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The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By! was born in 2003 as Crustbusting Your Way to an Awesome Life with Dr. Pat Baccili! Now it is a #1 Positive Talk Radio show syndicated Globally across AM/FM/HD/Audio and Digital platforms. Dr. Pat brings on the world's leaders in the fields of human potential each week to inform and inspire her listeners. Dr. Pat is bringing consciousness back in to the world of radio.
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The teamwork troubleshooter we all need! Turn your team into a cohesive unit. Why do some team members not get along? What is the best way to get new teams and ad-hoc teams to maximize their performance in the least amount of time? How can meetings be designed to achieve useful outcomes? Teams are the source of problem-solving and innovation that today's organizations need to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex and challenging marketplace.Teamwork is hard because there is no magic formula or step-by-step procedure to ensure results. Dr. Valerie Patrick applies a troubleshooting mindset that include: proven tactics for team members and leaders to address leadership problems, guidelines for recruiting and changing teams for optimum performance, techniques to identify and address aspects of team climate that are limiting the productivity of one or more team members and examples of effective ways to operate teams and of meeting designs that produce transformative outcomes.Watch live on Facebook.
Reveals the extraordinary purpose of the newly discovered Big Void within the Great Pyramid of Giza. Exploring the controversy surrounding the Big Void, Creighton artfully debunks many of the theories about the purpose of this massive chamber as well as other long-held Egyptology beliefs. Analyzing the Coptic-Egyptian texts and evidence from astronomy, archaeology, and other sources, the author reveals how the Great Pyramid was built by Khufu as an indestructible recovery vault to help Egyptian civilization rebuild after a cataclysmic natural disaster--a rapid pole shift and subsequent deluge--predicted by his astronomer- priests. And the key component of the recovery vault would have been the Hall of the Ancestors, a sealed safe haven containing the mummified remains of the Osiris Kings, deceased pharaohs who would seek the benevolence of the gods to ensure Egypt s recovery from the disaster.Watch live on Facebook.
Gymnastics is obviously physically demanding with a high injury rate. But it is extremely difficult psychologically as well. Many of the skills could kill you. So what are these terms that define a gymnasts state of ready and do you have the Simone Biles courage to admit it when the body shows up but the conscious and self-conscious mind go on vacation. And...yes! It happens to all of us. We just don't have to worry about breaking out necks most of the time. When Kevin Durant's foot was off by an inch in Game 7 of the NBA's Eastern Conference semifinals, his shot was worth two points instead of three, and the Brooklyn Nets lost in overtime. When Riley McCusker's foot was off by an inch on her beam dismount at the 2017 American Cup, she slammed backward onto her neck and then rolled over it.
In this episode Dr. Pat talks with coach Ellen Wyoming DeLoy, host of The Pause right here on transformation talk radio. Ellen is an intuitive, a catalsyt, and an activator for her clients and supports people in finding their path by seeing into their hearts, and elevating their own truth so they can step into it with confidence.Watch live on Facebook.
In AWAKENING TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION, Meredith is sharing her gift with a wider audience for the first time, giving readers the tools to implement this healing in their own lives. Whether you are wrestling with chronic illness, seemingly untreatable symptoms, or other mental, emotional, or physical ailments, Meredith s gentle wisdom offers a way forward towards happiness and freedom. Filled with instruction, case studies, testimonials, and practical methods; such as nutrition tips and exercises, AWAKENING TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION will empower readers to confront their own health struggles and find true, lasting self- healing within the Fifth Dimension.Watch live on Facebook.
You might be asking yourself, what is Blue Star Celestial Energy? I've never heard of it. There is not a lot of information available on the internet. This is because it Channeled back into humanity in 1995 and kept it secret for many years. In 2018, the Original Blue Star Masters were told to start getting this amazing out there. It is extremely powerful energy and its main purpose is to help us Raise the vibrations and Consciousness on the Planet and to Create a New Earth.Watch live on Facebook.
Over the past 18+ months have you been asked, when this is over, what s your new normal going to look like? To which you might respond, .one day I m going to do/ bring / explore/ eliminate X into or out of my life. Why not make one day today!!! As we re-emerge it s time to reinvent, recalibrate, rebuild our Next Normal business and personal lives. Day One is the program to support you in these efforts.Watch live on Facebook.
