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The RE-Focus Podcast with Angela Stephens
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The RE-Focus Podcast with Angela Stephens

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We all get busy, and sometimes we need to STOP... take a moment... and RE-Focus. The RE-Focus Podcast hosted by Angela Stephens will be interviewing various leaders in many different industries including ADHD Coaches, Attorney’s, Surgeons, CEO’s and more…

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RE-Focus, The Creative Office creates products that make your life easier. All of their products are created 
"through the eyes of a child with ADHD" they create products that make your life easier...and help you FOCUS. This podcast is not only for individuals with ADHD and ADD, but rather any individual in life that wants to be more productive and RE-Focus!
31 Episodes
David Giwerc is a Master Certified ADHD Coach and the Founder and President of the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), the first and largest comprehensive ADHD coach training program fully accredited by the ICF and PAAC, the governing bodies of the Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching Professions. He joins Angela to share his journey in discovering what ADHD was and how he learned more about his own type of ADHD, why ADHD is not a disability, how people can discover if they're ADD or ADHD, how delegation can help you take control of your life, and how he finds peace during stressful situations. Visit to learn about his ADHD and life coaching courses.
Dan Harris, a leading authority on legal matters related to doing business in China and in other emerging economies in Asia, joins Agenal to discuss working with companies abroad, how to stay focused and make appointments, how he manages his public speaking skills, what attorneys wish their clients would do before meeting them, and how he overcome life's greatest challenges.
Angela is joined by ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association) President Duane Gordon, who talks about the organization, how he got involved, how to manage adults and children with ADHD, how to become a member of ADDA, how he's overcome life's challenges, and who inspires him. Be sure to attend ADDA's upcoming virtual conference, running November 5th - 7th, 2020, and learn more about the organization by visiting!
Angela is joined by Vanessa Corona, Instructor/School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development, and Melissa Hough M.S., CRC - Associate Director at Creative Support Alternatives & DSPS Adjunct Faculty at San Diego Community College District. They discuss teaching students with disabilities, working for DSPS, engaging with students through virtual teaching, as well as tips for parents working with them at home.
Dr. Vanessa Pavey, a Naturopathic Doctor at Life Extension, joins Angela to discuss the importance of magnesium and omega-3's, how to support short term memory, how to deal with inflammation, what vitamins Dr. Pavey takes, the importance and benefits of sleeping, and how she stays focused.
Angela speaks to Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, a PhD Clinical Psychologist and author who specializes in ADD and ADHD. She discusses the importance of parent/child relationships during COVID-19, how to combat isolation, managing your child's life at home, her thoughts on completing a massive project like a book, finding empathy within yourself, and much more. Buy Dr. Lara's new book, "Six Super Skills for Executive Functioning: Tools to Help Teens Improve Focus, Stay Organized, and Reach Their Goals" at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and visit her website:
Pamela Slim, an author, community builder, and consultant, discusses how she came into her career, her roots, investors versus private equity, tips for public speaking, how she personally focuses, tips for working from home and dealing with it as a family, business coaching, and more. Check out her books "Body of Work" and "Escape from Cubicle Nation" anywhere books are sold.
Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Automation Anywhere, Neeti Mehta Shukla, joins Angela to discuss the purpose of Automation Anywhere, real world examples of their platform action, and how Automation Anywhere has helped people during the pandemic. Later, Neeti shares how she keeps customers calm, how to conquer challenges, and who's inspired Neeti. Visit and to learn more about their platform.
Angela is joined by nutritional health care consultant and adjunct Professor of Nutrition at Florida State University Dr. Bruce Daggy. He shares brilliant insights into the importance of brain health, how to protect your brain health, and the effects of alcohol and other substances on the brain. Elsewhere, Dr. Bruce shares suggestions for people who are concerned about their health, and the people who've influenced him over the years.
Donna Bond, a transformation consultant, spiritual life coach, and business coach, speaks to Angela about why people come to Donna for help, how parents can connect with their children on a deeper level, the importance of patience and being good to yourself, how to conquer stage fright, spirituality versus religion, and what to say when someone tells you you can't achieve your dreams. Visit and learn about her upcoming master class, in which you can learn how to be your most authentic self!
Angela is joined by Life Cheerleader Patricia Love, who explains how to turn 'I Can't's' into 'I Can's,' how she got into this unique career, advice on how someone can go about changing careers, why life only gets better as you get older, and tips for battling stage fright. To learn more, visit
JJ DiGeronimo, President of Tech Savvy Women, joins us to discuss what the biggest challenges for women in tech are right now, how to break through a male-dominated industry, and shares tips on the best platforms to connect with experts. Later, JJ discusses how she relaxes, offers tips for working from home, and more. Check out JJ's book, Accelerate Your Impact, and visit her online at
Angela is joined by her friend and attorney David Agee, who discusses how he became a lawyer, what it means to be a trusted advisor, how he remains focused and how he suggests keeping employees focused, the people who've inspired him, and his passions.
Leadership and life coach Rhonda Abellera returns to our podcast to discuss business etiquette, tips on how to use the internet conferencing software Zoom, how a life coach can enhance your life, and how to manage a work/life balance when you're living in a smaller space. To learn more about Rhonda Abellera, please visit
Impact ADHD co-founder Elaine Taylor-Klaus joins Angela to share how she helps parents, what can get in the way of children developing and learning, how to deal with children who are struggling during the pandemic, and the importance of self care. Be sure to check out her new book, "The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, Anxiety, and More," out this fall.
Angela is joined by marriage consultant Melissa Orlov, who discusses how couples can manage ADHD in a relationship. She also shares how couples can find peace while working at home, how you can get your partner to attend counseling, how Melissa got into this field, how clients initially discover her services, and how she practices self care. You can learn more about Melissa and her services by visiting
Angela is joined by Darold Sauber – Director Business Development, DFA and Christian Becker – Founder & Managing Partner B&C Management Group, LLC and Partner in Becker Sezik Equities discuss what their jobs are like in this work from home climate, the challenges of the beverage industry, how to take care of yourself while working from home, facing failure, and their role models.
Angela is joined by her son Drake and his friend and business partner Connor Skinner, who discuss being home from college during the COVID-19 outbreak. They chat about how they're making additional income and how their parents have inspired them to work smarter.
Professional home and family organizer Jessica Litman joins Angela to discuss how to choose the right person to help navigate the disorganization in your home, the services she offers to her clients, and some of her favorite apps that can help you reduce clutter. Find Jessica online at
Cory Schrieber, Creative Director at Isagenix, speaks with Angela about his role as a creative director, maintaining a clean work space, and what he's learned about working from home.
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