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Author: Wiktor Doktór

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"Good Morning BSS World" is a podcast dedicated to outsourcing and business support services industry.
My name is Wiktor Doktór and since 2010 I promote, educate and talk about outsourcing, shared services and other forms of professional services. Together with group of business enthusiasts, I run, edit Outsourcing&More Magazine and manage the Pro Progressio Club, where I have a pleasure to cooperate with many Polish and International BPO and SSC organizations.
In this podcast I share with you my comments, industry news and updates concerning reports, business events, data, service providers as well as people representing BSS World.
Get ready for a cycle of interesting and short episodes.
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Welcome to my World!
Welcome to "Good Morning BSS World"!
46 Episodes
Lithuania – one of the most popular GBS destinations in Europe. From the perspective of BPO and SSC as well as IT investors Lithuania is definitely a Country to follow, to take into consideration and as the data show to run the operations activities from. Each year Invest Lithuania – a state agency – is creating a report, which describes the current status of the GBS industry in Lithuania. Today, I have for you a story, an outcome of the most important information coming from 2021 Lithuania’s business services report.Grab a coffee and listen!Once you listen this episode, why not to download your copy of the report? It is available in here - about Invest Lithuania you can get from here - and join me in my Social Media channels:YouTube - LinkedIn - Instagram - Facebook - You can also write to me - wiktor.doktor(@) My podcast is supported by Marzena Sawicka and Przemysław Sławiński – great people, great friends. If you’d like to become my Patron and you are based in Poland you can do it on - You can also support this podcast via Patreon - You can also buy me a coffee and by doing so support all of my work with podcasts -
Good Morning BSS World!I’m so happy to have you here. I must say this is a great honour for me to have this opportunity to talk to great BPO companies located all around the World. Today I give you a history of Redial BPO – a company from sunny San Diego in California (USA), which runs its operations in Tijuana (Mexico).I had a chat with Jason Heil, the President of Redial BPO and we discussed the history of his company, we also focused on behaviors of American companies who are using services of BPO companies. We also discussed potential new business destinations for Jason’s company. One of which may be the city of Lodz in Poland, which is close to my heart. During the interview I found out that Jason’s family comes from Poland, what was a big surprise.Grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit down comfortably or drive safely and listen to our chat.If you like it – make sure to rise your hand, add a star, leave a comment and subscribe to this podcast.Here are some useful links:Jason Heil on LinkedIn – Redial BPO web page – Redial BPO on LinkedIn - Redial BPO on Facebook - Redial BPO YouTube – can find me on:LinkedIn - Instagram - - wiktor.doktor(@)
The TriCity is an agglomeration of three cities - Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, located in the North of Poland, which from the end of the 1990s has become more and more attractive for BPO, SSC, IT and R&D investments. It is here that in the year of 2021 over 170 projects in the modern business services sector have already been located, and there are more and more of them each year.The Invest in Pomerania project is being run in the TriCity, the aim of which is to present, support and develop business investments from various sectors of the economy, including the BSS sector.I invite you to an interview with Marcin Grzegory - Deputy Director of Invest in Pomerania.Marcin Grzegory talks about the Tri-City, about business, about the support that Invest in Pomerania offers to investors, as well as non-obvious topics, such as the aviation hub, which has been present here for several years.With this episode, in the "Good Morning BSS World" podcast, I open a series of interviews with representatives of cities and countries that are perfect locations for the development of the business process outsourcing and shared services centers sector.Enjoy listening!And here comes some useful links:Marcin Grzegory on LinkedIn - in Pomerania web page - in Pomerania on LinkedIn - in Pomerania on Facebook - more Pomerania on Instagram - you like the show? Why not to subscribe it!You can also follow or contact me on:LinkedIn - Instagram - - wiktor.doktor(@) Marcin recommends the following books:Nassim Taleb: ‘Antifragile: the things we gain from disorder’ Nassim Taleb: ‘The Black Swan: the impact of the highly improbable’.Hans Rosling: ‘Factfulnes: Ten reasons we’re wrong about the world, and why things are better than you think’
