of transactions, and Binance announces it will use the fiat gateway by Paxos Trust Company. 📧 Subscribe to newsletter 📑 Read full show notes ☕ Buy me a coffee
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