What's the difference between shame and guilt? How strongly do these feelings affect us? Learn to deal with these emotions and gain true freedom from shame and guilt.
Is healing a marriage possible after infidelity?Watch live on Facebook.
Join guest host Robin H, Clare, host of Hungry for Answers, with her writing mentor, James Twyman, for an inspiring conversation on listening to your soul and fulfilling your destiny. James has lived an extraordinary journey from being a world-renowned author, musician, filmmaker, playwright, founder of an intentional living community in Mexico, and most recently, becoming a Franciscan brother. Let s chat with James about what inspired him on his path to make these leaps that may appear diverse, but in reality, are all connected to his unique soul journey. At the end of this engaging one-hour interview, you will discover ways to unveil your divine destiny!Watch live on Facebook.
A special show celebrating Space Travel.. Would YOU want to go to SPACE?July 20th was the 52nd Anniversary of Apollo11. And now July 2021 Jeff Bezos with his Blue Origin and Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic these two billionaires have both gone into space and are making it possible for anyone to be astronauts! Would you? Call into the show 800-930-2819Watch LIVE on Facebook! Go to:
Are you ready to replace stress, overwhelmed, and exhaustion with health, happiness, and confidence? Join us for a powerful episode that could help you BossUp and get healthy and fit. Karissa Adkins, is taking talk radio to the next level. She is uncovering some of her biggest, juiciest, secrets that have led her to living her best life EVER!!Watch live on Facebook.
How does understanding your child's personality preferences help you navigate post pandemic parenting more effectively?Watch live on Facebook.
In order to truly shift anything, or to create or manifest anything, you need to get your thoughts in the right place. You need to have vision, and clarity, and be willing to transform. Doc Martin and Dr Pat will talk about the Mindfulness Matrix a composite of key belief patterns that should be embodied to have the most power in the journey of your transformation.Call in! 1-800-930-2819Watch live on Facebook.
Raise your vibration with Brag Therapy. Join me today as we brag about many virtues that are true about you. These virtues that have gotten you to the place you are today. Raise your vibration with brag therapy sessions anytime you feel low and bring yourself back to the truth.Watch live on Facebook.
Where in your life are you really, really free? Or otherwise? Especially as we are coming out of Covid Quarantine which imposed severe restrictions on us -- how has the world changed in terms of you feeling or knowing that you are actually free--or not? Join Dr. Pat as she talks with Suzanne Alexandria, Angelic Transformation Freedom Guide for leaders entrepreneurs. Suzanne works with energy her angelic guides to help professionals get un-stuck so they lead in business life from their highest wisdom and calling. She teaches expert ways to shift energy out of the way and clear even life-long patterns quickly and easily. It s her passion and calling to help others see where they have old chains keeping them from not being all they can be--and to find sacred freedom and divine connection. In this episode, Suzanne will be offering live Freedom Readings with her angel team to assist callers to understand an area where they can be released from old limiting patterns.Call In!! 1-800-930-2819Watch live on Facebook.
2020 will go down in history as the year our lives changed forever. Do you feel like your experiences of massive changes and loss have left you feeling completely exhausted with no idea how to recover or even start over? If so, you are not alone and there is a solution just for you. Tune in to discover The Burn Bright Way the 7 Step Program to Get your Life Back on Track and Moving Forward. Watch live on Facebook.
International bestselling author Richard Lawrence answers the questions about UFOs that your government won t: Who are the beings that man these craft and where do they come from? Why are they here? What is their message to us? Is there a plan? What can we do to cooperate with them? Richard is the Executive Secretary for Europe of the Aetherius Society the world's oldest international UFO organization, which has campaigned for governments around the world to tell the truth about UFOs since 1954!Call in! 1-800-930-2819Watch live on Facebook.
Many intergalactic groups are providing the Earth assistance with the organic ascension timeline. We will discuss and explore the realms of higher consciousness, planetary changes, energetic lines of communication, star seeds, and more. Viviane provides higher Arcturian perspective on ascension and beyond!
In the world of substance misuse treatment, therapeutic practices and spiritual work are woven together to treat the whole person. Examining that approach with Reverend Carrie Fraser. How does a sense of spirituality help to sustain long term recovery?
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