Hello, hello, hello listeners of „Good Morning BSS World” podcast. Welcome to the 43rd episode of this show, where you can find interesting stories and interview from the world of business services.Today, I have for you a great chat with Peter Ryan from Ryan Strategic Advisory. Peter is based in Montreal, Canada. I am in Warsaw, Poland – so we built the over Atlantic bridge and had a chat about the Front Office Omnibus Survey Peter’s organization did in the beginning of 2021. It was not the only one subject of our talk. We also did discuss the changes in Call Contact Centre industry, we did took a look into the future, as well as new role of knowledge management. Grab a large coffee, sit down comfortable and listen to our talk. If you liked this episode give a thumbs up and share it with your friends. There are mores such stories you can listen to in „Good Morning BSS World” podcast – why not to subscribe? You are very welcome! You can find Peter Ryan here:Web page – LinkedIn - The book Peter recommends is:KISS: Behind the Mask - But there are also other „KISS” books:Face the Music: A Life Exposed -' to Lose: The Making of KISS (1972-1975) – you’d like to contact me, those are the places I am at:LinkedIn - YouTube - Twitter - Instagram - And if you have interesting stories from BSS World, you’d like to talk about, feel free to write to me. Either via LinkedIn or on my email wiktor.doktor(@)
Hello, hello listeners of Good Morning BSS World podcast!Today I have for you an interview with Wojciech Karpiński, who is the Director of Amway GBS Centre in Krakow/Poland. Wojciech runs Amways Global Businesses Centre since 2015. In this interview, Wojciech shares his comments about the growth of the Amway’s Centre, the size of the company, transition of processes and Krakow as the GBS location.What you will always hear in here are also … moves of employees from Costa Rica to Poland for whom it is not as cold climate as we could expected.At the end of our chat I asked Wojciech to recommend one of the books that have inspired him recently. He gave me three titles, and here they are:Simon Sinek “The infinity game” - Radek Drzewiecki “Strategia Lean” (available in Polish language only) - And one of the books of Jordan Peterson - You can find Wojciech Karpinski on LinkedIn - some information concerning Amway GBS on OutsourcingPortal - GBS is a member of Pro Progressio Club - you’d like to contact me, those are the places I am at:LinkedIn - - - -
Good Morning BSS World podcast listeners! Today I give you an interview with Pawel Panowicz from SoftServe. We talk about services provided to APAC region from ... Poland!Yes - this is not a miswording - I do not mean Asian based providers to support Europe, but European based companies supporting Asia. Grab a coffee, sit comfortably and listen.If you'd like to get more of Pawel - here is his LinkedIn - episode is also available as podcast on my Spreaker page - to share comments or have a chat about business services - here is my LinkedIn -
"Carlsberg - probably the best beer in the world" - do you remember such an advertising campaign for this one of the most recognizable beer brands in the world? And did you know that Carlsberg has its own shared services center in Poland, in the city of Poznań?I had a great pleasure to talk to Emilia Adamowicz - Senior Director, Site Regional Head of Carlsberg Shared Services in Poznań about the history of Carlsberg Shared Services, the development of the company's operations center, its day-to-day business activities and how it will continue to develop in coming years. Emilia was a guest of the 40th episode of the "Good Morning BSS World Podcast".Grab a coffee and enjoy listening to our chat!Here are some useful links:Emilia Adamowicz on LinkedIn - Shared Services web page - Carlsberg Shared Services on OutsourcingPortal - you’d like to find more about my podcasts or contact me you can do so via:YouTube – LinkedIn – Instagram – Email – wiktor.doktor(@)
“If you are not GDPR compliant, make sure you are” said Craig Prince during our chat. Welcome to the 39th episode of "Good Morning BSS World" podcast. Today I present you a talk I had a pleasure to run with one of the fathers of Quertum – a digital transformation company.We talked about 8 golden rules of GDPR, digital document management, petabytes of data, cybersecurity and using blockchain to run safety checks. We also discussed why Poland and Eastern Europe is critical for running business in digital era. Grab a coffee and enjoy the show.This show is available on YouTube but also on podcasts platforms including Spreaker, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast and many more.Quertum you can find here - Prince is on LinkedIn - if you want to find me, I am also on LilnkedIn - free also to follow Pro Progressio – if Business Services, Outsourcing or Shared Services are the area you are interested in.Pro Progressio web page - Progressio on LinkedIn -
