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A podcast about asking the weird questions.
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This episode, our interviewee had something pop up so we decided to let you guys in on an idea we’ve had for a bit now. Listen in for what we mean. If you’re looking for delicious natural fruit-based hot sauce look no farther….Check out our good friend Kyle at: Hella Hot Hot Sauce . If … Continue reading Episode 48: Patreon options?…A choice only you can make!
In this Minisode we explore what would happen if you “cheated death” ….throwing a wrench in the hands of fate …If you somehow managed to escape your expiration date if if even for a small bit of time. We also run promos for the What Were They Thinking? Podcast and the Most Okayest Podcast As … Continue reading Minisode 3: What If you cheated death? Woke up in the morgue?
Ever have one of those periods of time where you can’t get anything done because of your job?  This has been one of those times for us here at the What If Podcast.  Our job is physically demanding a lot of the time, and with the weather as it’s been, it’s doubly so.  We apologize … Continue reading Minisode – State of the podcast (no, we aren’t quitting *eyeroll*)
Warning to the listeners of our podcast …This photo as well as some of the subject matter in this episode may be disturbing to certain individuals. It is purely used for educational purposes and no harm is implied or intended. In this mini-sode we explore what it would be like if the simple act of … Continue reading Mini Episode 1: What if eating could kill you?
A few big things conspired to prevent us from recording this week: Overtime, schedule changes, and mainly unexpected family illness. Thank you all for understanding. We will make it up to you next episode.
Life got in the way of us recording this week…We didn’t wanna leave you guys and gals hanging. We’ll be back for next episode tho…
In this episode we will discuss what life would be like on earth if the dinosaurs had never faced that fateful catastrophic event…Would humans exist along with them? Would there intelligence have grown to equal ours? These questions and more will be on the burner.
In this episode we discuss what would have happened had Michael Jordan not retired at any point in his career. Would the Chicago bulls have won more titles? Would he have procured the the all-time scoring record? Jbats and I will discuss these questions and more… We’ll also explore a few possible alternative paths involving … Continue reading Episode 2: What if Michael Jordan hadn’t retired?
Coming Soon…

Coming Soon…


The What If? podcast will be an exploration of the strange ideas we all get, the queries that enter our minds that usually go unanswered.  From the realistic to the absurd, we’ll examine these thought oddities and explore the possibility of asking…what if?
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