DiscoverThe Style Project: a podcast about body love, self esteem and personal style
The Style Project: a podcast about body love, self esteem and personal style
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The Style Project: a podcast about body love, self esteem and personal style

Author: Caitlin Taylor

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The Style Project is a podcast by Style Coach and everyday personal stylist Caitlin Taylor, from Chasing Cait.With over two decades experience in the fashion industry, plus a degree in psychology, Caitlin brings a wealth of knowledge about how personal style is closely related to body image and self esteem.In this podcast series, she chats with women she knows and admires (both in and out of the fashion industry) about their own personal style, their body love journey and what, if anything, should we as individuals, and society as a whole, be doing to improve the way we look and think about ourselves.
11 Episodes
11. Cassie Roma

11. Cassie Roma


Cassie Roma has that enviable ability to make you feel like you are the only person in the room every time she talks to you.Cassie's trademark look, with her amazing mane of curls, hats and double denim is one of her most distinct calling cards, but she didn't always have the confidence to be her true self...Self-described storytelling, public-speaking, social media + digital marketing OG with a penchant for data, creativity, strategy, & community advocacy, her kindness and joy are infectious, but life hasn't always been smooth sailing for this California girl living in NZ.In this episode, Cassie and I chat about everything from why she loves her grandfathers style, how growing up in the 90's in California wasn't amazing for her self esteem, and why we just all need to be a little bit kinder to ourselves, and each other.You can find Cassie Roma on Instagram, LinkedIn and on her website.The Style Project: Season 2 is proudly sponsored by local NZ business, Finery Cocktails - living your finest life with Finery. Find them at
Jess Quinn

Jess Quinn


Content creator and body diversity advocate Jess Quinn is one of the most positive, inspiring people I know. And she's just a joy to be around.Her outlook on life is inspiring, considering she lost her right leg to cancer aged 9.Jess is showing others how to overcome adversity and insecurity using her own incredible experiences, including a TED talk in Auckland in 2018Last year, she took a petition to the NZ government, asking that all photoshopping on magazine images be disclosed, after a personal experience with her body being manipulated for a magazine.  Find Jess on instagram here: @jessicaemilyquinn and watch her TED talk here.
Nat is the ultimate cheerleader you want in your corner, as a business coach, and as a friend. She's not afraid to tell it how it is (and drop the occasional f-bomb) but that's why we all love her!Nat suffered a Bell's Palsy, which paralysed half her face, and it was the turning point in her journey with her own body image. You can join her tribe on Facebook here: Nat Tolhopf - Business Coach, or on Instagram here:, and even buy her book:
This amazing lady has done it all! From Winter Olympian, to boogie-ing away on Dancing With The Stars to hosting The Crowd Goes Wild, Anna Wilcox is inspiring.She is so down to earth, and wise beyond her years. She's so sure of the person that she is, no matter what she looks like, and really appreciates the body she has for what it does.We may se\way into a bit of wedding chat too if you're down for that hahaWe've also coined the hashtag #JUSTBODIES! Have a listen to find out how that came about.You can follow Anna's journey on instagram here: @anna_willcox
Justine is ALWAYS a delight to be around. As a self-confessed body love advocate, her vibe is all about being kind to yourself.Her instagram feed (@mybalanceproject) is always full of fun, inspiring tips about fashion, food and family life.She's lost 30kg naturally, and works everyday to maintain a positive attitude about life - and it's infectious!
Amber Peebles

Amber Peebles


Amber Peebles is a former Miss New Zealand, TV and radio host,  New Zealand style icon (well in my humble opinion anyway) and an all-round lovely lady!I'm so excited to have her as a guest on The Style Project, have a listen as we chat about being kind to yourself, changing your mindset for the better, and why jeans are the best thing ever!Follow her on instagram - @amberpeebles or read her blog Amber's Edits
Jess Claris (Dot Dash)

Jess Claris (Dot Dash)


Jess Claris is a self-described animal print addict  - something I can admire in another woman.In this episode, we chat about what acne and white skin can do to your body image, what to say to your teenage son about porn, and a bunch of stuff in between.Find Jess on Instagram here @dotdashnz
Chatting with Maria always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy. She is funny, she is warm, and she is real.She is real about parenting, she is real about mental illness and she is real about body image.Find Maria on Instagram here @happymumhappychild on Facebook here or read the Happy Mum Happy Child blog here
My styling BFF Monique, or Mo to her friends, is one of those people that I could talk to for EVER!And in this episode we cover so much more than just a quick chat about body image and personal style.There's sex-talk, birth stories, discussions about 'fat' as a dirty word, and we delve a little deeper into why people (mostly women) feel the need to judge themselves and others bodies.This is a longer-than-usual chat, but we'd love you to stick around.Find Mo on Instagram here @dressingup_moniquedoy,  on Facebook here - Dressing Up with Monique Doy, or visit her website, Dressing Up.
Meet Rebekah - she's a bundle of positive energy and always has a fun yarn to share. She's a mumma to her boy, Otis, and runs The Ship Shape Shoppe - a professional organizing and decluttering business.I know her style quite intimately, as she is actually one of my 1-on-1 style coaching clients so it was nice to hear from her putting into practice some of the lessons we learnt in our session!Join us as we chat all things personal style, body image, and self esteem, and how they're all linked.Find Rebekah on Instagram at @theshipshapeshoppe, on Facebook at The Ship Shape Shoppe or visit her website, The Ship Shape Shoppe
Style Coach and everyday personal stylist, Caitlin Taylor from Chasing Cait chats with her BFF Dani about body love, self esteem and personal style.Dani is an all-powerful mumma bear to two gorgeous boys, the co-founder of NZ's first period poverty charity, The Period Place, and she also happens to be one of my best friends - we even used to live next door to each other.!It seemed fitting that Dani was my first guest on The Style Project, as we've know each other since we both moved here to NZ. We've been through quite a bit together, including having babies one after the other for almost 4 years now!In this episode, we talk about how becoming a mum can not only change your body, but how you think about your personal style.Stay tuned as these two Aussie sheilas, living in NZ, discuss changing out attitudes to our own bodies, and how that trickles down to our children.Find Dani on Instagram as @theperiodplace, or on Facebook as The Period Place, or visit The Period Place website.
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