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Shorter interviews require new formats!Personal one for me this, getting to interview the great Midge Ure, a man whose music I have loved for over 40 years.Effectively an extended Quickfire Round, I grill Midge on random questions relating to his 80s career. Enjoy.[thanks to Erika]      Different Words Said In Different Ways
Another Anatomy of a Song and another wonderful guest; the great Dee C Lee.As well as discussing the classic single, See The Day, we also cover her time with Wham! and The Style Council as well as Girls Aloud, Strictly and her life and career in the 80s.Contact Dee at her website: www.deeclee.com80sography@gmail.comAlso on Twitter/Instagram: @80sographyLuvverlyx
To celebrate the 80th birthday of Sir Fab Macca Whacky Thumbs Aloft we have the collated interviews with past guests discussing their experiences working with McCartney.Starting off with an unheard interview with Chris Hughes, enjoy the return to Pepperland so just press to play...CHRIS HUGHES (02:50)*Motor of LoveFigure of Eight (single version)STEPHEN LIPSON (30.44)Rough RideFigure of Eight (LP version)How Many PeopleOu Est Le SoleilHUGH PADGHAM (38.43)Spies Like UsPress To Play LPGARY LANGAN  (59:37)My Carnival JIM YUKICH (63:53)*The EMI Beatles CommitteeJULIAN MENDELSOHN (72:09)It's Not True (remix)Tough On A Tightrope (12" mix)Off The Ground LPA PAUL McCARTNEY TOP TEN (90.33)* unreleased materialOn Twitter & Instagram under 80sographyEmail at                                                On the waters of life you row your boat                                               Into the strongest tide that you can find
Pt 2 of the Gary Langan interview - great music, lawsuits, self-assembly Grammys, rock guitar hero's and punk garlic. All human life is here.  1984 (02:48) Art Of Noise - Close To The Edit Art of Noise - Moments of Love    1985 (18:19) Art Of Noise v ZTT Scritti Politti - Absolute Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome (12" mix) Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy (12" mix) Paul McCartney - My Carnival (12" mix)    1986 (40:16) Art of Noise - In Visible Silence Spandau Ballet - Through The Barricades  1987 (49:34) Public Imaged Limited - Happy?   1988/1989 (56:09) Spandau Ballet - Raw/Heart Like A Sky Rock Aid For Armenia - Smoke On The WaterTHE 80SOGRAPHY QUICKFIRE ROUND (74:33)Gary is posed questions on his 80s careerContact Gary on Twitter and Instagram @gazbo2824 Music - thanks to Tomas Mulcahy:  https://tomasmulcahy.bandcamp.comSee the making of Rock Aid For Armenia Twitter and now on Instagram too (is MySpace still going?)                                                    Where the words are worn away                                                    We live to love another day
It was a pleasure to speak to the renowned engineer/producer and Art of Noiser, GaryLangan.Consider part one the Trevor Horn era of his career where he was involved with some massive hits and some of the most perfect pop of the decade. Much to enjoy here (with even more in pat 2);Pre-1980/1980 (2:52)Meeting Trevor HornBoogatti - Come Back MarianneBuggles - Video Killed The Radio Star Buggles - I Love You (Miss Robot) 1981 (19:03)Dollar - Mirror Mirror/Hand Held In Black and White  1982 (24:25)ABC - The Lexicon of LoveSpandau Ballet - Instinction 1983 (41.49) Art of Noise - BeatboxMalcolm McLaren - Duck RockABC - Beauty StabLANGAN'S LIKES (66.29)Gary's personal favourites of the decadeEnjoy!                         Covering Up The Agony With Mindless Entertainment
Another gem of a AOOS with songwriter/musician Martin Page and is there anything more iconic and anthemic than the equally loved and (wrongly) derided 80s classic, We Built This City.Loads to enjoy here - Martin's enthusiasm is infectious. And does Marconi play the Mamba?Check out Martin here;twitter: @martinpagemusicfacebook: martin page website: martinpage.compodcast: radio owl's nestVersions referenced;piano version Good Road at end                                                                we just want to dance here x
It was an absolute thrill to be able to chat to the female Thompson Twin, the iconic Alannah Currie under the pretence of an Anatomy of a Song episode.Although we discussed the fantastic Sister of Mercy it was an excuse to discuss much more about her time with Tom & Joe in the 80s; the highs and lows, the music, the fame, the pressures, the writing & recording and just what role exactly the mum of Grace Jones played.Many thanks to Alannah and catch her at the following soc meds;Twitter: @missPokenoInstagram: sisterofperpetualresistanceWebsite:
