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Missouri APEX Accelerator Specialist Allen Waldo joins Angela to discuss how he focuses and has game on for a given day, how he prepares himself for meetings, the types of people he works with, tips for starting a business, and more!
Angela is joined by Disability: IN's Cami Turcotte (Senior Manager of Supplier Engagement) and Philip DeVliegher (VP of Supplier Diversity) to discuss Disaibility: IN's goals, how they help businesses become more disability inclusive, how they focus, where their supplies are struggling most, and more. Learn more about Disability: IN at this link!
Angela is joined by Dr. Anthony O.Kellum, President of Kellum Mortgage, a real estate entrepreneur, author, and much more. They discuss advice for younger generations who are worried about the current affordability of homes, the best ways to save for the future, why he continues loving connecting people with homes, and much more. To learn more, visit
Angela is joined by Dr. Jack Maypole, Director at the Comprehensive Care Program at Boston Medical Center. They talk about what are kids struggling with today as we transition to a post-pandemic world, the benefits of visiting a doctor for both physical and medical reasons, how physicians can better relate to their patients, what he loves about his job, and more!
With being in the peak summer season, Angela shares tips for traveling in the airport and other places around the country, including some tips about protecting eye glasses, and she makes several recommendations! 
Angela shares how parents can prepare for their child heading back to school, and she discusses three different dimensions depending on the age of your student.
Angela is joined by Rev. Lisa Barnett,a 4 Time Int'l Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, and Founder of Akashic Knowing School. They discuss being a parent of kids who have ADHD, how she helps them get focused in the morning, how she stays focused in her own life, discusses her life soul plan, and much more. Learn more about Rev. Lisa Barnett and lean how to work with her by visiting!
Angela discusses getting nervous about going back to school and why it’s a normal feeling to experience, and makes recommendations for conquering the school year.
Angela is joined by Todd Palmer, a coach and retreat facilitator at Extraordinary Advisors, and the author of From Suck to Success: A Guide to Extraordinary Entrepreneurship. He discusses what makes him a unique coach, how his lived experiences inform his work, how he coaches different types of people, how he manages his work/life balance, how to overcome the addiction of work, and more. Visit to learn more about Todd and his company!
Angela is joined by Artesian Collaborative’s Sunitha Chandy, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist and lead trainer, to discuss how she uses her mornings to prepare for the day, how her strategy on focusing has shifted over the years, and how to be a better person in the mornings. Finally, she provides tips for fostering a good relationship between you and your children, even when either -- or both -- of you are going to have a difficult day.
When kids are out of school, they need some guidance to stay busy, happy, and a good member of the family. Our host Angela shares tips on how to make sure your kids have a great summer, and how to transition them in and out of the school years.
Angela invites Robyn Hatcher, the founder and CEO of SpeakEtc., to discuss how to conquer public speaking, even for those who were shy when growing up! They also talking about how to keep an audience captivated, how she got started in public speaking, how Robyn focuses, and more. Visit to learn more about her, and find her book Standing Ovation Presentations on Amazon.
Angela is joined by Eric Maisel to talk about what a creativity coach is, what people come to him for help with, how to tame audition anxiety, how he focuses, and more. Check Eric out online at!
Angela is joined by Jill Stowell, founder and director of The Stowell Learning Center to discuss why parents and their children come into their organization, how to help kids manage their anxiety, what auditory processing means, what they do at the Learning Center, and how she focuses. Learn more about Jill by checking out!
Dr. Sara M. Bauer DDS joins Angela to discuss why it's important for people of all ages to have their teeth cleaned -- even babies. They also discuss the dangers of not taking care of your teeth, how to conquer fear at the dentist, advice for people without insurance, and how she manages working in the same practice as her husband.
Angela is joined by Alex Hey, a ADHD coach specializing in working with teens and adults, and the author of "Catholicism and ADHD: Finding Holiness Despite Distractions," to discuss a variety of topics around ADHD. They include when he realized he might have ADHD, what he learned from going through an ADHD training academy, what areas people are struggling with most right now, how he maintains focus and starts a day optimized for success, how his faith impacts his life, and what we all can learn from our pets. Find Alex's book at this link and check him out at his website
Jon Gold returns to talk with Angela about what to know when it comes to social security programs. They discuss disability programs that are available, who they are for, how to create your own social security account online, and how to find a great attorney who can assist you. For more information and additional resources, visit Jon Gold's practice at!
Angela is joined by her friend Jon Gold, a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy and social security. He explains why he decided to help people with bankruptcies, what to know about approaching bankruptcy, why you shouldn't be embarrassed by it, and offers tips for younger generations when it comes to being financially literate. For more information and additional resources, visit Jon Gold's practice at!
Angela is joined by her husband Darold Sauber to discuss tips for encouraging your child / teen / young adult to save money for their future. They look at how to make sure your child doesn't spend money that's going into savings and provide tips on how to encourage your loved one to plan ahead.
Terri Mitchell, the director of college bookstores at Navarro College, joins Angela to discuss what her job is like, how she stays focused while working at a college, how students struggle with social media, how her school helps kids manage their anxiety, and more. Learn more about Navarro College by visiting their website!
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