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The Ross Kaminsky Show

Author: Denver's Talk Station 630 KHOW

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Ross Kaminsky brings his unique insight to daily news and politics.
1185 Episodes
ADM James Stavridis on Taliban/China relations, Cuba, and Ross's shirt * Jack Kelly ( on "The Great Resignation" and its perils * Paul Beale (CU Physics) on heat and friction and "quantum compass" in birds * Alex Edelman - that's a funny Jew! (seriously, it's a great conversation)
GOP Co-Chair Tommy Hicks on Republican electoral prospects in 2021/22 * Lorie Smith (303 Creative) on fighting for her free speech rights * My lawyer Michael Bailey and "mobile estate planning" * Rep. Ken Buck on his collaboration with Rep Steve Cohen
Jen Miller-Osborn: the risks of ransomware and ways to protect yourself * Incredible conversation: Niloofar Rahmani, Afghanistan's first female pilot
Andrew McCarthy: The "entrapment" defense is usually a weak one * Neal McCluskey (Cato): federal loans are why grad school is so expensive * Steve Schuck (Parents Challenge) on the value of educational freedom * Dan Mitchell on handouts for kids and int'l tax cartels
FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr on "big tech", Sec 230, Cuba, China and more * Lara Jones (Emily Bestler books) on the subjunctive mood and common errors
Melinda Wenner Moyer: How to Raise Kids Who Aren't A**holes * Comedian Bert Kreischer on guns, Brad Williams, and coming to Red Rocks * Kathleen Sgamma: Sec of Interior Haaland needs to obey the law * Jim Banks (R-IN) on Pelosi refusing his participation on Jan 6 Committee
Mike Ginsberg's fun first book "Debt Bomb" is a serious cautionary tale * Schumé Navarro: CRT is infesting the Cherry Creek School District
07 09 21 Chris Stirewalt

07 09 21 Chris Stirewalt


Chris Stirewalt is against anger, for a Madisonian Republic, for mustard
Dan Mitchell: UBI and global corporate tax are two VERY bad ideas * Greg Brophy explains CO's new congressional and legislative district maps * Lt Col Matthew Lohmeier on CRT and the Unmaking of the American Military
Jonathan Johnson ( a conservative case for a carbon tax * KT McFarland on Afghanistan (stay out!), Russia, and Donald Rumsfeld * William Perry Pendley: Biden Nominee’s Complicity in Eco-Terrorism Case Disqualifies Her from Leading the Bureau of Land Management
Ben Murrey (Independence Inst): Is Jared Polis "Governor Unemployment"? * Tom Krannawitter: The Founders' views of our unalienable rights
Gordon Chang: The US must take the China threat more seriously * Shawn Beard: From success to homeless addict to success
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