Hello, Good Morning my listeners!Welcome to “Good Morning BSS World” podcast. Today I have a pleasure to present you an interview with Stephan Fricke, the CEO of German Outsourcing Association (Deutscher Outsourcing Verband). I know Stephan for years and we do cooperate on various fields and his Association is running a number of initiatives, which main goal is to support awareness, growth and development of outsourcing activities in German market. In todays interview you can find out:-How German market approaches to outsourcing-Who is German Outsourcing Association and what does this association do-Which countries are the most significant outsourcing partners to German market-Who to talk to if you’d like to be a supplier of German companies-How does RPA area look like in Germany-How long does it take to train employees from banks to reskill to RPA And many more.Grab a coffee, sit comfortably as we’ll take you over 30 minutes of your time.And here are few links which you may find useful:Stephan Fricke on LinkedIn – Web page of German Outsourcing Association – Web page of Outsourcing-Journal – Web page of Outsourcing Destination Guides – If you’d like to contact me, feel free to do so by using below links:LinkedIn – YouTube – Twitter - @drwiktor ( – wiktor.doktor(@)proprogressio.plAnd Pro Progressio web page -
Salaries do change each year – that is a fact. Recruitment Agencies do analyse market trends and verify challenges – that is also a fact.Once a good research is done it is finalized with good report. And here it is! One of the very first salary guides to Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary delivered by CPL in early 2021.In this episode I do talk about the outcomes of the 2021 CEE Salary Guide with its one of the authors - Shane Hanrahan - CEE Associate Director, Cpl CEE & Cpl Institute.And the report you can download from here - you’d like to talk to Shane – here is his LinkedIn - you listened to this episode and you liked it - feel free to subscribe Good Morning BSS World podcast and expect more business chats and talks to managers from all over the World.If you’d like to talk to me. Here is my LinkedIn -
Good morning listeners of "Good Morning BSS World Podcast". How does your approach to the office space look like? Do you prefer to work at your office, at your home or perhaps use flex and coworking spaces?Here I have for you three scenarios discussed by various companies nowadays.I also have for you a special discount for you for OWS21 organized by IAOP on Feb 16th - details in my show!Enjoy!And few links to use:Multicowork - - you'd like to find me in various channels, here they are:Pro Progressio Club - Instagram - Facebook - YouTube - Write to me wiktor.doktor(@) or find me on LinkedIn -
Good Morning my listeners of „Good morning BSS World” podcast. I hope all goes well with you and after emotional 2020 you are ready for 2021. All the best for you and your businesses for upcoming months. I keep my fingers crossed for fast, smart and dynamic growth of your business activities. To make your focus on business more open, here is the first episode of my podcast in the year of 2021. And to make the counting properly – it is already Episode number 35.In this episode you can find out a list of 4 trends, which were either created or rather faster developed in 2020 and all four will remain with us for next months and years. I wonder if you would agree with me. Feel free to let me know either via LinkedIn ( or on my email wiktor.doktor(@) Having said that, those four trends are:-Remote work-Virtual employees-Growth of coworking-Growth of outsourcingEnjoy listening and remember to subscribe this show!
Good Morning my listeners!This is episode 34 of Good Morning BSS World podcast. Today I talk about “PolandNOW” – a new publication prepared by Gekko AdvisoryNOW, where authors focus on the business attractiveness of Poland. This is an important set of information also for the companies from BSS industry.So … grab a coffee, listen to the story and once you do that, here is the link to the publication I talk about - and you can get all other interesting details on your own. Enjoy!Few other links:Main page of Gekko AdvisoryNOW - profile of Violetta Małek, Managing Partner of Gekko AdvisoryNow - some links to my business initiatives and public profiles:Pro Progressio Club - BSSIndex - - Magazine - Instagram - YouTube - Write to me wiktor.doktor(@) or find me on LinkedIn -
Hello my listeners!This is episode 33 of Good Morning BSS World podcast. This time I’m doing my best to encourage you to download and read your free copy of Outsourcing&More Magazine, issue 55. Grab a coffee and listen what you can find on the pages of Outsourcing&More. RPA, Cybersecurity, Remote work,Legal regulations,Offshoring to Africa,And many more.Once you listen to this story, here is the link where you can download the Outsourcing&More Magazine - #Outsourcing #BusinessMediaAnd here are few other links where you can find out more information about me or business initiatives I am involved in:Pro Progressio Club - Instagram - Facebook - YouTube - Write to me wiktor.doktor(@) or find me on LinkedIn -
