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Hi and welcome back to Lolly's Secrets! The mission is to stay sane. The battle is Grace under Fire how do you do it?  easy! by setting boundaries in creative ways that don't offend but get your message across! remember.. dont lose your peace in the process!!! here are my top tips! and follow me on instagram for more up to date content. Keep your visiting dates short and sweet Stay in a hotel or air b & b if you can afford it If you are are staying with family, be a gracious house guest Always take a nice token gift to give host (tea, chocolate, scented candles, etc) Be prepared for uninvited question about your life from family who mean well Schedule time for you e.g take naps, long walks Prepare for unsolicited advice to tackle life’s challenges Careful with your words- once said, can't unsay them - pick your battles Distractions are great to diffuse tension - games e.g board games, cards, PS4, etc Always have a wing person at events with secret signs for danger and good to go Graciously thank the host for all their hard work. For more content, check out my website  Until the next one, Happy holidays! Luv Lolly
Hi and welcome back to lolly's Secrets podcast!On this episode, I interview Oyinkan Braithwaite who is a published author that has won many awards for her book "My Sister The Serial Killer".Some of the key take aways from the show on being a successful writer are as follows:1. Once you have an idea, just start writing2. Dialogue helps with setting the tone for the mood in each scene3. When starting a story, start with a short story or a novella instead of a novel4. Try prompts when brainstorming. They help to trigger inspiration 5. Every Author needs a good agent. make sure to get one that is in sync with your genreIf you want to know more about Oyinkan Braithwaite and connect with her, please see her website and social media below:Website: oyinkanbraithwaite.comInstagram: @OyinBraithwaiteFacebook: you want to connect with me, follow me on instagram: @lollys.secretsDon't forget to like, comment and subscribe!
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