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Author: Dr. Koffajuah Toeque Ed.D

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I'm Dr. Koffa,Ed.D: a LIFESTUFF BLOGGER, mother, author, singer, & creative living w/ #sarcoidosis #fsgs A 🇱🇷 Liberian American #Glutenfree and #vegan
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When you disagree on a matter and you have to take time to reflect.
Understanding that your past can ruin your possible future.Storytime
Spoiler Alert.
Read more after 4/10/2020 on koffatv.comtips + resources for parents teaching their kids from homefrom an online learning professor and instructional designer
Today's podcast Topic: If something is not right for you, stop trying to make it right.Podcast and Video Sponsored by @allkalelineboost To Listen to more of my podcast visit:
Today's podcast Topic: Some Battles You Just Can't Win: It is OK to walk Away, SOME BATTLES YOU JUST CAN'T WIN, BUT WALKING AWAY, IN THIS CASE, IS WINNING THE EMOTIONAL BATTLE. To Listen to more of my podcast visit:
On this podcast episode, I had a candid chat with Stefan Saldivia, MS CFP, in Plava Vista, CA to discuss financial planning and life planning/ health and wealth planning. To learn more visit his Instagram at @stefansaldivia or About Stefan Saldivia Stefan SALDIVIA focuses on providing the highest quality professional services to clients in Los Angeles. He is a financial advisor specializing in comprehensive financial planning and investment management. Stefan is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with a Master's in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University. He has worked for JP Morgan Chase, LPL Financial and Bank of America. Residing in Los Angeles for almost two decades, he has always being guided in areas he is passionate about. He gained experience within the entertainment, fitness and financial industry. He now specializes in financial planning for entrepreneurs, artists, and high-level executives.(FC, 2019)
Breaking up and seeing your ex, my recent experience
This podcast is dedicated to the holiday season. In my experience living the lifestyle of a soy free vegan that’s gluten-free I’m always taken back by people who are pressed about what I eat during the holidays and it becomes a topic of discussion and this discussion keeps being place on the table even though I’ve explain myself many times before. This podcast is more of a comic relief about the situation and some helpful tips for those who are always wondering what a vegan eats I also talk about some of the meals that I prepare for Thanksgiving.Learn more about me at
Learn and don't resent relationships that dont workout.Be Gratefulfor the time you have with others: for the good times and the bad!!!!
Many times our personal issues with growth prevent us from securing opportunities because we make moves that hinder us
In regards to dealing with people over the years I’ve seen patterns in people and this podcast is based on that
Many people find it hard to walk away from situations that are not the most healthiest for their state of mind. This podcast discusses that problem briefly. If you would like to be a part of this podcast make sure to email coolthingswithKoffa
When you have people in your life that it seems like it's more work than your 9-to-5 job it's time to walk away because it does not make dollars or sense
Ever wonder how to conduct yourself even while experiencing a Trumatic experience listen to this podcast
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