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The RE-Focus Podcast with Angela Stephens
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The RE-Focus Podcast with Angela Stephens

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We all get busy, and sometimes we need to STOP... take a moment... and RE-Focus. The RE-Focus Podcast hosted by Angela Stephens will be interviewing various leaders in many different industries including ADHD Coaches, Attorney’s, Surgeons, CEO’s and more…

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RE-Focus, The Creative Office creates products that make your life easier. All of their products are created 
"through the eyes of a child with ADHD" they create products that make your life easier...and help you FOCUS. This podcast is not only for individuals with ADHD and ADD, but rather any individual in life that wants to be more productive and RE-Focus!
53 Episodes
NAMI's Chief Strategy and Operations Officer Sherman Gillums, Jr. joins Angela to discuss why he joined the National Alliance on Mental Illness, offers tips on what parents can do to look out for their children, discusses how long it takes to diagnose a mental illness in a child, and more. You can learn more about NAMI's Family Support Group, which are discussed during the episode, at this link. 
Angela is joined by Geraldine Markel, PhD, an educational psychologist and board-certified executive coach specializing in working with high-achieving professionals who experience ADHD-like behaviors. They discuss distractions Geraldine observes in individual's lives, how to reduce distractions, what to do if you think you have ADHD, why she decided to shift careers, and more.Visit to learn more about Geraldine, and to find her books.
Angela is joined by's chief medical officer Dr. John Whyte MD MPH, who explains the popular site's evolution, the importance of checking in on friends and family, his thoughts on focusing on what you're doing well as opposed to what's wrong, how we find comfort, and more.You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. 
Angela shares information about the podcast's worldwide audience. Thank you to everyone who's listening to the podcast, and stay tuned for more great episodes!
Eleanor Loiacono is an Associate Professor of Business Analytics at The College of William and Mary in the Raymond A. Mason School of Business. She discusses how she came up in her career, how she remains focused, tips for parents who are raising a student, how she works with others to overcome challenges, and who inspires her. To learn more about Eleanor and her work, visit
Angela discusses RE-Focus: The Creative Office's pillboxes, which are designed to help inspire you to overcome difficulties in life. Visit or to buy your pillboxes today!
Angela shares an update on RE-Focus: The Creative Office's Guided Anxiety Journals, and information about our giveaway for the journals. Visit to enter the giveaway!
Travis Garza, President of Sales and Marketing at Plexus Worldwide, joins Angela to discuss how he plans his day so that he can remain in the right headspace, how younger generations are feeling about entering the workforce, he shares a deeply personal story of loss and how you can come out of it stronger, and how he handles public speaking engagements.
Angela shares a couple notes of encouragement for those who may be going through a difficult time.
Angela reveals two new products from RE-Focus: Anxiety Journals for both Young Adults and Adults. Use these to help manage your anxiety, overcome stress, and live your best live. Visit or to buy your journal today!
Angela shares a new product from RE-Focus The Creative Office to help students and parents, that you can't find anywhere else: College/Scholarship Timeline Sheets! Learn about the product, and visit or Amazon to find them.
Angela explains why their 2021 calendar products are unlike other calendars you may see available. Find them on or at
Angela is joined by Sharon Saline, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, who is an expert in how ADHD, learning disabilities and mental health issues affect children, teens and families. They discuss improving memory and focus, taking on your child's risky behaviors, when to use a primary care provider over a counselor, how she decided to become a counselor, and how she focuses.See her ADHD card deck, and learn more at Sharon's website. 
Angela is joined by ADHD Coach and Facilitator Robert Pal, who shares tips on mindfulness, meditation, and overcoming procrastination. He also shares the Five W's, and the importance of taking notice so you can improve. At the end of the episode he takes us through a guided meditation. Robert is offering Re-Focus listeners a special, limited time discount on his online course, The First Five. Click here and use code 'ReFocus50' at checkout to receive 50% off the cost of your class! For more about Robert, visit
Angela shares the mission of Re-Focus: The Creative Office in the last of three mini episodes about the company.
Author and Entrepreneur Beate Chelette joins Angela to discuss the importance of mindset work, how to create a successful business system, why she highly recommends the task management system Asana, and tips for managing younger generations.Visit,, and her Facebook group Inevitable Recovery to learn more.
Angela shares the mission of Re-Focus: The Creative Office in the second of three mini episodes about the company.
Angela shares the mission of Re-Focus: The Creative Office in the first of three mini episodes about the company.
 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Susan Carraretto joins us to discuss her popular blog, how blogging has changed over the years, what she enjoys most about writing, and how she stays organized. Later, she discusses how she overcomes challenges and how the person who inspires her most also helps her conquer life.
Asutra owner and CEO Stephanie Morimoto joins Angela to talk about her company's self-care mission which includes pain and stress relief, how she got started with the company, how her partnership with Tennis icon Venus Williams came to be, the benefits of yoga, her favorite products at Asutra, and more. Visit to learn more and to check out their amazing products!
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