Good Morning my listeners!Today in “Good Morning BSS World” podcast I have for you an interesting subject of why Belarusian IT companies should focus on Poland if they consider a growth of their business.On November 5th Pro Progressio has organized second edition of GBS Talks 4.0 – Virtual Forum. It was an international business conference focused on the most current trends, opportunities and challenges in BPO and IT industries. One of such trends is extending business activities by Belarusian IT companies in Polish cities.So here it is – a full podcast dedicated to this subject.Enjoy listening!#podcast #InvestInPoland #BelarusSome links you may find useful:GBS Talks 4.0 - Harbour - companies from Belarus. Invest in Lodz - article of Michael Grebennikov - in Pomerania - Regional Development Agency - my podcast & Pro Progressio ---Pro Progressio Club - Instagram - Facebook - YouTube - Patronite - to me wiktor.doktor(@) or find me on LinkedIn -
Hello my listeners!This is Wiktor Doktór and Episode 31 of “Good Morning BSS World” podcast. I hope you enjoy and value participation at the business events. I do a lot. And today I am going to share with you a story about GBS 4.0 – Virtual Forum, the event, which is a part of the BSS Tour events cycle organized by Pro Progressio since 2017. The new edition of GBS Talks 4.0 is coming on November 5th, 2020 and you are very welcome to join it. 5 sessions, international speakers, top trends in BSS industry in 2020. Book this day in your calendars and enjoy the know-how sharing presented by speakers from Poland, Belarus, Germany and Belgium. #BSSTour #Business #BSSTrendsLink to the event description and registration is here - you want to get more details feel free to contact me via LinkedIn -
Good Morning my listeners!Here it is - Episode 30 of "Good Morning BSS World" podcast. Today I decided to share with you some information from my own field. What is that? Few words about Pro Progressio Club - a project, a society, an ecosystem for BSS companies in Poland. Grab a coffee and here it is - 8 minutes and all you need to know, to start thinking of why not to join Pro Progressio Club!#podcast #ProProgressioClub #BusinessClubLinks you may find usefull:Pro Progressio Club - (available in English and in Polish)OutsourcingPortal - Magazine - Stars Gala - Contact me:LinkedIn - via email wiktor.doktor(@)
Good Morning my listeners!Good Morning BSS World!Those of you who are somehow connected with the world of offices most probably find the year of 2020 as the most crazy one comparing it to any of previous years. Coronavirus has sent many employees to remote work, but is it working? What are the alternatives? When is it going to be over?Grab a coffee and listen to a short story aboout what is going on with office spaces in 2020. And here are few names of the companies may find useful:Good Real Estate Agencies to help you with either finding new office spaces or renegotiating rental conditions in your current building - JLL, Cushman&Wakefield.Good office buildings developers where you can have great office environment - Skanska (all Poland), Torus (TriCity), Virako (City of Łódź), Cavatina (all Poland), White Star (all Poland), Vastint (all Poland)Good coworking and flex office operators - City Space, Chilli Spaces, Hub HubGood furniture companies - MDD, Mikomax, Kinnarps, Nowy Styl, IKEA for BusinessAnd if you'd like to contact me, you can find me on LinkedIn - #realestate #office
Good Morning my listeners!This is 28th episode of Good Morning BSS World podcast. Yes, I realize I have left you for a while, but I AM BACK! Those were busy two months with lot’s of work, even though the whole World is in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic. I am sorry I did not record new episodes for the period of over two months and I also hope I am back for good so next episode you should expect within next seven days. Having said that today you can listen to what happened within last 9 weeks as I share few facts from the BSS industry and also from my own experiences. Few links to things I mention within this episode of my show:Outsourcing&More Magazine - Virtual Membership Package – you can find it in Offers section with Olga Shapoval from Kharkiv IT Cluster - And … Save the date for November 5th – the GBS Talks 4.0 Virtual Forum is coming. If you want to find or write to me, do it here:LinkedIn - - @drwiktoror wiktor.doktor(@)
Good Morning my listeners!Here it is - the 27th episode of "Good Morning BSS World" podcast. Today I have for you a fast description of the "BSS in TriCity Status Report 2020" prepared by Invest in Pomerania. If you are considering to grow the BSS operations actvities in Poland, you should go through this report as it shows you how the industry is organized and represented in the TriCity Aglomeration. --- links ---Description of the Report in Polish - of the Report in English - to Report in Polish version - to Report in English version - other links ---Pro Progressio Club - Instagram - YouTube - write to me wiktor.doktor(@)
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