Another day, another dollar, another cracking episode of 80sography (and another lame intro to an episode description..)Luckily the guest is the brilliantly talented director, Daniel Kleinman, a hugely successful ad maker of the past 30 years, the creator of all James Bond sequences since Goldeneye (bar one) and who made his start in the 80s directing some of the most innovative music videos of the decade.So many great icons - Madonna! Rod Stewart! Stevie Wonder! Fleetwood Mac! And works with and is later fired by Prince! (without ever actually meeting the purple pop imp)And audio commentaries to boot. Get on, get in, and enjoy...  PRE-AMBLE  James Bond Credit Sequences (No Time To Die/Casino Royale)  Bazooka Joe    1980/81/82   Adam & The Ants – Antmusic (art direction)    1983  Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (storyboards)  Heaven 17 - Crushed By The Wheels of Industry  Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive (1984)  Howard Jones - What is Love (audio commentary)     1984  Howard Jones - Like to Get To Know You Well  Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You  Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days  Lindsey Buckingham - Go Insane    1985  Ronnie Dio - Rock and Roll Children  Pat Benatar - Sex As A Weapon  Madonna - Dress You Up/The Virgin Tour Video  Simple Minds - Don't You (forget about me) (audio commentary)    KLEINMAN'S KEEPS  Daniel's personal faves of the decade 1986  Prince - Anotheroverholenyohead/Parade Tour Video     1987  Fleetwood Mac - Big Love (audio commentary)   1988  Feargal Sharkey - If This Is Love  Paula Abdul - Knocked Out (first version)  Rod Stewart - Lost In You (first version)  Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me (first version)     1989  Howard Jones - The Prisoner  Stewart Copeland/Adam Ant - Out of Bounds  Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill (audio Commentary)80SOGRAPHY QUICKFIRE ROUND                                      I'll be alone, dancing, you know it, baby....x
Enjoy this interview with the hugely successful photographer Lynn Goldmsith on her 80s music side project, Will Powers and the hit single, Kissing With Confidence.And what a cast list; vocals by Carly Simon, co-written and played by Steve Winwood, Nile Rodgers and Todd Rundgren. Further co-writes on the LP with Sting and Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins.We explore the creation of this fabulous track  with many other famous names along the way; Robert Palmer, Marianne Faithfull, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton...and Graham Rix.Find out what Bob Dylan song she inspired and on which song on the LP, Music For Mental Health, she chanelled the Bobster for.Much to enjoy here so pucker up and plant those lips (sorry, sounds a bit rude..)Check out Lynn on various platforms;Website: Lynngoldsmith.comTwitter: @GoldsmithphotoFacebook: LynnGoldsmithArtistYoutube: Lynn GoldsmithInstagram: lynngoldsmithTwitter: @80sographyEmail:                            Do you know someone who drools when he kisses or burps or bites?                            Why not do them a favor and send them this record anonymously?
Very excited about this one - I've been looking to do another audio commentary for a while and what better place to continue with than one of the best-selling LPs of the decade.We join Producer, the great Hugh Padgham, and go through each song track-by-track, with additional chat further on, and, of course, a quickfire round on the album at the end.So sync up (should that be your desire) or just listen to a great interview on The Police's greatest album.And no skipping 80sography@gmail.comtwitter: @80sography 
Welcome back to part 2 of the chat with 80s music video director, Jim Yukich, and it's a biggie - in fact, the longest episode yet.Much enjoyment to be had and FOUR audio commentaries for music videos so get syncing peeps. And checkout Jim's Michael Jackson impression - top notch!1986 (08:51)Genesis - Invisible Touch/In Too Deep/Tonight Tonight Tonight/Anything She DoesMike & The Mechanics - All I Need Is A MiracleGTR - When The Heart Rules The MindGenesis - Land of Confusion (audio commentary)1987 (48:52)John Eddie - Jungle BoyBruce Willis - The Return of Bruno (mockumentary)The Beach Boys - Somewhere Near Japan (1989)1988 (76:40)Phil Collins - Two Hearts (audio commentary)Phi Collins - A Groovy Kind of LoveGloria Estefan - 1-2-31989 (91:13)Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl (audio commentary)Phil Collins - I Wish It Would Rain Down (audio commentary)THE 80SOGRAPHY QUICKFIRE ROUND (111:00)links for audio commentaries;
