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Nathan Artt, founder and Principal of Ministry Solutions, joins us to discuss the evolution of the modern church and what we can learn from organizations like Home Depot and Amazon when it comes to reaching people for Christ and engaging them in community. Download his e-book, "Gutenberg, Amazon and the Evolution of the Modern Church" by going to!
On today's episode we are joined by Julia Tucker, the online campus pastor from Transformation Church out of Tulsa, Oklahoma - one of the fastest growing and most influential churches in the digital world. Julia shares her insight and wisdom in regards to online church, digital ministry and authentic leadership in a virtual reality. 
In this epiosde we welcome Tricia Sciortino, CEO of Belay Solutions, to discuss leading and loving virtual teams. Belay has been a leader in virtual teams for over a decade and are proof that not only can it be done, but it can done with well when you prioritize relationships and fun while also striving for excellence and authenticity. 
On today's episode, we chat with Jenni Catron about what a healthy team and culture looks like and discuss the importance of defining the guiding principles that inform healthy leadership at every level. 
Holly Tate, VP of Business Development & Marketing with Vanderbloemen, joins the show to talk all things, staffing, team buidling, and organizational health and alignment. She also shares insight on the idea of multi-channel ministry - what it is and why it matters. Grab a pen and paper! You'll want to take lots of notes! 
On today's episode, Erin sits down with Lead Pastor, Jason Stockdale from Grace Hill Church in Memphis Tennessee to talk all things leadership - leading self, leading others, leading the church - with clarity. We don't always get it right and this is all new territory for the 21st-century church, but when we have clarity about who we are and how we make decisions, those decisions and leadership hurdles become easier and can even create a sense of team and unity, even in the most divisive and polarizing seasons.
Disciple-making is a calling of every Christ-follower. On today's show, we have founder and president of Disciples Made - Brian Phipps - who shares with us the strategy and structure behind creating what he calls the Intentional Disciple-making Environment or IDE, and how that helps create disciple-making-disciples. 
 On today's episdoe, we welcome back Senior Ministry Strategist, Greg Ligon with some more tips, tricks and wisdom in leading in uncertain or unpredictable times. But really - these are foundational, wise leadership nuggets for leadership-period. If you want to find out more about Greg or connect with him yourself, go to 
In this episode, Erin welcomes Worship and Teaching Pastor, Troy Kennedy, to the show. Together they talk through the opportunities and pitfalls of navigating corporate worship with an online congregation while also hosting in-person gatherings. 
Living and leading from a healthy soul is an ever-more important topic in daily life and in the strategic focus of ministries around the world. On today’s episode, we welcome Soul Care co-founder, Mindy Caliguire, to share more about the importance and practice of caring for our soul in daily, and even minute-by-minute rhythms. Perhaps YOU are experiencing the side effects of a leadership-weary soul. Or perhaps you lead others who may be experiencing the weariness of this trying season. Whatever it is, this conversation will bless you.
For most churches, your mission, vision, and values haven’t changed, but your strategy for reaching them should. Dave Ronne describes a framework for effective weekend worship in the duality of online and in-person gatherings that we will likely take with us into a new and better tomorrow.
In this episode, Senior Ministry Strategist and leadership aficionado, Greg Ligon, joins us to share 5 quick and easy tips for effective leadership, particularly in uncertain times. Connect with Greg:
It’s time for a renewal! Renewed hearts. Renewed minds. Renewed spirits. And a renewed hope in God as He guides and provides for this next season of ministry. On today’s show, Generis Vice President Alan Wildes and Generosity Strategist Chris Stovall, join us to share about an incredible new initiative to equip churches for just such a renewal this fall. To connect with Alan: connect with Chris: 
How you reframe your unique expression of church in an ever-changing reality in months and seasons to come is mission-critical. In today’s episode, Dave Travis joins us to unpack the BEYOND: Forward Focus Framework and explains the 5-4-3 pivot points every leader needs to be aware of. To download your copy of the BEYOND e-book resource, go to To connect with Dave directly, email him at
Volunteers are the lifeline of any healthy and effective ministry. How we equip and encourage them is mission-critical. In today's episode, Jessica Bealer shares a quick list of things we may not have yet considered that will set our teams up for success as we forward focus for the next season of ministry. 
Season Description: In this season of the Generis Level Up Podcast, we do a deep dive into all things BEYOND - helping leaders develop a “Forward Focused” strategy that will position us to be increasingly proactive and effective in our thinking, planning, and execution of ministry for a better tomorrow, starting today. Episode 1: How we communicate was an overnight pivot at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. In this episode, Mark MacDonald coaches us on a strategy of Forward Focused thinking in reconsidering WHAT we are communicating, how to avoid “Category Exhaustion” and the importance of keeping the main thing the Main Thing. 
This week we are wrapping up the What's Next: 2020 Limited Series with our guest Dave Ronne. Dave has been leading churches in the areas of worship, and communication for over 30 years. During his career he has served in several roles, including senior leader, teaching pastor, worship leader, and next gen mentor. Currently he is the Creative Arts Lead at 12Stone Church and also serves on Generis’ Effective Ministry team. Dave has seen and been through so much in the various roles he has served in his 30 year ministry career and we are excited to hear his insights on what to come.
This week's episode features Brian Jones, Ministry Strategist for Missions. Brian brings an innovative approach to how churches engage with local missions called The Innové Process which empowers churches to coach, resource, and launch social innovation ideas in their communities. This new approach is changing the way churches do missions and impact their community. 
This week, Dave Travis chats with Mulitiste Strategist Geoff Surratt! Geoff has been in ministry to the local church for over 35 years and is one of the foremost voices in America on multisite and church planting. He has a rich background in the church multiplication movement. His experience includes leading the multisite expansion of Seacoast Church, overseeing multisite and church planting for Saddleback Church and Managing Director of Exponential, the largest gathering of church planters in America. In this episode, Geoff and Dave discuss the Multisite landscape, how it's changing, what trends are ahead for churches who are already multisite or considering going multisite. 
This week, Dave Travis sits down with Executive Pastor Strategist Jon Wright.  Jon has over 30 years of experience in innovation and execution in multiple settings; corporate, non-profit, church, and global missions. Jon brings an entrepreneurial mindset to creative problem solving and strategic planning to the Effective Ministry team. He is passionate about church culture, team building, next-generation leadership development and resourcing it all through generosity!
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