                                                  * DEFINITELY ONE FOR PHIL COLLINS/GENESIS FANS *Heading into the visual stratosphere this week with the 80s music video career of director Jim Yukich, who now has a hugely successful career producing comedy specials for the like of  Bill Maher and Chelsea Handler, etc.In the 80s though he was responsible for some of the best music videos around including all the best Phil Collins & Genesis videos of the period (and beyond).In this first part we cover his early career and his first videos with Genesis & Phil and others. This includes 3 x audio commentaries for his best Phil Collins vids of the period (links below).So cue up, sit back and enjoy part 1 of the brilliantly enjoyable remembrances of JY.1980-1982 (03:16)The early years1983 (06:05)David Bowie - Modern LoveKenny Rogers/Sheena Easton - We've Got TonightGenesis - That's All1984 (27:06)Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes To MidnightPhil Collins/Phillip Bailey - Easy Lover (Audio Commentary)1985 (47:02)Phil Collins - Sussudio/One More NightPhil Collins - Don't Lose My Number (Audio Commentary)Phil Collins - Take Me Home (Audio Commentary)JIMMY'S JEWELS (72:58)Jim's favourites of the 80's (plus any excellent breakdown from Jim on filming live specials) )Check out Jim's incredible CV here to videos for audio commentaries (God, I love these videos...); to contact me at
And we go again for the 4th round of 80sography with brand new guests and new exciting features.One of which is Anatomy of a Song, where we explore a hit of the 80s with a special guest.Our first guest is songwriter Martin Page, here in his role as keyboard player on only fricking Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jnr.Martin is normally known for his writing hits such as These Dreams and We Built This City (more of in future episodes) for now we discuss how he got involved in the song, his working relationship with Ray and his Q-Feel band partner/guitarist, Brian Fearweather, and what exactly it is he plays on the song. Plus, obviously, a quickfire round at the end.Oh, just remembered I said Jerry Goldsmith did the score for the film and it's actually Elmer Bernstein. Sorry Elmer! RIP.Check out Martin at the followingfacebook: /martinpagemusictwitter: @martinpagemusicwebsite: Promo I Want A New Drug Ghostbusters                                                                    I hear it likes the girls x
Wow, we've reached the end of the road with Mr Hague with yet more continued success and fantastic pop records.1987 (2:39)New Order - True FaithNew Order/England World Cup Squad - World In Motion(I know it's 1990 but, come on, had to ask...)1988 (20:18)Climie Fisher - Love Changes EverythingJane Wiedlin - Rush HourErasure - The Innocents1989 (37:06)P.ublic Image Limited - 9Post 80's (41:20)Blur - To The EndDubstar - StarsPeter Gabriel - I Grieve80sography Quickfire Round (53:20)                        Yes, it Looks Like We Made It To The End...
Part 2 of the interview with the 'godlike' producer, Stephen Hague, with some great LP work in '86 followed by talk on 75% of the massive hits  he produced in '87. Which one didn't he like? Couldn't cram it all into one second part so part 3 to come to conclude the decade. Don't tell me that you think it's green - me? I know it's red (YNWA) 1986 (4:06) Pet Shop Boys - PleaseOMD - The Pacific AgeHollywood Beyond - What's The Colour Of Money?1987 (25:28)The Communards - Never Can Say GoodbyePet Shop Boys - It's A Sin/King's CrossPet Shop Boys/Dusty Springfield - What Have I Done To Deserve This?West End Girls Extra (52.51)Check out @80sography                                                         it takes more than a matter of time
Grabbed another interview that would've gobsmacked the 14-year-old-me. Stephen Hague, the producer responsible for some of the most joyously beautiful pop music of the 80s - that most joyously musically beautiful of decades.Lots on West End Girls obvs but part 1 is a fascinating interview covering Stephen's earlier career as musician, writer and producer before the big breakthrough with The Rock Steady Crew.Hey you! Check this mother out! (sorry, don't know why I typed that..)Pre-1980s (1.41)Walter Egan/Jules and the Polar Bears 1980-82 (9.32)Jules and the Polar Bears/Gleaming Spires/Slow Children/Dolly Parton  1983 (20.26)Rock Steady Crew - (Hey You) The Rock Steady CrewJules Shear - Watchdog  1984 (35.52)The World's Famous Supreme Team - Hey DJMalcolm McLaren - Madame Butterfly  HAGUE'S HAVES (48.58)Best LP/Song/Film/TV/Live Event of the 80s  1985 (56.28)OMD - CrushPet Shop Boys - West End Girls80sography@gmail.comtwitter: @80sographyGuardian Top 100  Greatest UK No 1's article;                                          Have you got it? Do you get it? If so, how often??
More goodies in the second part of the interview with Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley, exploring the years 1983-89.More Madness! Excess Costello! Bowie! Morrissey! Dexys! And more importantly, Marilyn!! (I mock, but it's a cracking one hit wonder)Clive and Alan on top form - this is one of my favourite episodes so far. So enjoy...1983 (2:29)Elvis Costello - Punch The ClockElvis Costello - Everyday I Write The BookMadness/Elvis Costello - Tomorrow's Just Another DayMadness - Wings Of A DoveMarilyn - Calling Your Name 1984 (20:44)Elvis Costello - Turning The Town RedElvis Costello - Goodbye Cruel WorldElvis Costello/Roy Orbison - The ComediansMadness - Michael Caine1985 (31:19)Dexy's Midnight Runners - Don't Stand Me DownMadness - Mad Not MadDavid Bowie/Mick Jagger - Dancing In The Street1986 (46.10) David Bowie - Absolute Beginners Absolute Beginners OST - VariousElvis Costello/Eighth Wonder - Having It AllSandie Shaw - (are you ready to be) HeartbrokenMadness - (waiting for the) Ghost Train1987 (59:51)Tears For Fears - The Seeds of Love Sessions1988 (66:30)Hothouse Flowers - Don't GoCathal Smyth - A Comfortable Man (not '88 but it's great - check it out)1989 (71:54)Morrissey - Ouija Board Ouija BoardThey Might Be Giants - Flood (recorded)80SOGRAPHY QUICKFIRE ROUND (77:23)email: x                                                                         hear what I say, see what I do 
Next up for the deep dive into their 80sography is the magnificent production team of Langer/Winstanley.Such a thrill to speak to the guys about their incredible 80s. In part 1 there is a lot of Madness, Dexys, a Teardrop Explodes and we find out what links Shipbuilding and Ullo John Got A New Motor.Beware - there is some exceptionally fruity language from the off. So if easily offended avert yer ears.1980 (9:01)Madness: My Girl/Embarrassment1981 (20:53)Madness: Return Of The Los Palmas 7Teardrop Explodes: Treason/RewardTenpole Tudor: Swords Of A Thousand Men1982 (28:43)Madness: Cardiac Arrest/House Of Fun/Driving In My Car/Our HouseDexy's Midnight Runners: Celtic Soul Brothers/Come On Eileen/Too Rye Ay (LP)Alexei Sayle: Ullo John Got A New MotorRobert Wyatt/Elvis Costello: ShipbuildingCLAWS CLASSICS (67.32)Quickfire round as Clive & Alan go through their favourites of the 80s (give or take a decade)Enjoy!say hi at80sography@twittercheck out reference Madness website here                                                                                        Is it worth it??
2nd part of the interview with the great Stephen Lipson covering a lot of ground in the 80s (plus I indulged myself in allowing a few post 80s questions at the end. Mea culpa, etc)From Grace Jones to Macca. Frankie to The Pets - it's all here...1985:Slave To The Rhythm - Grace Jones (03:25)Duel - Propaganda (13:00)1986:Liverpool - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (19:31)1987:Tomorrow (12" mix) - The Communards (27:48)1988:Left To My Own Devices - Pet Shop Boys (34:14)1989:Flowers In The Dirt - Paul McCartney (41:38)Street Fighting Years - Simple Minds (48:43)My 80sography Quickfire Round (50:51)Check out Stephen's Facebook page -                                                Time to prove what forever should last
2nd guest for the My 80sography is music producer, Stephen Lipson. An incredibly successful career for over 40 years who really made his mark in the 80s working with Trevor Horn.Episode 1 focuses largely on his incredible work with Frankie Goes To Hollywood on their epic double album, Welcome To The Pleasuredome and the massively successful singles;1980/81;Lindisfarne (07:07)Stop and Smell The Roses - Ringo Starr (11:01)1982:Undercover - The Rolling Stones (16:41)1983:Relax - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (22:01)1984:Welcome To The Pleasuredome (LP) - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (29:27)Welcome To The Pleasuredome (song) - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (32:12)The Power Of Love - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (37:48)Two Tribes - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (39:56)Lipson's List (and hide) 47:27Check out Stephen's Facebook page -                                                                             Make love your goal
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Ernesto Di Fenza

Fun, funny, entertaining listen. You can hear that a lot of work as gone into making these episodes. Highly recommended.

Aug 6th
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